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Diamant Scalper

The EA for a flat market. Trading based on breakout from calculated levels.

It uses 8 basic unique strategies. 2 of them can be found in the Market. So with addition of Moving Average and Bolinger Bands we have 18 strategies. Now any movement inward the channel will be processed.

By default, the EA is set to EURGBP from 16 to 4 by UTC time and with a common spread equal to 0.5-1.0 point and $5 commission for each cycle. Every strategy has its own settings. You can use a set of strategies.

As the EA has been designed for night trading, we provided spread widening into rollover and on news. We recommend to set typ_spread value equal to a common daily average spread.

The EA provides trading of fixed or dynamic lot which allows to use all available funds evenly.

All EAs use Donchian channel with dynamically changed period for calculation. That is why many of the EA's parameters are repeated, but every strategy has its own parameters indicated by corresponding numbers.

Description of Parameters for all Strategies

  • WidthFactor — channel expansion ratio. Optimization 0.1/0.1/25.0.
  • ChannelPeriodFactor — main value of the calculated channel. Optimization 0.1/0.1/25.0.
  • W_period — number of bars for calculating the channel's width. Optimization: 1/1/300.
  • B_period — number of bars for calculating the channel's width. Optimization: 1/1/300.
  • S_period — number of bars for calculating the channel's width. Optimization: 1/1/300.
  • om — channel expansion ratio. Optimization: 0.05/0.05/1.0.
  • Delta — channel expansion parameter. Optimization: 1/1/200.
  • stl — virtual stop loss level in points. It will not trigger on dramatic spread widening. Default is 250. Optimization: 10/10/1000.
  • Lot — if Lot is greater than 0.0, trading is performed using a fixed lot. Default is 0.0.
  • MaximumRisk — dynamic lot is enabled if Lot = 0. Default is 0.1. Optimization: 0.01 /0.01/10.
  • begin — trading session start. Default is 16. Optimization: 0/1/24.
  • end — trading session end. New orders are not opened. Default is 4. Optimization: 0/1/24.
  • typ_spread — it is recommended to set common daily average spread. 5 on default. Not optimized.
  • mode__0_8 — channel calculation mode. 0 on default. Optimization: 0/1/8.
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Version 1.1 2015.05.20
The EA is made of 18 strategies. CCI-based strategies are removed. Optimized trading time and settings adjusted for EURGBP by default.
Display of information can be disabled.
To disable any strategy set any of W_period, B_period, S_Period variables to 0.