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The indicator shows bullish and bearish divergence. The indicator itself (like regular stochastic) is displayed in a subwindow. Graphical interface   : In the main window, graphical objects “trend line” are created - produced from the “Low” price to the “Low” price (for bullish divergence) and produced from the “High” price to the “High” price (for bearish divergence). The indicator draws in its window exclusively using graphic buffers: “Main”, “Signal”, “Dot”, “Buy” and “Sell”. The "Buy" and "
The trend trading strategy "Super Trend Flexible Alert EA" is built on the indicator of the same name "Super Trend Flexible Alert". The advisor uses all the information from the indicator, so the advisor has only three parameters, these are: “Working timeframe” – specifies the working timeframe, the timeframe on which the indicator is created, and also from which the “OHLC” data is taken. "Stop Loss" is the constant size of the stop loss, measured in "points" (you can see an example of what "po
The 'Supertrend MetaTrader 5' indicator is the basis of the simplest trend trading system. And yet it remains very effective. The indicator works on any timeframe (on the timeframe of the current chart). From the name you can see that this indicator follows the trend, and when the trend changes, the indicator accurately shows the point of the trend change. The basis of 'Supertrend MetaTrader 5' is comparing price and 'Average True Range indicator' values multiplied by a multiplier (there is als
Three TimeFrames indicator-panel. The indicator is made in the form of a panel based on the CAppDialog class. The panel can be minimized or moved around the current chart using the mouse. The indicator shows three timeframes of the current symbol in the panel. In the current version, the indicator has a minimum number of settings - these are the parameters of three timeframes: "Younger timeframe", "   Middle   timeframe   " and "   Older   timeframe   ". When launched, the indicator-panel autom
Description   : The "Market Structure HH HL LH LL" indicator is a powerful and at the same time simple tool for analyzing price dynamics in financial markets. This indicator helps traders and investors identify changes in trends and identify important points in price time series. Displays "BOS" and "CHoCH" lines. Key components of the indicator: HH (Higher High): The top at which the price closes above the previous high top. HH indicates a strengthening uptrend. HL (Higher Low): The minim
The trend indicator "   Super Trend Flexible Alert   " has a minimum of settings. This indicator is designed to be as easy to use as possible. The indicator shows the trend with a main colored line ("SuperTrend" line, which you can see in the "Data Windows" window). Also, in places where the trend changes, the indicator shows colored arrows (   "STBuy" and "   STSell" icons, which you can see in the "Data Windows" window       ). In places where the trend changes, the indicator doesn't give a s
The Candle Length Indicator Alarm generates a sound alert, sends a push notification and an email when the size of the current candlestick changes. The size of the current candlestick can be measured in two ways: The first method: the size of the candlestick is measured from the beginning of the candlestick (from the OPEN price). The second method: the size of the candlestick is measured from current price. The indicator has the following settings: sound — a sound file from the folder: "...\Meta
The Buy Sell Color Background indicator changes the background color depending on position direction. It has three settings: Background color for BUY - background color for a Buy position Background color for SELL - background color for a Sell position Default background color - background color with no open position After you detach the indicator from a chart, its background color changes to Default background color .
Утилита "Калькулятор сигналов" работает прямо из терминала MetaTrader 5, и это большое преимущество, так как терминал осуществляет предварительный отбор и сортировку сигналов. Таким образом, пользователь видит в терминале MetaTrader 5 только сигналы с максимальной совместимостью с его торговым счётом. "Калькулятор сигналов" позволяет дать ответ на один из самых частых вопросов пользователей сервиса Сигналы: "Смогу ли я подписаться на сигнал NNN, и какой объём позиции будет копироваться на мой то
This indicator belongs to the "Stochastic" category. I tried to simplify the control of the indicator as much as possible, so the minimum settings are shown in the input parameters: this is the choice of an icon for the signal arrows. The "Buy" signal is encoded with the ' Buy Arrow code ' parameter, and the "Sell" signal is encoded with the ' Sell Arrow code ' parameter. Signal arrow codes for signals (please use values ​​from 32 to 255) are taken from the Wingdings font. The indicator works on
An Expert Advisor based on the custom indicator. Search for a signal at every tick. Positions are closed by an opposite signal. No trailing. There is no stop loss. There is no take profit. Has a minimum of settings Money management: Lot OR Risk   - type Money management The value for "Money management"   - Money management value Deviation   - admissible slippage Buy Arrow code   (font Wingdings) - character code from 'Wingdings' font for BUY signals Sell Arrow code   (font Wingdings) - characte
The indicator displays three lines and monitors two types of intersections. Three lines of the indicator: "   MA   " - slow indicator "Moving Average", "   DEMA Slow   " - slow indicator "   Double Exponential Moving Average" and "   DEMA Fast   " - fast indicator "Double Exponential Moving Average". Two types of intersections       : "   Alert Price MA   " - the price crosses the   "MA" line and   "   Alert DEMA DEMA   " - the lines cross       "DEMA Slow" and   "DEMA Fast   ". When crossing,
