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Draw Line

Indicator Draw Line, is a utility for drawing in the chart trend lines, connecting together and following one after another. It will be especially useful for traders who use in their trading wave analysis. Above the graph are buttons for switching the basic settings: Calling the color bar, Turning the indicator on and off, Turning the sound on and off, Clearing the chart from the created objects. With the rest of the settings will not be difficult to understand. Use your health!

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Version 1.3 2018.09.22

Added a color bar. Now the color of the lines can be selected directly on the graph. Only 30 colors. The remaining colors can be selected in the standard settings.
Version 1.2 2018.09.18
Added, for convenience, three more buttons on the graph: Sound button, the button for switching colors (in random order), the button for clearing the graph from all created objects. Pleasant use!