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Enzo EA

ENZO is a fully automated expert Advisor using an advanced search and breakdown mechanism for local extrema.

The system does Not use the Grid, does Not use martingale and other risky strategies. All trades are protected by StopLoss !

ENZO was tested for the 10-year period (2009 to 2019) on REAL tick data with REAL floating spread, with Commission and Slippages !

Settings for the latest version of ENZO 5.11

Each trade is protected by StopLoss, each trade has built-in protection against large spreads and slippages.

Real Trading: www.myfxbook.com/members/samikov/enzo-real/3235803

The standard settings are optimized for EURUSD M15 with GMT=0

The trading system uses 3 currency pairs at the same time ! (EURUSD,USDJPY,GBPUSD M15)

I will always help you with the best settings and recommendations, be sure to contact me !


  • Before using the EA on a real account, test it with minimal risk or on a demo account;
  • Use VPS server with ping less 10ms;
  • ECN account with low spreads + low commissions + quality execution;
  • Broker with minimum StopLoss level 0 pips (StopLevel=0)
  • Standard settings are optimized for EURUSD M15

The settings of the program, their detailed description

  • Maximum Take Profit - maximum take profit for a trade 
  • Fixed StopLoss - fixed stop loss
  • Enable Virtual StopLoss - enable / disable virtual stop loss
  • Max Slippage - the maximum slippage for the trade
  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed trade size (activated if Risk=0)
  • First Filter - the first filter to select the channel to buy
  • Secondary Filter - second filter for channel selection for sale
  • Shift for Buy Orders - price shift for buy orders
  • Shift for Sell Orders - price shift for sell orders
  • Maximum spread for trading - the maximum level of spread for the broker
  • Floating Profit - enable / disable floating profit and breakeven
  • First profit for the deal - required profit to enable the transfer mode to breakeven
  • Minimum fixed profit - the minimum profit is fixed for the transaction
  • Enable Trailing Profit - enable trailing stop
  • Profit for the trailing - minimum profit to activate trailing stop
  • GMT - server time zone
  • Start trading on Monday ( GMT + 0) - start on Monday
  • End trading on Friday ( GMT+0) - end of Fri
  • Start trading ( GMT+0) - daily start of trading
  • End trading ( GMT+0) - daily end of trading
  • Magic - magic number
  • ShowPanel - show info panel

volumefear 2019.04.17 07:55 

I think this is very good strategy EA. Just keep your work done Albert, I believe in your EA and you. Thanks !

uchimi 2019.04.14 10:56   

no good

Revilo2200 2019.04.11 20:12 

I bet that all the negative comments here do not use VPS ..So far, the ENZO has recorded 800 euros in 9 days. Thank you Albert for your great work !!P.S. Bet No.2: Over the next few days at least 5 people will ask me about my VPS provider via PM :-))

Marcus Glink
Marcus Glink 2019.04.11 20:01 

[Update 17-04-2019] One star for the support.

For now the EA isn't profitable, only losses. (The EA is only profitable in the tester.)

Albert has to work hard and fix the problems. I will update my review if Albert will find a stable version with a stable config.

Massimiliano Capretti
Massimiliano Capretti 2019.04.10 18:13   

Unfortunately I have to do a very negative review of this EA ... It only made me lose money, even with all the updates up to version 5.11 .... Sometimes he earns and sometimes he loses, but the losses are much greater than the profits. I state that I use a good ECN borker, IC Markets, with low spreads. I rented a month and after trying it using the recommended sets, I have to delete it. I have scrupulously followed the suggestions of the author, but only procures losses. Eliminated by my experts.

AirOne1 2019.04.10 11:41 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Ka Kit Sun
Ka Kit Sun 2019.04.10 02:00 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

zacharylee 2019.04.10 01:20 

Author provides excellent support.

xiaoyou121500 2019.04.09 06:40 

ENZO EA is a very secure automated trading program,Stop loss protection for every transaction,I like it very much, and more importantly, it is not expensive.

Erick Startford
Erick Startford 2019.04.08 08:03 

good robot and Albert very helpful to set up everything for me , this robot I will recommend to my friend , thank you Albert

Xymeca 2019.04.04 06:45 

1 semana de uso y va escelente , al terminar el mes informare como me fue.

Yui Ger
Yui Ger 2019.03.26 15:42 

After my first month of use I can say that this was a good investment.

It is a brilliant product and will pay itself soon so give it a try.

Albert is really helpful - thank you for your efforts!

Oleg Aniskin
Oleg Aniskin 2019.03.23 15:17 

Арендовал на месяц, планирую купить советник. Первую неделю отработал отлично! И поддержка быстрая на 5 с плюсом! Спасибо Альберт!

Marius Unikas
Marius Unikas 2019.03.22 14:32 

Rented for 1 month, will post results after that month, for now, I will leave 5 stars

Saeed Al Mahdi
Saeed Al Mahdi 2019.03.22 10:30 

what happen to ENZO ?

Jan Tarnogrocki
Jan Tarnogrocki 2019.03.22 09:42 

This one is a beast! (flex)

Lost all my profits today during NFP. Minus 1 Star.

New Update: Made more losses today. Trading at Tickmill VIP account, IC Markets, and two other brokers where I have raw spread and low commission. Using the recommended settings and actual version but there seems to be a big period of draw down. Sadly but true as I was pretty optimistic in the beginning with it.

Leaving 2 stars for Alberts ongoing efforts and good service. Sorry for not giving a good review due to the results.

Gutyere Amorim
Gutyere Amorim 2019.03.21 20:16 

Very good!

2 - Only Loss....

apao liang
apao liang 2019.03.21 09:01 

This ea works well according to the creator's strategy, I have used it on a real account and it looks like the profit probability is high

Aravind 2019.03.15 22:10 

Good startegy and is working. I wish this EA implements news filter as well. This week one order was opened right before major US news release..

saimanoj18 2019.03.07 19:18 

Albert has helped me to setup ENZO on EURUSD using Team Viewer and it looks positive. I ll keep you updated on real profits in a week and more :)

Tatyana Kulyapina
Tatyana Kulyapina 2019.03.05 19:51 

Рекомендую! Альберт оказывает качественную поддержку!

Gdamjb 2019.03.02 09:31 

I know its soon but If this robot does what it does on backtests, it will be number one, looking foward to take it to real!

Thanks Albert!!

Version 5.11 2019.04.08
Added the ability to trade with brokers with a minimum StopLevel=1.
Additional filters have been added for optimization.
Optimized standard settings for EURUSD
New settings for GBPUSD aud USDJPY are coming soon
Version 4.45 2019.04.01
Added additional protection from the Huge slippage (More than MinProfit)
Added checks for StopLevel and FreezeLevel
Version 4.17 2019.03.27
Fixed a bug with the calculation of the GMT of the broker
Added new settings for USDJPY M15
Version 4.15 2019.03.24
Fixed a bug with PAMM accounts
Added new currency pair USDJPY
The speed of testing and optimization increased
Additional testing of protection systems for slippage and large spreads has been carried out
Detailed optimization of settings for all pairs is carried out (EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY M15)
Version 3.17 2019.03.18
Added check of profits during the move to breakeven
Added GMT verification
Updated standard settings
Version 3.12 2019.03.15
+ Code optimization
- Removed unused parameters and functions
Fixed errors in the Info Panel text
Version 3.11 2019.03.15
Added algorithm for adjusting the minimum profit from the amount of slippage
Added additional messages about the slippage
Additional optimization of settings for EUR USD is carried out, the minimum profit is increased