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Just Panel Trader

JustPanelTrader is an EA for trading manually using Graphic Objects that is easy to use. 

Trading is done by clicking the button on the panel

Button consists of

Sell: To place a Sell order

Buy: To place a Sell order

SellLimit: To install a Sell order

SellStop: To install a Sell Pending Order

CloseAll: To close all orders and pending orders

ClosePendingOrder: To delete all pending orders

CloseSell: To close all Sell orders

Close Buy: To close all Buy orders

TextBox consists of

LotRatio: to determine the lot of the existing balance

LotTrading: lot used in the next order

Stoploss: point value at Stoploss

TakeProfit: point value on Takeprofit

TrailingStop: point value on Trailing Stop:

Value point at the price on the pending order

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