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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 120

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
One-Click Strategy One-Click Strategy is designed to make your life easier when placing trades. It is suited to be used with common strategies where you place your stop loss over the recent high or below the recent low. This is very common when you trade support and resistance for a bounce or break out.  Want to sell or buy? Press "sell" or "buy" and the SL is placed above/below the recent high/low with a target of your choice. Lot size is calculated based on your settings. Taking trades tak
99 USD
This is a clear and simple filter I've created based on a Ichimoku strategy and setup. I personally like to use the indicator in a multi timeframe approach. It can be used in a double way:   1) Every time the indicator change the colour, you can use the this first change as your trigger point.  2) You can follow the indicator for the trend direction and trade with your other signals.  Added: - Sound Notification - PopUp Notification - Mobile Push Notification (To make it work follow
30 USD
!!!!FIFO COMPLIANT!!!! ONLY 5 COPIES LEFT AT $199 and Price goes up to $249 This is an automated or semi automated expert advisor.  This EA is based on trend...and there's nothing better than the heikin-ashi zone trade candles to show you price action trend. Download the Heikin Ashi Zone candles for   free here. It's recommended to use this EA as a semi automated trader. Example of semi automation: You look at higher time frames of the EURUSD and see it's in a down trend. So you open an M15 cha
99 USD
Scalping Oscillator PRO is an   advanced adaptive oscillator that allows you to work on a swing strategy, and can also be used for trend trading. Suitable for use on any timeframe and any trading instrument. Two products in one. Benefits: Indicator signals are not repainted, Suitable for working on any instrument Works on any timeframe, Sends alerts, notifications or emails when signals are received, Suitable for scalping and trend trading. How to work with the Scalping Oscillator PRO i
30 USD
Candy EA
Dmitrii Golubev
5 (2)
Candy EA is a top-notch multi-currency night scalper which uses adaptive and dynamic algorithm as well as complicated neural networks. It trades in small steps and promptly catches the desired profit with minimum risk involved. The EA is fully automated and does not require any tampering with the settings. Candy is best to trade with at the end of the New York session and till the beginning of the Asian session, but it’s also possible to trade 24 hours a day by default. The robot has a mone
100 USD
UsdJpy EA X This Expert Advisor make you enable to be a Master Trader with USDJPY!!  This Expert Advisor is made only for USDJPY H1 Trade. We do not recommend using this EA with other time flame. We recommend to use this EA with Alpari! This is the signal made by this EA. Link-- https://www.mql5.com/ja/signals/981444?source=Site+Profile --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
200 USD
Risk Reward ratio indicator for MT4  BING Risk Reward indicator is a powerful , basic, very needed tool for every trader. Clearly visualize Open Price , Stop Loss , and Top Profit levels on your graphs with easy to see colors and trendlines. Does BING Risk Reward show alerts? Of course! BING Risk Reward Indicator offers all Alerts available for the MT4 platform(Email, Popups, Sound, and Push). It shows alerts on Open Price , Stop Loss , and Top Profit. That way, besides easily seeing what i
10 000 USD
Investment Castle Indicator MT4
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
Investment Castle Indicator has the following features: 1.  Dictates the direction of the trend in different Timeframes . 2.   Shows the hit rate and winning rate on the chart. 3. This indicator does not repaint the chart. 4. This indicator is built-in the Support & Resistance based Investment Castle EA which works with   Psychological Key Levels "Support & Resistance" Indicator.
30 USD
Investment Castle Support and Resistance MT4
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
Investment Castle Support and Resistance Indicator has the following features: 1.  Dictates the direction of Buy or Sell trades based on Support and Resistance Levels automatically . 2.  Candles stick colors will change to Red for Sell and Blue for Buy (Default settings, user can change from the inputs). 3. This indicator is built-in the Support & Resistance based Investment Castle EA which works with Psychological Key Levels "Support & Resistance".
