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Sensor utility is a tool for protecting the capital against unexpected market movements.

Today's markets are unpredictable.

Are you afraid of big moves?

This tool monitors the movements of the market and may remove pending orders or open positions while increased volatility.

The utility works with the actual movement of the market.

The indicator works on all timeframes. You are not limited by use of different timeframes, the indicator is able to adapt. On the screenshots, you can see basic settings.


Setting is for example 15 pips movement per 5 seconds. If the market moves faster than 15 pips per 5 second, Sensor will automatically close all of the pending orders or open trades.


  • Start Trading - time setting for the sensor activation
  • End Trading - time setting for the sensor deactivation
  • MaxSpeed_points - maximum price change for defined times
  • MaxSpeed_sec - time definition for MaxSpeed_points
  • All Close - true/false - all opened positions will be closed after fulfilling the conditions
  • All Delete - true /false - all opened positions will be deleted after fulfilling the conditions
  • TextYpos - table movement - vertical line
  • Text Xpos - table movement - horizontal line
  • TextSide - position of text
  • Textcolor - text color
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Version 1.1 2016.11.02
We added description warnings about the risks into the tool.