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One Minute Scalper

This Expert Advisor uses Scalping mode and is based on Envelope Moving Averages applied to 1 minute chart which define Up Deviation and Low Deviation. At this area price usually moves from a trend (reversal).

  • Signal Buy appears when price reaches below low deviation and then goes up above low deviation.
  • Signal Sell appears when price reaches above up deviation and then goes down below up deviation.

Best result is with EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY and GBPJPY at the same time. Attach the Expert Advisor on 1 minute chart.

This Expert Advisor will work with 5 digits brokers, low spread as low as 10 pips, low stops level and fast execution.

Choose a broker with this criteria before using this Expert Advisor.

Input Parameter:

  • EA_Name = Name for this Expert Advisor
  • Magic = Unique number for this Expert Advisor
  • Auto_Lots = Lot Setting. If this Parameter is TRUE, Risk Percent from Account Balance is automatically used. If this Parameter is FALSE, Lots is used
  • Risk_Percent = Risk Percent from Account Balance
  • Lots = Manual used lot
  • Max_Spread = Maximum spread allowed for this Expert Advisor. (Default set to 15. Change below 15 or to typical spread of a broker. Usually 10. Little value is best for result)
  • Take_Profit = Take Profit
  • Trail_Stop_Loss = Trailing Stop Loss
  • Hide_Trail_Stop_Loss = Hide Trailing Stop Loss. If this value is bigger than Trail_Stop_Loss, Hide_Trail_Stop_Loss is disabled
  • Start_Trail_Lock_Profit = Start of trailing lock profit in pips
  • Trail_Lock_Profit = Value of pips from Start_Trail_Lock_Profit
  • Hide_Trail_Lock_Profit = Hide Trailing Lock Profit. If this value is bigger than Trail Lock Profit, Hide Trail Lock Profit is disabled
Vladimir Gulyaev
2015.09.03 17:41 

It works very bad, in my opinion require the revision of stop-losses. The standard configuration is in serious doubt, but if change the settings that can make a profit.

Andrey Palchevskyy
2015.08.26 07:45 

EA work !!

But it is very hard to find a broker with good execution of orders.

Version 6.0 - 2016.05.06
1. Variable of Envelope change to Min_HL_Range
2. Fix some warning or error from terminal update
Version 5.0 - 2015.11.03
1. Added RSI Indicator
2. Added Time Frame M1 to M5
3. More large Max_Spread_Allowed (can tested max 20 pips)
4. No Important to use ECN Broker
5. Default setting for Scalping Mode
6. Other Setting can be set manual and save to preset

Take_Profit = 1000;
Trail_Stop_Loss = 100; (large Stop Loss to minimalize volatile market)
Hide_Trail_Stop_Loss = 100;
Start_Trail_Lock_Profit = 50;

Max_Loss_Minute_Pip = 200;
Max_Loss_Hour_Pip = 500;
Max_Spread_Allowed = 20;

Market_Deviation = 5;

Min_HL_Range = 300;
RSI_Period = 6;

Env_Period = 6;
Env_Dev = 0.3;

That setting have been tester for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY and GBPJPY
Version 4.0 - 2015.09.08
1. Revised Text shown on chart
2. Show Indicator test and Label Order while testing
3. Removed some false signal
Version 3.0 - 2015.06.17
Added Feature "Filter Live Account"
This Feature use to protect balance from more Loss during volatility market while Big News where spread is sometime too big above maximal spread allowed.
If there is loss more than maximal loss from a period time then EA will idle for a period time.

Use_Filter = TRUE
_Minute = Time Minute
Max_PL_Minute_Pip = Maximal Loss for a Minute Time (EA will idle)
_Hour = Time Hour
Max_PL_Hour_Pip = Maximal Loss for a Hour Time (EA will idle)
Version 2.0 - 2015.04.07
1. New Strategy added (Reversal Over RSI)
2. Fix from error Print
3. Default setting changed to low risk