30 USD
This program is designed to test ideas and acquire analytical skills. The main task of the analyst is to be able to predict the direction and range on the chart, where the price should soon come. This product cannot be tested in the tester. All the functionality is shown in full in the description and screenshots. How it works : Situations for analysis are selected at random. (The more historical data, the greater the number of examples). Click " Start Game ". Between the orange vertical li
55 USD
Hello all There have been updates and changes in the way open deals work It is different from the first expert, My Friend EA In opening deals only, and the rest of the conditions are as they were in the past: This expert is a type of oscillator It works on a set of indicators with the profit tracking method With the work of cooling deals with the closure of all together It is preferred to work on the M5 timing Max Spread = 0.3 Broker link from here https://tinyurl.com/y7xkqz89 arameters: Lo
500 USD
Delta 2 symbols
The indicator is designed for pair trading with 2 highly correlated instruments.  Indicator charts can be displayed as lines or histograms. There is an MTF mode, the maximum and minimum deltas for the calculated number of bars are displayed with a check for a specified minimum value. It is possible to enable the calculation of trade operations with checking the current correlation coefficient for the minimum specified, the current delta in points or percent of the maximum (minimum) delta and
30 USD
Buman Id
Anthon Budiman
https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1217700?source=Site+Signals+Page https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1244502?source=Site +Signals+Page https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1258448?source=Site +Signals+My  (Daily target 2,5%) Strategi lihat di deskrisi link di atas Strategi lain: Buat 3 sampai pada MT4 dengan menggunakan Magic Number yang berbeda, Tiap Windows punya target masing-masing  *  Pasar  Asia   XAUUSD TP:500 SL:375 TF:M5 time start  03.00 - 08.00: **   Pasar Eropa   XAUUSD     TP:500    
99 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Keltner Channels are volatility-based bands that are placed on either side of an asset's price and can aid in determining the direction of a trend. The exponential moving average (EMA) of a Keltner Channel is typically 20 periods, although this can be adjusted if desired.( Default is 50 here..) In the Classic Keltner Channels The upper and lower bands are typically set two times the average true range (ATR) above and below the EMA, although the multiplier can also be adjusted based on personal
30 USD
The Trend Reversal Arrow Scalper indicator is designed to find trend reversals on the current timeframe. Trading with it becomes very simple, since the indicator does all the hard work for you to find points of entry into the market. You just have to buy if a blue arrow appears, or sell if a red arrow appears. The indicator also displays dots (red and blue following the arrow). They show the current trend and are also signals for entry (if, for example, you missed the main entry along the arrow)
195 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
The Comparison indicator can be used as an independent trading system. It is based on the idea that some currency pairs follow each other. The indicator allows you to simultaneously display another chart on the chart of one currency pair, which allows you to anticipate some movements and quite accurately determine the beginning of trends. The principle of trading by indicator signals is also simple: a currency pair, the chart of which is above, should be sold, and the one below, should be bou
69 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Victoria is a trend indicator used to identify trends in financial markets, indicates the direction of price movement. Flexible indicator settings allow you to receive more accurate signals for opening positions. The indicator will allow you to determine the current trend. Using this algorithm, you can quickly understand what kind of trend is currently developing in the market. Victoria can be used along with oscillators as a filter. Victoria is a true range indicator that identifies the ra
185 USD
ADX Power Screener MT4 is a very powerful utility. Thanks to the information provided by the ADX indicator , it returns a table with the levels detected on the major timeframes. Great for checking the quality of a trend and identifying excellent reversal signals  which can be accompanied by normal technical analysis to find the best entry point. The screener can be totally customized in colors and levels. It also uses 2 lists of 28 symbols each, fully customizable through the input panel.
149 USD
Guanghao Cai
5 (1)
If you are interested in this product or have questions, and need any help, you can add the author WeChat or whatsapp: 17317545896 This EA is an auxiliary trading tool. The first time you touch the line of the hand animation, it will automatically open an order and enter the market. It supports 3 lines: 1. Trend line 2. Horizontal line 3. Channel line. When trying it out, please change the description field to "1", After one touch, the line will become invalid and turn white. Please see the pic
30 USD
SUPPORT LINES AND RESISTORS + COMMAND BLOCKS for METATRADER 4 A much more pleasant visual way to locate supports and resistance, unlike normal horizontal lines, these can be located from a specific point, without extending backwards, making the graph not look good, it also shows the name of the temporality in which it was created so that when you are operating, you can know to which temporality it belongs. You can also create order blocks in a comfortable and visual way, where you can also
38 USD
Round Numbers Osw MT4
William Oswaldo Mayorga Urduy
ROUND NUMBERS (For Metatrader 4) This indicator allows you to add horizontal lines according to the round numbers that the asset contains. Unlike other indicators, this one calculates the closest levels dynamically and automatically as the price moves. works on currency pairs, indices, metals, stocks, etc. Round with 5 digits, 3 digits and integers of 10 100 or 1000. lines can be adjusted in parameters like: Hide the line or round number that you do not want to display. line col
30 USD
I Triple Cross
Nikolaos Nikolis
This indicator is trading Ichimoku Triple Cross strategy, that means price crosses Tenkan-sen, Chikou Span crosses price, and Chikou Span crosses Tenkan-sen. Tenkan Sen is not straight as well but towards the new trend. Triple cross happens just before Ichinoku Breakout it signals the creation of a new trend  (Reversal) and it is more valid in bigger timeframes like 1 and 4 hours.  When there is buy signal the indicator draws a blue arrow below price.   When there is sell signal the indicator dr
30 USD
The Tachikomas
Khayelihle Sabelo Malimba
The Tachikomas Metatrader 4 Forex Robot is an algorithmic expert advisor that opens, exits and manages positions based on the MA   cross overs. The logic that is used to define trade entries on   TheTachikomas  EA is to   buy and sell   when the condition above are met. All timeframes will work on   The Tachikomas  expert advisor but our preference falls on the   1- Hour chart. NOTE:  The default settings in the EA should be left as is besides - Aggressive Trade settings Set Aggressive to true w
40 USD
RSI Levels MT4
Samuel Kiniu Njoroge
RSI EA trades based on RSI levels of oversold and overbought . The expert advisor specifically makes entry on trend start therefore its easier to make good entries . Take single order per pair and you can trade all pairs provided you let EA calculate automatically equity available to determine lot size to be used .  Parameters per $100 - 0.01 lot size . All Timeframes are allowed but suitable to trade H4 and D1.
