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MultiLimitStop EA

This EA is designed for automatic placing of pending orders (sell limit, buy limit, sell stop, buy stop) including Stop Loss & Take Profit levels (editable) with only one button click.
This EA can make order multi pending level / pending orders grid.

So, with this EA placing pending orders will be faster, more accurate and more efficient.

The EA can not be backtested, so please download the demo version at the link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23239

Main Purposes

  • Automation Pending orders grid style trading.
  • Automation of the process of placing the Pending Orders:
    • fast
    • accurate
    • efficient
  • Automation of close Orders / Pending Orders.
  • Manage orders like Delete Pending, Close All, Close buy only, Close sell only.
  • Avoiding unwanted triggering of Placing Pending, Stop Loss, Take Profit in case the broker's stop level is different than usual.
  • Make work easier and faster.

EA Input Parameters

  1. Lots - default is 0.01.
  2. Inc_Lots - to increase lot when placing more than one order, default is 0.01. If 0, lot does not increase.
  3. MaxOrder - max order per click button, default is 5.
  4. Distance - distance from the current price to place the first order, default is 15.
  5. Step - distance between order to next order / next level, default is 20.
  6. TakeProfit - Take Profit level in units of the price chart, default is 10.
  7. StopLoss - Stop Loss level in units of the price chart, default is 0.
  8. MagicNumber - used to identify the orders made by this EA, default is 0.
  9. SC_Comment - comment made by this EA, you can input anything.
  10. Color1 - color of displayed info.
  11. Color2 - color of displayed info.
2017.09.24 13:43   

Lo he comprado y no me sale en el terminal y no puedo instalarlo.