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Multi MA Distance Signal

Multi MA Distance Signal Indicator is a no-nonsense, no delay, no repaint indicator !

Moving Average distance together with a trend filter is a 'simple', but very powerful and reliable signal.

The current moving average distance for both a slow and a fast moving average is compared with the past MAD values.

For two moving averages, all the distances between the Close price and the moving average (MAD) over a selected period of time are compared with the current MAD "Moving Average Distance".

If the price comes within the highest/lowest percentage range of that period for both slow and fast moving average MAD, a buy/sell signal is triggered.

Inputs in the parameters :

- Moving Average to identify a price reversal (trend filter)

- Fast Moving Average and Slow moving average period and mode

- The time period to calculate in the past (Number of bars back to use for the collection of data)

- The required percentage range

For backtesting, both periods are lower than 100, but his can can change for live running.

The indicator works on any instrument or any timeframe.

There is a demo version of this indicator available to use in Strategy tester.

You will immediately notice the use and the effectiveness of this indicator.

Thanks for sharing, if you are happy please leave a positive review and a comment.

Don't hesitate to contact me for support, issues or in case you are not happy.

IMPORTANT : The signals provided by this indicator are NOT the same as Bollinger Bands signals.

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