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This is an automated expert advisor operation of which is based on fixing an increasing market volatility and entering the market in the direction of the price movement. Each order always has Stop Loss. Parameters provide flexible setting for tracking and closing trades. High-risk trading strategies are not used. Deposit drawdown will not exceed 10%.

Before Testing:

  1. Choose a broker having an ECN account.
  2. UPDATE quotes on all timeframes.
  3. Set testing spread from 2 to 5 points (which will correspond to 0.2-0.5 points on 4-digit quotes for ECN accounts)

Expert Advisor Setup:


  • Use_Timing – time to enable the EA
  • Start_Hour – operation start (hour of the terminal time)
  • Start_Minuts – operation start (minutes of the terminal time)
  • Stop_Hour – operation end (hour of the terminal time)
  • Stop_Minuts – operation end (minutes of the terminal time)


  • USE_TF_M1 - (false) – does not trade on M1
  • USE_TF_M5 - (true) – main timeframe. If set to false, trading will be performed on М15.
  • USE_TF_M15 - (true) – controlling timeframe. Trading will be riskier if you disable some higher timeframes.
  • USE_TF_M30 - (true) – controlling timeframe
  • USE_TF_H1 - (true) – controlling timeframe
  • USE_TF_H4 - (true) – controlling timeframe
  • USE_TF_D1 - (true) – controlling timeframe


  • USE_Flatfilter – filter trades by volatility.
  • MyPeriod – МА period (internal setting of the filter). Default value is recommended.
  • BuffSize – buffer size (internal setting of the filter). Default value is recommended.
  • FlatLevel – level of filtering trades off by volatility (from 1% to 99%). The higher the value, the more volatile market will be acceptable for trading.


  • CloseReversSig – close a trade in case of an opposite signal on the main timeframe (we do NOT recommend to enable the parameter). Enable in case of important news (FRC or NFP).
  • Lots – fixed lot.
  • Risk – use lot as percentage of the deposit - risk (Lots=Balance*0.001*Risk), 0 - disable
  • Tp – Take Profit (0 - disable).
  • Sl – Stop Loss (0 - disable).
  • Slippage – slippage limitation.


  • USE_VTS – enable virtual Trailing Stop (true by default).
  • VTS_variant – type of the virtual Trailing Stop calculation (1 - calculate offset from the last price, 2 - calculate by extrema from the open price).
  • Delta_Pips_VTS – price offset in points to enable virtual Trailing Stop.
  • VTS_Step – virtual Trailing Stop step.
  • SL_Togehter – use virtual Trailing Stop along with regular SL if possible.
  • VTS_Break_Even – use virtual Trailing Stop until breakeven is reached (True/False).
  • Break_Even_Togehter – use virtual Trailing Stop along with the breakeven function.
  • Trailing_Stop_Togehter – use virtual Trailing Stop along with classic Trailing Stop.


  • USE_TS – use classic Trailing Stop.
  • TS_Pips – trailing distance - distance from the price covered by a stop order.
  • TS_Start – level to start trailing (0 - disable).
  • TS_Step – trailing step - number of points to start trailing stop.
  • TS_Modific – type of classic Trailing Stop (0-standard – triggers immediately after the order is opened), (1-enable after the order has moved to breakeven)


  • USE_Break_Even – enable breakeven.
  • Break_Even_At – amount of points, after which an order is moved to breakeven.
  • Break_Even_Pips – profit remained after the order has been moved to breakeven.


  • Martin_Type – 0- off, 1- increase the Lot according to the trade loss, 2 – increase the Lot according to the loss in a trade series.
  • Lots_exp – lot multiplier.


  • email_alert – send e-mail messages.
  • window_alert – display messages on the chart.


  • Magic – Magic.
  • Auto_4_digits – automated conversion from 5-digit quotes to 4-digit quotes.

Recommendations on Trading:

  1. If you have any difficulties with settings, send me a message and I will help you.
  2. The robot is meant only for ECN accounts. The smallest possible spread is preferred.
  3. Use VPS.
  4. Recommended pairs are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.
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