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Assar Fx ea

The Assar Fx ea works on all currency pairs and uses only strong market movements.

It may be inactive for an entire month, if it is used only on one currency pair. Therefore, it is recommended to attach it to all currency pairs which have a small spread This increases the chances of sustainable growth, and reduces the impact of one pair or specific trades on the entire trading process.

The risk is tightly controlled.

The robot is based on custom rules of price action (Bollinger Bands, Moving Average and Envelopes).

It does not use hedging, martingale, grid or other risky strategies (for example, keeping unprofitable trades).

Input parameters

  • ReverseTrade - trading with position reversal;
  • Magic - "magic number" of orders (does not change);
  • OrderCmt - comment to orders;
  • ECN_Mode - ECN mode of the broker;
  • Debug - output huge log files with info;
  • Verbose - additional information;
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread;
  • MaxExecution - maximum average execution time;
  • MaxExecutionMinutes - maximum average execution time in minutes;
  • StopLoss - stop loss (in points);
  • TakeProfit - take profit (in points);
  • AddPriceGap - additional price gap (in points);
  • TrailingStart - start of the trailing stop (in points);
  • Commission - broker commission (if any);
  • Slippage - maximum slippage;
  • MinimumUseStopLevel - minimum stop level;
  • UseDynamicVolatilityLimit - use the minimum volatility limit;
  • VolatilityMultiplier - volatility multiplier;
  • VolatilityLimit - volatility limit;
  • UseVolatilityPercentage - use the volatility percentage;
  • VolatilityPercentageLimit - percentage;
  • UseIndicatorSwitch - use the indicator switch;
  • Indicatorperiod - indicator period;
  • BBDeviation - deviation of the iBands indicator;
  • EnvelopesDeviation - deviation of the iEnvelopes indicator;
  • OrderExpireSeconds - delete expired orders after the specified number of seconds;
  • MoneyManagement - money management;
  • MinLots - minimum lot size to trade;
  • MaxLots - maximum volume to trade;
  • Risk - risk per trade (in percent);
  • ManualLotsize - manual lot size;
  • TakeShots - enable taking screenshots;
  • DelayTickc - tick delay after the start of the new bar (in seconds);
  • ShotsPerBar - number of screenshots per bar;

Pairs and timeframes

All pairs and all timeframes.

Trading Conditions

The EA requires a constant connection to Internet;

It is highly recommended to use VPS;

Predefined or customized settings;

Timeframe: M15;

Spread no more than 20 points (the less, the better);

Five-digit quotes;

Low spread ECN-PRO accounts are recommended;

Recommended balance

The minimum recommended balance for the EA's use, with the recommended pairs and timeframes, is $1000.

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