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Just Copier MT5

"Just copier" is designed to copy trading without any complicated settings. The copy can be done in one PC.

One EA can be set as master (provider) or slave (receiver). The receiver lot can be set to multiple providers lots.

Any type of copy is available.

MT4 -> MT5

MT4 -> MT4

MT5 -> MT5

MT5 -> MT4

If you want to copy MT4 -> MT5 or MT5 -> MT4, please purchase "Just copier" for MT4 and "Just copier" for MT5 separately.

Just Copier can copy Pending Orders, Stoploss and Takeprofit.

In one terminal, "Just Copier" can be functioning as a Master and at the same time also as a Slave. So that Just Copier can be used as a tool to copy trading as a Slave and then immediately send trading signals as a Master.

Slave mode can copy several Masters.

Button on Master / Slave: shows Running / Stop

Special features:

Prefix: mark at the beginning of the symbol

Suffix: sign at the end of the symbol

Copy mode:

ByTicket: Copy trading based on each Ticket on the Master

BySymbol: Copy trading based on Symbols that OP on the Master

Copy Buy: true / false

Copy Sell: true / false

Copy Stop Loss: true / false

Copy Take Profit: true / false

Copy Pending Orders: true / false

Reverse Trading: to copy trading in opposite directions, including pending orders (Buy <> Sell, BuyLimit <> SellStop, BuyStop <> SellLimit)

Lot Multiply - copy of trades with the lot size increased by the specified multiplier.

Timer (in seconds) - event generation period of the timer for the copier operation. The greater the period, the less the load on the terminal.

fw1admin 2018.11.10 14:22 

very slow to copy

Version 2.14 2018.12.05
Prefix and Suffix features were revised.
Version 2.13 2018.12.03
Some bugs have been fixed.
Version 2.11 2018.10.01
Fixed some bugs. And it has new feature named "lot balanced", that means the lot of Slave account will be calculated based on Account Balance, Account Equity, Account Leverage and Lot Size of Master account.