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Slice Of Heaven

Always refer to my blog from HERE, to see latest updates and news on the EA

  • The First EA to be composed of 8 Expert Advisors together with different analytical systems and different approaches for each pair depending on how usually this pair or group of pairs act in relation to levels of support and resistance, breakouts, night trading, trends or different market sentiments and all of the analysis is based on multi time-frames.
  • It's like multi-levels filter as the trade has to pass through many checks before execution.
  • Slice of Heaven trades 26 pairs simultaneously and if you start to worry about draw down, please don't, as the multi-filters system offered here will give you average of only 1-2 trades per day.
  • You have to run all the 26 pairs together to feel the power of the EA, please don't just pick up some of them.
  • For safety, The EA will not open two trades in the same candle, so if you choose daily time-frame you will not get two trades for the same pair in the same day, Hence the recommended TF is 5 min to not miss any trade.


  • When you attach the EA to the chart you have to choose from the setting which pair you attached.
  • Some pairs will give you regular trades as and others may only give you 1 trade per month. It's about how volatile this pair is, so you have to run all the pairs together as they complete each other.

Regarding Martingale

  • The EA doesn't depend on anything other than real trading style. However, for those who love Martingale, I invented a modified Martingale system (it is disabled by default in the settings), unlike other systems you may used. This Martingale system waits after a number of pips you losing (you can define manually that number) then starts to find a new entry also depending on the signals and analysis, so the Martingale will be no more dependent on gambling or just make more losing trades as usual.
  • Also in the Martingale system you will choose how many trades you want to enter you have an option of 2 trades at the same time, 3 or even 4. You can define different TP and SL for the Martingale trades or use the common parameters of Trailing and BreakEven.

News Filter

  • You can choose for how many minutes you will disable the pairs and on which type of news (High, Med, Low or NFP), the EA can also draw lines on the chart to indicate that and will notify you on screen prior to news.
  • Allow web request in terminal for http://www.dailyfx.com/ and http://ec.forexprostools.com/.


  • Every pair has to have its unique Magic number. Please make sure you increase the magic number by 1000 as the EA uses the range in-between to assign a unique magic number to every open position (eg: you attached the EA to AUDUSD, EURCAD, USDCHF, etc. AUDUSD will take >>1000, EURCAD >> 2000, USDCHF >> 3000 and so on).
  • Without Martingale and with all 26 pairs simultaneously on: you can safely adjust the lot size to be 0.05 with $500 or 0.1 with $1000 and so on.
  • The max DD with default settings and with all 26 pairs is 26%.


Please click here to learn how to use EA's settings, this is just a brief overview.

  • AutoLot: Auto calculating lot size
  • Risk: How much can you afford to lose in each trade
  • Decimals: the number of decimal places in lot size
  • Trailing Level: defines how much distance the stop will be from the current price
  • Trailing Activation: defines on what level should the trailing start
  • BreakEven Level: define how many pips in profit to lock off
  • BreakEven Activation: define on what level should that start
  • Hedging: allow to have buy and sell trades in same pair (not the usual Hedging)

Martingale Settings

  • Losing to open: after how many losing pips, the EA will start to look for a signal to open a trade
  • Lots Multiplier: The number will be multiplied in the last lot opened

News filter

  • Source News: Investing.com or dailyfx.com
  • Low-Med-High-NFP News: Enable or disable a specific type of news
  • Suspend before low-med-high-NFP: How many minutes the EA will be disabled before the release
  • Suspend after low-med-high-NFP: minutes to be disabled after the release
  • Draw News Lines: Draw the news as lines on the chart

Other Settings

  • Comment: Type your own comment
  • Display Corner: Right or Left
Jhs 2018.11.20 18:30 

In my case, open a BUY order of the EUR/CHF (1.14194) and in a few minutes the price dropped very quickly and almost touches the SL and I think that it could have made a contrary order and make a compensation. the order was opened at 2018.08.29 at 00:15 and still open and I do not know if closing with a € 10 (1.30027) loss or expecting it to raise the price, I really expected the EA to do something else in this case.

Update 21.11.2018: This EA although it is not improved because its author recommends to move to Abra Kadabra Pro (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29710#). I modify my rating because the author is honest and good person.

Jean Fermigier
Jean Fermigier 2018.11.12 22:32 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.06.10 13:28 

Maneja una gran cantidad de pares con el menor riesgo posible y con una rentabilidad pasmosa. Es ir pasito a pasito hacia algo grande, pero hay que ir pasito a pasito porque las grandes fortunas se amasan de esta manera. Si en tu mente tienes un riesgo pequeño y una rentabilidad grande en un espacio temporal razonable, este es tu ea. Lo pones en una cuenta y te olvidas, y te alegras cuando ves la rentabilidad creciente. Magnífico y gran estrategia sin riesgos para todos los perfiles. También existe la posibilidad de aumentar el riesgo, pero eso ya depende de ti. Desde luego que lo recomiendo, es un gran ea con una estrategia nunca vista.

Producto recomendable y para todos los perfiles de riesgo, ya que puedes subirlo o bajarlo desde el setfile.

Utiliza estrategia sin riesgo pero puedes cambiar la estrategia bajo tu responsabilidad, es muy bueno esto.

Este autor merece la pena de tenerlo en listado de amigos porque hace muy buenos productos.

corderelli 2018.05.28 21:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Trung Truong Duc
Trung Truong Duc 2018.05.01 08:49 


Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2018.04.17 00:26 

I like this EA. I have been using it for about two months and it makes some profit trades usually everyday and trades many pairs at the same time. The risk is pretty high and it can't be backtested, since it is trading with many pairs. So if one trade finally is a loss, then it's a pretty big loss, but during that time the EA have, so far, made so many profit trades that they were larger than that one loss. And when the next loss appear, then I guess it will be the same. But you can't win all the time. But I like the way it works and Mohamed is very helpful and is probably trying to make the EA better and better and maybe one day find a way to reduce the risk. But for me it's been working so far and two months is not bad at all. So keep up the good work and I will continue using this on one of my many accounts.

