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Two Candles to Glory

This is a Binary Options signal indicator. Extremely powerful for the 1 min chart. The signals are based on my personal tweak (based on real trial and error & backtested) of the RSI, ADX and Ichimoku and my observation on how price moves.

It turns out, 2 candles expiry is the most consistent with this set up.

How to use:

1. Wait for arrow signal to show.

2. Place a 2 candle expiry right after the close of the signal candle. So if you are trading a 1 min chart, place an expiry for 2 mins... if you are trading a 5 min chart, place an expiry for 10 mins.. if you are trading 15 min chart, place expiry for 30 mins.

3. Recommended for all the major pairs. Not recommended for pairs that have CAD or NZD.

4. ## For martingale users, place the martingale on the NEXT SIGNAL, not the next candle. ##

This indicator comes with an Alert, which still gives you time to place trade.

This is indicator is also compatible with Binary Options trading Bots such as MT2IQ (for IQ Options borkers).

If you are trading the 1 min chart expect at least 4 signals in 1 hour.

Always remember in trading "You cannot predict the future, but you CAN increase the odds in your favor"

Lets go!

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