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Market Movement Scalper

Market Movement Scalper Expert Adviser is simple and effective. It is dependent basically on first: the unusual price action on the currency pair, resulting from the news, and whenever the movement is strong, the performance is strong. Second: it takes into consideration the impacts of the news before and after the event, in the long and near term. It is designed to open a position (buy) when the occurrence of a sharp drop of 300 points from candle (10) opening, a position (sell) when the occurrence of a sharp height of 300 points from candle (10) opening, according to the value of the factor D=1 (for this case). If the value of D increases, the fall or height will be greater. Please see the backtest results in the year 2008/2009, this period was fall of big news like falling of oil prices and mortgage crisis.

MMS EA works on the M1 timeframe only.

MMS EA works on the pairs: EURUSD - USDJPY - USDCHF - GBPUSD - EURJPY - CHFJPY - EURAUD - GBPJPY - NZDJPY and maybe more.

MMS EA is not suitable to work on the pairs USDCAD - EURCHF and maybe others.


  • MagicNumber - in case of working on several pairs or charts, a unique number must input different of each other.
  • MaxTrades - maximum allowed number of trades to be opened (1 is recommended).
  • BreakEven - positive level which if the price reached it, the stop loss will be adjusted to BreakEvenValue level.
  • BreakEvenValue - new stop loss level.
  • Spread - maximum allowed spread value which MMS will not open a position if it exceeded the market spread.
  • Lots - lot size.
  • D - factor of drop or height.
  • Slippage - allowable shift in entry price (please read more about slippage).
  • RiskPercent - feature which enable the user to use a certain percentage of the free account margin constantly.
  • AntiSwap - feature that allows to close all open positions before entering the time of swap fees discount.

The default inputs are the best, however you may discover better ones.


  1. Low spread and commission are required to get good results. Even for any account type, MMS can work on the pairs: EURUSD - USDJPY - GBPUSD if they had a reasonable spread values.
  2. There are so many ideas to take advantage of this robot, for example, it can be run on two charts for the same pair and change TakeProfit and MagicNumber.
  3. It is a good idea to raise RiskPercent to 100 or more, so keep in mind this may cause high drawdown, but no problem, MMS mostly will recover and regain losses.
  4. Performance on a live trading account is different from the backtest results because of the spread and commission (the Tester does not consider the commission).
  5. In case of market recession, performance will be poor and may lead to some losses.
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