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Bober Real EA

Bober Real EA is a fully automatic Forex trading Expert Advisor. The robot can run on any instrument, but the results are better with EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPUSD, and USDCAD, on the M15 timeframe. The system can run with the brokers providing floating spread.

Expert Advisor Advantages

  • The EA does not use such systems as Martin, hedging, etc. Always uses SL and TP.
  • Good testing results on data from 2000.
  • Good testing results with 99,9% of simulation quality.
  • No need to close the robot during news releases.
  • No need to change pairs on the grounds of "instability".
  • Does not require a very good execution, the opportunity of having slippage is minimal.
  • It is advisable to use on VPS. Ping to the broker's server may be around 100 ms, which is enough, because trades are opened in a quiet market.
  • The robot pauses before entering the market to wait for the best spread on real accounts. The average spread at position entry is 0.3-0.6 pips + commission.

Weak Points of the Robot

  • I use TP = 5 and Maxspread = 2 on a real account, therefore a broker should have the average EURUSD spread of 0.2-2 points. If spread + broker's commission is greater than 2 points, then you will have to optimize the EA parameters with a larger TP, otherwise spread will take the most of the profit. Fortunately, there are many suitable brokers. The smaller the value of spread + commission is, the better.
  • If you set MAxspread = 0.5-1 or below, you'll miss part of deals on a real account due to floating spread. I.e. the performance will differ from testing results.

Recommendations on usage

  1. The robot has several parameters affecting the quality of deals. You can use one set all the time, as well as run partial optimization or use ready sets.
  2. Example:

    You can optimize trading time settings on different timeframes using data for the last year and select a set with the best profit factor and profit. For example, I use the following combination on my real accounts: GBPUSD 22-8 M5, EURGBP 23-3 M5, EURUSD 22-2 M1 (GMT+2). Time and timeframe can be reoptimized after six months.

  3. Do not optimize parameters on a short period of time, this will lead to overfitting.
  4. The safest option is to use the robot with 3 pairs and the risk value below 10. Even if you catch the unfavorable period, you won't stay too long in the negative zone or get the maximum drawdown of more than 20%.
  5. It is advisable to use the virtual SL and TP to exit trades. Also use larger physical SL and TP.
  6. Please be careful selecting GMT.


  • RSI304=4 - this parameter only affects the frequency of transactions.
  • MagicNumber=4444

ATR filter, change parameters in the tester to get the best quality of the entries.

  • ATRperiod1=2
  • ATR_from=1
  • ATRperiod1=11
  • ATR_from=6
  • Inp_Lot= Percent, Fixed — percentage, fixed lot.
  • Lot_from — select the value to calculate lot from: free margin or balance.
  • RiskPercent=30 — risk percentage for a non-fixed lot.
  • Lots=0.1 — fixed lot.
  • Stoploss=90 — distance to stop loss.
  • TakeProfit=90 — distance to take profit.
  • VirtStoploss=59 — distance to stop loss.
  • VirtTakeProfit=5 — distance to take profit.
  • Slippage=3 — maximum allowed slippage.
  • MaxSpread=6 — maximum allowed spread.
  • Distance — distance between trades.
  • Maxorders — the total number of positions.
  • Maxorders2 — the number of positions in one direction.

Trading time: optimize the trading range in the tester to obtain the best quality of the entries.

  • Servertimefilter=true — enable/disable trading by time.
  • Starthour=21
  • Startminute=0
  • Endthour=2
  • Endminute=0
  • EAcomment - comments for the EA orders.
  • FridayOn - enable/disable trading on Friday.

If you have bought the product and/or you have any questions send me a private message. Also contact me for product support if you have purchased it.

