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Price Trail Chart

For those who hate candlesticks in lower timeframes (M1 through M15) we "invented" a clean new way to follow Price movement and displacement (volatility) called Price Trail Chart. The big "secret" is to get rid of those annoying candle wicks and draw the whole complete candle without them, this way we get a cleaner chart and a new view of the Price Path. No Open or Close markings, just LOW's and HIGH's, full body candle.

Additionaly we inserted a Volume monitor from our Best Downloaded indicator called Big Player Candles, painting with colors you choose the different volumes happening at each candlestick.

Give it a try, you may get surprised with a calm new way of looking at a Price Chart: just the Price Trail!


  • Ability to turn ON/OFF the Big Player Candles monitor.
  • Volume Period (bars) to analyze.
  • Volume Type to process: Real Volue / Tick Volume
  • 5 colors for UP movement: Low, Medium, High and Ultra High.
  • 5 colors for DOWN movement: Low, Medium, High and Ultra High.

As always, if you like this indicator, all I am asking is a little Review (not a Comment, but a REVIEW!)...   

This will mean A LOT to me... And this way I can continue to give away Cool Stuff for Free...

With No Strings Attached!  Ever!

Live Long and Prosper!

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Version 1.1 2020.06.06
:: Recompiled (obligatory by Metaquotes as of June,05,2020) to the new MT5 version 2485. Please let me know if anything weird happens...