This Expert Advisor belongs to the class of utilities for manual and semi-automatic trading. The "   Pending order at the extremums of the day   " EA places two pending orders at the extremums of the previous day. Parameter "   Pending Orders: ...       " allows you to select the type of pending orders: "   Buy Stop and Sell Stop   " or "   Buy Limit and Sell Limit   "   .       extremum       'Low' offset is made downwards). "   New pending -> delete previous ones   " set to "   true   " will f
The "Panel Partial Closure" utility-panel is intended for quick partial closing of a position that has a profit. It has only two parameters: "   Partial closure #1   " and "   Partial closure #2   ". Works for any symbol and for any 'Magic number' - that is, the utility is primarily intended for manual trading. How it works: For example, you have several positions on "EURUSD", "Jump 100 Index" and "XAUUSD" (gold). The utility finds the position with the largest profit - in the screenshot, this
MQL5 "Daily resistance and support" indicator - draws daily support and resistance lines. Drawing is carried out only with the help of graphical objects (trend lines) - indicator buffers are not used in this indicator. The indicator has no settings - the search for levels is carried out on the last 500 bars from the "D1" timeframe and this parameter is hardwired inside the code. Manual trading: When trading manually, this indicator is recommended to be used on timeframes from "M10" to "H1". It
The "   Multi Symbol Trailing   " utility moves Stop Loss for all positions that are currently open (multi-symbol trailing). It is intended primarily to assist in manual trading. There are no restrictions for the utility either by the name of the currency pair or by the individual identifier (Magic number) - the utility processes absolutely all positions that are currently open. The unit of measurement for the "   Trailing Stop   " and "   Trailing Step   " parameters is points (the difference
The trend indicator "Trend Two Moving Average" uses two types of Arrow to display calculation results - these are "Trend UP" and "Trend DN".       Arrows "Trend Up"       are drawn       By       price       'Low'       bar   ,       A       Arrows "Trend DN" -       By       price       'high'. The trend search algorithm is based on the analysis of the price of a bar and the values of two 'Moving Average' indicators. The trend direction is calculated on the current (zero) bar. Therefore, it is
The "   Market Session Times   " indicator shows the time of four trading sessions: Asia, Europe, America and Pacific. The time of trading sessions is set   in the format       GMT and thus does not depend on the trading server at all. The following data is used: Trading Session City GMT Asia Tokyo Singapore Shanghai 00:00−06:00 01:00−09:00 01:30−07:00 Europe London Frankfurt 07:00−15:30 07:00−15:30 America New York Chicago 13:30−20:00 13:30−20:00 Pacific Wellington Sydney 20:00−0
Trading system for a variety of trading transactions. Allows you to set the balance to wander around zero - used for specific rebate tasks or similar. Configured to work with hedging   accounts.   There cannot be more than one position in the market   . One general setting, the "   Step, Stop Loss, Take Profit   " parameter is measured in points (example for EURUSD: 1.00055-1.00045 = 10 points). The advisor stops trading (while remaining on the chart) if, when   placing a position, it encounters
The indicator shows Fractals from the higher timeframe. It is possible to display two types of Fractals: 'Regular Fractal' and 'BW Fractal'. Consider the formation of the Fractal 'UP'. 'Regular Fractal' is a very strict Fractal in which each subsequent 'high' price (to the left and right of the central bar) is smaller. Whereas in 'BW Fractal' there is only one condition: the central bar (its price 'high') must be the highest. Visually, the difference between these two modes can be seen in diagr
AI Support Resistance This is an indicator that searches for the “Support” and “Resistance” lines. The search is carried out using an algorithm for numerical analysis and data processing. There are three search options available (“mode #1”, “mode #2” and “mode #3”). Each of these options differs in its internal algorithm (at the moment these are completely internal settings, they are not available to the user). We can say that these options differ in the severity of the search. Limitation: At t
The " Open Time Manager " utility opens a position at a specified time and then turns on classic trailing. Time (' Hour ':' Minute ') is always set in the GMT time zone with a GMT Ofset offset. It is possible to select three options for opening a position using the ' Trade mode ' parameter: ' BUY ' ' SELL ' ‘ BUY and SELL (simultaneously) ’ ‘ OFF (no trade, only trailing works) ’ The fourth parameter is used when you only need to enable trailing for your positions and not open new positions. St
Indicator       shows "Support" and "Resistance" lines (these lines are drawn using the DRAW_LINE drawing style - that is, they are not graphic objects). A search for new minimums and maximums is performed to the left and right of the "signal bar" - the "signal bar" is the conventional middle of each new construction. Why is the word Flexible in the name of the indicator? Because we have the possibility to specify different number of bars to the left ('Left Bars') and to the right ('Right Bars'
The dashboard scans the readings of two indicators: 'MACD' and 'Stochastic'. Displays signals in three columns: for MACD, for Stochastic, and the resulting column (if the signal is the same for both indicators).  Scanning can be selected on one or more timeframes. If you disable all timeframes, the dashboard will still load, but with settings specifically for such cases. Signals are always checked for the zero bar (zero bar is the rightmost bar on the chart) of the indicator. Description of para