8tango 2018.11.07 18:47 

My result with this EA since 3 months: -54.76% in August, -6.60% in September, -38.68% in October 2018.... this is the poor EA that I bought. Run away unhappy, you will lose your money...

adrianw5071 2018.11.03 00:53 

stay away from piece of junk

crowie 2018.11.03 00:36   

This EA is absolute rubbish.....it suffers massive drawdown in a very short period of time...I have run extensive tests using Tick data and it fails very time, the seller is using smoke and mirrors to provide statistics showing profitable returns....i messaged the seller over a period of time to confirm correct setups including screenshots of settings, only to be told the settings had changed.....they changed for the worse.....save your money DONT buy this EA its garbage

Michele Di Gregorio
Michele Di Gregorio 2018.10.04 17:19 

After using it 2 months and no possibility to do a right backtest before buy because the seller didn't want share the "right" set file. I have to say that this behaviour is not 100% honest and for the price paid He should give money back...just for his behaviour that meant: "don't worry about backtest...cause I have the best set file and you will cover your money spent for the EA"

Definetely the WORST EA with a lot of BIG LOSSES

Thank you for this "opportunity" Arnold. I wish the same to you!!!

EagleClaw Reloaded
EagleClaw Reloaded 2018.08.23 16:00 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Paul Geirnaerdt
Paul Geirnaerdt 2018.08.23 12:29 

After I purchased Bober Real for $1100 in december 2017 it traded my €25k account for 8 months using only the recommended GBPUSD M5 setup. In that time it made €25.37. Bober Real can grow your account steadily for weeks, only to give a lot of it back on a great loss. After the upgrade to v3.0 a few days ago Bober Real has only produced losses. It is time for me to quit Bober Real for now, but I will keep an eye on any future development and will update this review accordingly.

UPDATE 23-11-18

No news and nothing from the developer since 3 months. This product is abandoned.

Top Forex
Top Forex 2018.08.23 10:48 

Just to understand well Who is Anold i Will post our last conversation...stay away from him!

Anold ..After this disaster After only 2 day from my purchase i want to have a Total refund cause i ve Lost around 10k in 2 days2018.08.22 12:40

Please give me a Total refund2018.08.22 12:40

I will probably give a refund but only next 1-2 month possible . I m sorry for this losses. It was incorrect update. I update ea at the end of September .2018.08.22 13:49

I can t wait 1-2 Month...i ve Lost a lot of money...please give me my refund now2018.08.22 18:36

That’s simply impossible2018.08.22 18:45

I have no button refund2018.08.22 18:46

Losses can be recovered if you stay the same set from setup 12018.08.22 18:49

Gbpusd m52018.08.22 18:49

I ve Lost 10k because of your suggested settings....i can t trust anymore in this system.

Please give me a refund or i ve to make all this conversation public so that anyone Can see10:07

Now that’s not possible. I have such button or option to refundI10:11

No such button10:12

I already answers your question. I recommend you to use setup 1 with fixed lot size and your money will be recovered10:13

Can you send my money on PayPal or Skrill or Bank wire10:13

If I send it to you this way you will still have an ea10:14

This system is good you’ve just met black day with incorrect update10:14

I will probably exchange your mt4 on mt5 version . Mt5 has more number of sets10:16

But you must wait anyway10:16

Mq doesn’t provide refund at all because they take 20% from every market product10:17

That s ok i Will make this conversation public so that anyone Can read10:32

I doesn't matter everyone knows about current losses after update.10:41

I already placed a public comment about next update.10:42

yount79 2018.08.22 16:14 

Don't be fooled by his 3 year live account BS. It's all fake. A big scam. You've been warned.

ETH NMP 2018.08.21 15:43 

Excellent EA when settings are correct.

eneloop 2018.08.21 08:11 

WTF this EA ? Today is my first day to using this EA on my real account , I buy it last week, it cause my account completely destroyed , I lost over 50% fund in one night .

I get 8 margin call today and lost 15K USD .It open too many sell order in a big uptrend movement , very risk trading strategy ! This is completely scam EA !

jacksu 2018.08.19 09:02 

This is a good EA, thanks to the author's careful and careful guidance.

iwilllonger 2018.08.18 16:42 

perfect...great...excellent...very good EA....

