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Quick Monthly Report

Quick Monthly Report – One Click Report

Displays the results of trading according to monthly periods in a pop-up window



  • With just one click  you can view a list of the entire history according to months
  • Exports data to txt files
  • Filter by Magic Numbers
  • Filter by Symbols
  • Filter by words, letter or phrase in the comment 
  • Calculates the profits gained and the percentage of a performance fee 
  • Enables to calculate the traded volume in Lots and USD



  • IncludeOpenedOrders: Includes the opened trades into the calculations. (default true)
  • IncludeClosedOrders:  Includes the entire history into the calculations. (default true)
  • PhraseInComment: Filters the items by a letter or word in the comment section in each trade. (default star * = all comments)
  • MagicNumber: Filters the trades by the entered Magic Number.
  • IncludedSymbols: Filters by trade symbols. Symbols have to be separated by commas, for example: EURUSD, GBPUSD. (default star * = all symbols)
  • ExcludedSymbols: You can exclude one of the symbols in the history. Symbols have to be separated by commas. (default is empty)
  • PerformanceFeePercent: It calculates the percentage of the realized performance based on the entered value.
  • Lots_in_USD: Number of traded lots converted to dollars based on the entered value of a lot.
  • Export_TXT: Exports the report from a window to a text file.
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