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Pro System ImLa

ImLa Expert Advisor is an advanced trading system based on trend indicators. It catches movements in direction of a primary trend. It has several smart filters sorting out weak and false signals. Besides, it features additional custom filters for opening and closing orders.

All orders are protected by a smart hidden stop loss calculated based on the current market conditions. Users can specify explicit fixed stop loss and take profit in the EA settings.

Apart from closing positions by take profit, the EA can also close them if a signal weakens or market conditions change. This allowed the EA to show a high percentage of profitable deals (89.8 %), as well as a low drawdown within 11 years.

Monitoring results here:


  • No martingale
  • Always use a stop loss to secure your investments
  • No pipsing or scalping
  • Easy to use (no complicated settings)


  • MA1_Period_H4 - applied Moving Average period.
  • MA2_Period_H4 - applied Moving Average 2 period.
  • MinProfitProfit - if market conditions change, the robot tries closing all open positions with a minimum profit set in MinProfitProfit.
  • BB1_Period_M15 - Bollinger Bands period.
  • TakeProfit - manual take profit. If 0, the take profit is calculated automatically based on conditions and the current volatility.
  • StopLoss - manual stop loss. If 0, the take profit is calculated automatically based on conditions and the current volatility.
  • FilterChannelClose - additional deal closing filter. If > 0, enabled. The higher the value, the less the amount of deals. The parameter also affects profitability.
  • FilterChannelNoOpen - additional deal opening filter. If > 0, enabled. The higher the value, the less the amount of deals. The parameter also affects profitability.
  • FixedLots - fixed lot size.
  • RiskPercent - lot size (in %) based on equity (5-8% is recommended; for more efficiency, set 10-15%, but remember that drawdowns and loss risks are increased accordingly).
  • ManualTimeOffsetGMT - your broker's GMToffset.
  • MagicNumber - identifier of the EA's orders. Attention! MagicNumber should be different for each pair.
  • OrderComments - comments for opened orders.
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread, at which orders can be opened.
  • MaxSlippage - maximum slippage.
  • UseNFA - only for US-registered traders. Do not change it if you are not sure.
Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2016.12.30 04:27 

Best testing on 4 different broker demo accounts for a few months on my VPS and forgot about it. All are in good profit.

Update - 12/29/2016

This EA started off really good when I first purchased it at the beginning of 2016. However it has since then given back all of its profit. I didn’t losses my balance, but it didn’t gain either. 2 starts because it wont "blow" your account, but will slowly drain it.

traderfx13 2016.12.23 13:51 

This EA has mostly losses on a live account and when it loses - it loses BIG due to the large SL it has. It is also grid based and it keeps adding positions (averaging) against an adverse price move adding even more risk to open positions. Developer has abandoned this EA and will not improve it instead is releasing new EAs with the same flavorings. I don't recommend this EA for live trading.

Stephen Neale
Stephen Neale 2016.08.14 11:09 

Never made any money with this

David Jany
David Jany 2016.07.30 16:55 

LONGTERM MONEY WASTING EA. I used this EA since December 2015, first weeks the EA runs profitable and it seems to be a good set and forget EA. But in longterm you lose a lot of money.

The risk/reward radio is horrorble. When you loose, you lose more than you earned. And you will LOSE!!!

At the begining, Pavel had 2 Signals both Signals are offline because he lose a lot of his balance with his EA. So it is better to hide these results.

Vladislav Liferov
Vladislav Liferov 2016.05.24 08:03 

Хороший советник) Пользователям: не ограничивайтесь одной парой и дефолтами. Автору: спасибо за добротный продукт и поддержку!

David Cruz Anaya
David Cruz Anaya 2016.05.19 15:25 

After long way using this EA i can said is a wasted of money... you win more times than you lose, but when you lose you lose like 3 or 4 times more... stop news not working, and stop lose is useles because when close at the in stop lose open it again the same lose direction... save your money folks

I am one of the first to buy this EA, now more than one year ago... my loses trading at risk: 5% is more than -£11.000.

Sven JB
Sven JB 2016.05.07 08:51 

One of the few EAs that actually work. Well done, Pavel.

Eugen Mischenko
Eugen Mischenko 2016.05.06 19:26 

в общем не плохой советник, 80-90% сделок прибыльные но остальные 10-20% убыточных съедают не только всю прибыль но и большой минус в итоге. Автор отзывчив и прислушивается к клиентам. У советника есть потэнциал но нужно его доработать.

husar2003 2016.04.28 08:54 

Good EA, new version has news filter

Igor Otkidach
Igor Otkidach 2016.04.12 07:11 

Отличный эксперт за эту цену!

Ahmad Bajeaifir
Ahmad Bajeaifir 2015.12.29 19:21 


Version 1.3 2016.04.22
Added news filter. You can select the importance of the news and how many minutes before and after news the EA should not trade.

Optimized code, added further control over bars opening. This should improve the accuracy of trading as compared to the tester.
Version 1.2 2016.04.06
USDJPY (TypeStrategy = 1) is available.
Added option BB2_Period_M15 - period of Bands order opening filter.
Added option LimitOrders - adjust number of additional orders in the market.
Version 1.1 2015.11.27
- Added option TypeStrategy, this is preset Type Strategy 1=normal trade, 2=aggressive trade, 3=middle trade (only for GBPUSD).
- Added extended information concerning the EA operation errors.