Bober Multi setup deserve 5 stars

alti1983 2018.08.18 16:42 

Now running 3 Month with good results!! very nice

75907590 2018.08.18 16:10 

With the author's good forward and expectation 5 stars

Jinglong He
Jinglong He 2018.08.18 07:59 

bad,price $1100 --> $700

Martin Volk
Martin Volk 2018.08.17 15:04 

One of the best EAs I have ever used! Great job!

Downgrading to 1 star. Despite using the recommended lots on multi which are displayed by the EA, the account lost 75% in 1 single day. Save your money and stay away from this EA

Arnold Kellermann
Arnold Kellermann 2018.08.17 10:06 

The long term track records the author shows do not match at all with the live results of Bober Real. Live results are horrible! The author promisses to release updates, but he doesn't keep his word. Do not buy any of his EA's!

keevers15 2018.08.17 09:35 

well the reality is not good

Xunxun Liu
Xunxun Liu 2018.07.07 08:25 

Star 5! GBPUSD result is great, and look forward to new settings.

traderjoe 2018.06.29 14:27 


Take a look at Arnold's other EA's on his product page "Bobra Stable, Bobra Adept", these were the same EA's that had signals until they suffered massive losses JUST LIKE THIS ONE. At that point Arnold removed the signals so new buyers would not be aware of the failures. And now with this EA, once there has been a 70% loss, the signal has been removed. This is untrustworthy behaviour and should be banned.

Even with THIS EA, take a look at page 5 of the comments, he had an older signal with 3K% profits that got removed in 2017 due A LARGE LOSS.


Arnold has a pattern> Sell Extremely Risky EA with signal until it fails>Remove the Signal and promise a new update to fix the problems.


DonkeyTrader 2018.06.28 08:33 

27 Aug 2018

The trading strategy is very risky, it invests very big lots and is mostly profitable, the major problem is that profits are completely erased (and turned in losses) by non existent risk management in the given setfiles.

Very poor risk management in the strategy with recommended setfiles. Over 60% Loss on the account.

Also non transparent responses from the author that deleted the signal page of the EA so you cannot see the huge drawdown.

With the current situation I would recommend to stay away from this EA.

27 June 2018

Just started to use this expensive EA will update with the results.

BabyPips24 2018.06.11 20:20 

started 2 weeks ago and now im up 10% ...doesnt trade often but it waits for a really good opportunity and thus not just trading mindlessly...great EA ..thanks bob!

UPDATE! JUNE 11 2018

EA STILL PERFORMING REAL GOOD... listen people ...this is for long term..just leave ur ea running and expect profit every month :) dont check it every day! Check every month :) ..stress free ea ..recommend to all of you guys.

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.06.11 18:33 

Author not help me :(

No comprar esto, no sirve, el autor no te ayuda y reune todas las características de una estafa.


alexandre.durand.spam 2018.06.01 17:20 

Great work !

Joshjay 2018.05.22 06:46 

Further Edit:

I have just hit 100% profit thanks to Bober!! I have also set this up for others who are seeing the same results, %18 in just this week alone. Small gains and compound interest is the way to fortunes and with the my experience, i am very excited for the future.



So far so good! Just finished the first week with this running on my live account, with IC Markets, on a NY VPS running the provided set files! Check my signal and see if you cant tell when I turned bober on! I’m looking forward to see how it performs in the coming months!

Ease of use and setup, is very simple and mine was going in less than 5 mins! Fast responses on support too. All in all happy with my purchase (so far)

Hopefully the price stays low for when the test is over!

Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.05.17 07:35 

Советник для слива денег. автор постоянно лжет. Высокий рейтинг советника- фикция. Все просто. Робот работает ТОЛЬКО по настройкам автора, да и то как выясняется плохо и недолго. При всех других настройках- быстрый неминуемый слив депозита. Если кто-то пишет негативный отзыв- автор лишает его полностью поддержки. не отвечает и не дает свои настройки. Без настроек же - это просто мусорный робот. За год это чудо доставило мне убыток уже почти 4000 долларов. включая сегодняшний грядущий слив депозита. Автор постоянно врал. что сейчас вот советник все отыграет, что он предоставит мне другой советник, другие настройки и тд.... Ничего не предоставил. Одна ложь, ложь. ложь... Хотите потерять деньги и окунуться в море лжи? Присоединяйтесь к Бобрам!!!!

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy 2018.03.02 16:00 

lol. pathetic.

Tomislav Stampfel
Tomislav Stampfel 2018.02.28 07:26 

It will make profit for 1-2 year and then if your risk is 30% it will wipe your account.

GUANGBIN ZHOU 2018.02.26 00:26   

Привет, Арнольд!

Я китайский

Мне нужна ваша техническая поддержка, ответьте мне по электронной почте:


С уважением,

Arnold 你好!





Peter ZHOU

pascalfx 2018.02.23 02:07 

I began using the EA end of November 17'. Creator has been very supportive, providing custom set file for my broker. So far 30% profit on ICM with some serious up and down (drawdown). I very recently reduced the risk percent to 10 instead of 30. So i will monitor from there but expect a tradeoff with the profit. A part from that, creator always came back to me in a timely fashion. Thanks for your support and your great product and can't wait to download the new version

Markus Goss
Markus Goss 2018.02.21 11:57 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Kris Tungkarak
Kris Tungkarak 2018.02.20 11:26 

Live result match the developer's signal.

Msoldi2 2018.02.06 16:50 

file:///C:/Users/DELL/Desktop/todas%201.PNG file:///C:/Users/DELL/Desktop/todas%202.PNG file:///C:/Users/DELL/Desktop/26-01-2018%20a.htm These are the operations made by Bober Real from the day 26,a little bit modified as settings.If anybody can´t read is not my fault.Now, my opinion is that this ea should be sold at much higher price!!Regards to everybody Massimo

a_sane3 2017.11.23 17:02 

the best i have been try ever

and will update later

after one month of using still i say it is the best until now that i have buy

after one mo

loss all my fund

Morard Kevin
Morard Kevin 2017.10.24 18:39 

Very Very good!

jcunha 2017.09.15 12:38 

Very good EA. My EA is producing the same results as the vendor. Congratulations Arnold

saudi333 2017.09.15 08:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Eng Hoe Teh
Eng Hoe Teh 2017.09.14 13:59 


hueueli 2016.01.13 12:30 

Bober Real EA works very well and reliably. very fast backtest and almost identical values on real account. good support from author. I can highly recommend

Ales Kloboucnik
Ales Kloboucnik 2015.07.07 20:58 

The robot operates reliably. There are days when they are losing, but quickly, in about a week and then will level the trade profitable. The author is able to quickly support. Must try different settings with different pairs.

petrik100 2015.06.26 11:14 

В целом робот торгует в плюс, но бывают и неприятные дни с потерями (без которых на форексе, наверное, получить прибыль и не возможно).

Я доволен покупкой. И отдельно благодарен за быструю и конструктивную поддержку автора робота. :)

Version 3.0 2018.08.16
-Logic improvements for multiple pairs setup running.
Version 2.9 2017.10.06
EAcomment - comments for the EA orders.
FridayOn - enable/disable trading on Friday.
Version 2.8 2017.08.10
Improved quality of entries
Version 2.7 2016.12.19
Improved quality of entries
Version 2.6 2015.12.18
Onbarclose = true. Сlose deals on every bar.
EA exit most of the trades with tight SL/TP.

To backtest faster, keep onbarclose = true and choose 'open prices only' mode in tester

Deleted RSI variables.
Version 2.4 2015.11.26
Chanded the timeframe used for indicator calculation.
Version 1.9 2015.04.23

Added possibility to choose lotsize from Account balance
(All settings are the same)