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Robust Trader 20 EAs

9 Scariest Secrets of a Scalping EA that Will Cause You to Lose Money

  1. Is a scalping EA being tested with ideal spreads, i.e. 0.5 or 1.0 pips? Your broker does NOT guarantee a tightly fixed spread so why are you testing with 0.5 pip spread? Backtesting a scalping EA under ideal conditions will produce false promises and will cause you to lose money in the long run.
  2. Does a scalping EA use stop loss less than 6 pips? Don’t get fooled by EAs with smaller stop losses. Your EA may work during back testing but will not be profitable under volatile live market conditions. Tight stop loss does not provide enough breathing room for market pullbacks.
  3. Does an EA behave similarly when trading with 1 lot vs. 0.01 lots? Brokers will seduce you and allow an EA to win when trading with a micro lot. When trading with larger mini or standard lots, slippage will occur, causing an EA to fail. This is known as a scalability test.
  4. Does the EA demonstrate that it can print money with very low drawdown and no risk? Similarly, if you own a goose that can lay golden eggs, would you sell it? If the results are too good to be true, then it is not likely to be real. You should examine the EA with fixed lot testing to reveal its true form.
  5. Has it been tested with more than a 10-year trading period? Don’t get fooled by EAs that are curve fitted over a few years. How does it perform during 2002 Equities Sell-off, 2006 Emerging-Market Crash, and 2008 Subprime Meltdown? History tends to repeat itself, and repetition is the mother of learning.
  6. Does it pass the robust test? A robust EA will provide similar profits for Open Prices vs. Control Points model back testing. If you experience large discrepancies, then your EA is broker-dependence, and it may not work in 6 to 12 months. Every year, brokers make changes to their hardware, software, liquidity providers, and etc. It will be a shame to lose all your profits of the past two years because your EA is not robust enough to handle the technology changes.
  7. Does an EA require optimization every few months or weeks? This is a sign of instability since optimization should only be done once to a maximum of twice a year. You should optimize your EA when it is recommended by the Walk Forward Optimization.
  8. Is the EA promising instant profits within a few days or weeks? Rome was not built in a day; hence, it is important to be patient. Understand that all trading systems will go through some drawdowns and also some stagnation periods (no profits for a few months). Please perform or inquire about these criteria before using an EA.
  9. Does the EA have more than 90% winning trades? Don’t get fooled by EAs with no stop loss or large stop loss. One losing trade can wipe out your account and annihilate your months of patience and hard work.

Why is Robust Trader's 20 EAs your FX solution?

Robust Trader meets and exceeds all nine criteria above, and we invite YOU to test it for yourself. We are not offering ONE, but 20 EAs for you to pick and chose and also to combine them to create your ultimate trading solutions. Use our recommended settings for 1 year, 3 years, 6 years, or 12 years. Mix and match different combinations of EAs to diversify your trading experience. We offer simple ON/OFF selection for each EA, and our maximum stop loss is 100 pips to minimize your losses while maximizing your potential profits.


  • Broker: Spread ranging from 1.0-3.0 pips.
  • Symbol: EURUSD M5


  • Lotsize: 0 = compounding, 0.1 = fixed lot
  • Risk: 0.05 = 5% per trade
  • Default: 2000, risk constant 500 to 10K
  • EA_1: True = ON, False = OFF
  • EA_2: True = ON, False = OFF
  • EA_3: True = ON, False = OFF
  • EA_xx: True = ON, False = OFF
  • EA_20: True = ON, False = OFF

Limited Time and Price Offer

  • This is a limited price offer. The price of this EA will be increased after the first five subscribers.
  • Lock in your saving NOW for the price possible.
  • We are limiting our software to a maximum of 50 subscribers. 

Winsor Hoang is the author of "The Bull, The Bear and The Baboon – FX Lessons Learned the Hard Way", a former Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and an automated trading researcher since 2003. Winsor actively works with several high profile mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, and computational finance specialists.

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