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Trade Machine

ATTENTION: by default, EA TRADE MACHINE is configured for testing on the EURNZD currency pair (timeframe - M5)

Description of EA TRADE MACHINE

Trade Machine is an expert adviser that trades inside a price channel built according to the Fibonacci math formula using data on the absolute strength of currencies in a common market basket.

Unlike most scalper-advisors, EA Trade Machine begins its work long before the beginning of the market rollover. Therefore, the trading of this expert advisor is not affected by such negative factors as:

  1. Expansion of the spread during the Pacific and Asian sessions.
  2. Lack of liquidity and price slippage.
  3. Sharp jumps of quotes during low-volatile market.

EA Trade Machine doesn’t use dangerous methods of money management and for each deal sets a Stop Loss order that protects the capital of a trader from excessive risks.

At the same time, EA Trade Machine is capable to trade on 11 different currency pairs that significantly diversifies trade risks and considerably increases rates of obtaining trade result!

EA TRADE MACHINE manual Settings

  • ord_Comm - comment for trading orders
  • Fix_Lot – fixed lot size
  • Auto_Lot – the size of the risk for automatic lot calculation
  • Max_Spred – maximum spread filter
  • Buy_Fibo_Level_Touch – signal Fibonacci level for BUY
  • Buy_Fibo_Level_In – Fibonacci level for BUY
  • Buy_Fibo_Level_Out – Fibonacci level to close a BUY trade
  • Sell_Fibo_Level_Touch – Fibonacci signal level for SELL
  • Sell_Fibo_Level_In – Fibonacci level for SELL 
  • Sell_Fibo_Level_Out – Fibonacci level to close a SELL trade
  • N_Bar_for_In – allowed number of candles
  • SL – size of Stop Loss
  • TP – size of Take Profit
  • Max_Ord – maximum number of trades
  • pp_Range – minimum distance between trades
  • Bar_Range – minimum number of candles between trades
  • TimeStart – start time
  • TimeEnd – finish time
  • Magic – identifying order number
  • PRICE ACTION REAL POWER – indicator settings 
  • POWER_Fast – period of fast line
  • ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE POWER_Price – price value shift        
  • POWER_Method - price estimation method
  • POWER_Slow – slow period of the indicator line
  • Level_Value – indicator signal level
  • Offset – the sensitivity of the indicator
  • PRICE ACTION FIBO CHANNEL – indicator settings
  • Period_Fibo_Indicator – period of indicator
  • Fibo_Method – a method of formation a channel
  • Fibo_Price – market valuation method
  • History_Bars – number of history bars to evaluate

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Version 1.3 2018.12.09
Fixed a bug in the time filter.
Version 1.2 2018.12.05
Added a function to disable trading on Friday evening - "TimeEndFriday" (this will help to exclude the transfer of deals over the weekend and avoid losses when price gaps on Monday).
The function is disabled by default.
If you want to enable the function, set the time of completion of trading on Friday earlier than the total time of the beginning of the trade.