Valter Oliveira
Valter Oliveira 2018.04.05 00:18 

The EA has presets for each currency pair to be traded. Most presets produce good trading, but you need to be aware of your risk management by re-evaluating the appropriate SL for your account. The spread can influence the results, so some adjustments need to be made in the customizable parameters.

The seller gives good support by quickly answering any questions about the product.

Lorraine Pierce
Lorraine Pierce 2018.03.14 14:41 

I have used the EA for about 6 weeks now. Yes there are more winners than losing trades. However, I have had 2 losing trades that resulted in 500 pip loss (250 pips each). This wiped out gains for the month, but I don't judge an EA by one month. The author says to expect about 2 losing months per year. Traders need to see forex as investing, rather than a get rich quick scheme. Greed is a killer. I have this EA set to risk 5% per trade, and can easily earn 10% per month on the profitable months. I am happy with that. Very happy. That return is so much better than the stock market!

The developer of this EA is very supportive and answers your questions in the comments, unlike so many other developers that want to private message everything! He is honest and transparent. I could see that in the comments before buying the EA. It is one of the reasons I decided to buy. Trust is rare in forex. But I trust this developer due to his level of support and character.

Noo Porima
Noo Porima 2018.03.01 10:23 

After using the free version for a couple of weeks on a live cents account with no losses, I decided to buy the full version before any price increase. That was at the end of January 2018. I then installed the full version EA on 3 standard accounts then and now, about 90 odd trades later, ALL PROFIT and NO LOSS(yet). So far so good. I think I would put this extraordinary result down to three factors: well designed EA; good broker choice; no messing around with the settings.

Support is prompt and well explained.

Cristobal Giron
Cristobal Giron 2018.02.15 15:44 

This is the worst ea that you never buy, do not understand how people here can qualify positively, it is very very strange :)

Daniel Bigham
Daniel Bigham 2017.12.17 21:13 

Absolutely Magnificent!! Thank you for all your hard work, and time you have but in this EA!

The BEST EA on MT5 AND MT4! It`s been nothing but HELL!! THANK YOU FOR MY "Slice Of Heaven" I have been saved

I open another trading account with FXChoice using Bitcoin $350.00 usd 5week ago with 49 win 0 loss all pair are aggressive and high risk my balance bitcoin .145.846 46 = $2734.33 last update 12/17/2017 bitcoin has more than double in the month

I START my lot .10 and now i have my lot size at 1.00 MY DEMO ACCOUNT 9/18/2017 DEPOSIT $5000 12/17/2017 BAL 38,000.00 3 MONTHS

https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/366915 LINK TO MY REAL ACCOUNT. 6 STAR EA

felixchang 2017.12.01 08:45 

Decided to automate my trading (being sick of sitting back, staring at the screen the whole day for price action trading), I chance across Slice of Heaven. Before that I already bought a lot of other EAs (some of them are rather expensive) but most of the time, no thrills as the lost could be larger than my gain, or at best reaches some break even point. I also spent hundreds of dollars on some EAs but could not even get them to run and the support is bad mainly because the developers could not communicate in English effectively.

After running the EA by our great Mohamed, I could not believe my eyes. I am just winning all the deals (sorry but I do not know how, so this is the fun part). Not to mention the great support by the developer.

I can not give 6 stars so I am sorry to give you only 5 stars :)

Currently I am eating the slice of heaven happily. I bet every one will wish that the EA could open more trades but come to think of it, what else can you ask for to have one or two winning trades a day ?

Let us praise the Slice of Heaven together !!!

Jens Bruns
Jens Bruns 2017.11.09 09:43 

Absolutely great entry´s. I use the robot since 26.10. and he has just completed nearly 30 profitable trades. Of course, the stop loss of 250 pips is always in the back of your mind, but if it is really so rarely achieved and you take the fundamental analysis into account, you will be very happy with the results. I have now bought the full version to adjust the lot size to my account balance. The DrawDown has been low so far. Great job!

Boris Sedlar
Boris Sedlar 2017.09.14 07:32 

first day using 7 from 9 trades profit, 2 trades are still on. will see later, now 5*

Mohammed Alqahtani
Mohammed Alqahtani 2017.08.14 00:54 

Excellent EA

I've already tried it

I rented it for a month

Its results are good especially after the recent update

Mohammed is an excellent supporter and answers all questions

I hope that Mohammed will look at

Hedging should also be known

Will greatly contribute to the work of EA fully completed

God willing it would be better than ever

Go head Mohammed

Version 3.2 2018.04.26
1. Added a new pair: "GBPCAD"
2. Fixed trailing and breakeven bugs (now both work normally even through the news)
3. Fixed when comments hide in martingale trades
Version 3.1 2018.03.08
1. Fixed the bug that makes error message stuck at the upper left corner.
2. Fixed the bug that makes News filter error message keeps popping up.
3. Improved the performance of Max Spread Function.
Version 3.0 2018.01.26
1. News Filter Added
Version 2.1 2017.12.01
[*] Fixed Max Spread issue regarding JPY Pairs
[*] Fixed Martingale Lot size calculations for sell orders
Version 2.0 2017.11.16
* Auto Lot Function Added
* Max Slippage Added
* Max Spread Added
* Now you can add your own comment
Version 1.2 2017.09.05
Fix the bug that appeared when the user chose 0.07 or 0.7 or 7 lot sizes.
Version 1.1 2017.08.01
Added Conservative mode for AUDUSD so now you can choose to be aggressive or conservative with AUDUSD