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Summer Wind EA

Fully automatic Expert Advisor. The algorithm of its operation is based on the breakout of the price levels. To close the orders the EA uses staged profit taking mechanism, which increases the probability of closing orders with a profit. The EA can use fixed lots for trading or dynamically calculated lots based on the selected risk ratio.

The EA works on the EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY pairs. The EA has not been tested on other pairs.

The correct operation of the product requires a ECN broker with low spread.


  • The EA does not use martingale, grid or arbitrage;
  • Trading is performed by pending orders only;
  • All trades are protected by a Stop Loss;
  • To minimize losses the Expert Advisor uses a trailing stop;
  • Uses algorithm of staged profit taking;
  • The Expert Advisor can use both fixed lot size and dynamically calculated lot size;
  • It is designed to work with the 5-digit quotes;
  • The EA does not require a large deposit;
  • The EA works on any chart timeframe;
  • Allows trading all three pairs on one account simultaneously;

The minimum deposit is 50 USD on a standard account and 10 USD on a cent account.


  • Risk - risk value used to calculate a dynamic lot;
  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed lot.+ If set to 0, the EA uses the dynamic lot;
  • Spread Limit - maximum allowed spread size;
  • Spread Delay (minutes) - duration of delay if the spread exceeds the allowed value;
  • Take Profit #1 - the expected profit value to close the first part of the order, in pips;
  • Take Profit #2 - the expected profit value to close the second part of the order, in pips;
  • Take Profit #3 - the expected profit value to close the remaining part of the order, in pips;
  • Volume for TP1 - lot divider for closing the first part of the order;
  • Volume for TP2 - lot divider for closing the second part of the order;
  • Stop Loss - allowed loss value, in pips;
  • Candle's Count - number of candles used to search for a suitable level;
  • SellTrailingStop - the value of the profit at which the Stop Loss will be moved to breakeven, in pips;
  • Slippage - maximum allowed price slippage, in points;
  • Text Color - the color of the data displayed on the chart;
  • Background Color - the background color of the displayed data;
  • Order's Comment - comment for the Expert Advisor's orders;
  • Magic Number - unique number of the Expert Advisor's orders (any number).

For any questions please send me a private message. I will be glad to help you.

Felipe Ponce Aragon
2017.06.15 19:36 

I remove my previous negative review. At this point, I'm making money combining this EA with my manual control (not 100% automatic). I will keep you updated.

Gin Bilan
2016.11.16 16:07   

not real wasted . firs I thing to this way but I set on demo and after 2 week EA start work good . so we test more and switch to Real acc small one

days 11/16/2016 now //and EA NO work we switch of this EA we lost slow to much . no mater wots setting used Programer mast modify or say wot setting we can used

Ifsaah Waseem
2016.09.02 03:01 

Money wasted on a stupid EA

Version 1.4 - 2016.07.25

Added parameters:

Internal Profile - [TRUE/FALSE]

TRUE - use the internal settings of the EA;
FALSE - use manual settings for the EA;

Min Interval - the minimum interval between the price and the support/resistance level, in points;
Shift - shift of the price for placing pending order relative to the support/resistance level, in points;
Trailing Step - trailing stop step, in points;