125 USD
Developed to assist in binary options retraction operations, this indicator will show the best assets to operate retractions!  How it works: The indicator will calculate the total length of each candle from low to high, the total of the body and total of shadows (up and down) and calculate a total shadows percentage of various configurable assets. The counter is updated with each new candle. ATENTION: Demo on the estrategy tester is not functional to show other assets, but still can show how
30 USD
https://youtu.be/Cz76GayNqtM  Com esse indicador você não precisa ficar fazendo marcações manuais para encontrar seus canais e níveis de negociação. O channels faz isso por você. Veja o vídeo :  Com os canais definidos o trade pode operar seus rompimentos  Analisando seu canal de referencia e zona neutra com base na tendencia e nos rompimentos. Tem uma calibragem nas opções onde você consegue estreitar ou alargar mais o canal. Pode definir as cores automáticas das linhas, seus estilos e tamanhos
200 USD
Oleg Fodin
The adviser is based on breakdown of levels 2 Stochastic. Has the built-in mechanism of calculation of profit and also closes all open positions on Take Profit in the general profit. The adviser works at currency pairs: EURUSD, GPBUSD on 5 minute taymfreym. To test the adviser isn't present sense as the tester of strategy even close doesn't make those transactions which are made on the real account.  Settings of the adviser for the 4th sign Lots_St 0.01 (At a deposit of $1000 for both currenc
350 USD
The indicator is designed to display candles (bars) of a higher timeframe on the current one. The indicator has many settings for the displayed candles, as well as a sound signal that will sound a few minutes (seconds) before the bar closes. Input parameters: BarsCount = 50 - the number of displayed bars of the higher timeframe Auto_Candle_UP_TF = false - Automatic selection of a higher timeframe Candle_UP_TF = 60 - Higher timeframe, if Auto_Candle_UP_TF = false Signal_Close_Candle_UP_TF = fals
30 USD
My Super Hero MT4
Szymon Palczynski
Professional strategy This EA clearly controls the market and and performs a statistical price analysis.  The best technologies for professional trading: universal strategy that always works! All this is available in this versatile robot! What should be remembered. Some advice: Don't buy at the top and sell at the bottom.  Play with the main trend. Calculate your entry risk. If possible, it is better to choose the market, which is the most suitable for this trading strategy. If you do not have
99 USD
Mykhailo Hrynkiv
TrendSignaler Shows the best trend detection results for all currency pairs without redrawing the result. Determining the current trend is one of the most important tasks. The TrendSignaler The indicator does not change its readings 100%, the arrows always remain in their places. Each user can customize the indicator to suit his trading style and currency pair. Indicator setting Historybars - the number of bars to determine the trend Signal -  signal strength, set the value above 50 . Trend -
95 USD
Ethereum Finisher
Chiedozie Titus Ugwu
1 (3)
Ethereum Finisher  is a professional automatic trading system designed and optimized for the MT4 platform and the  ETH/USD   pair. This system works independently on your terminal, you can run it on your computer or on a VPS because the computer must be turned on while the robot is running. The robot analyzes the market 24 hours a day, thanks to which it is more effective than a human. Updates and optimizations are made on an ongoing basis and will be available to the buyer. The robot will be fu
28 000 USD
Happy Tiger
Wong Sze Wai
This EA build -in  3  strategies has been developed, tested and traded live on below risk level, pairs and timeframe: Medium Risk - EURNZD M1 Medium Risk - CADCHF M1  Medium Risk - USDCAD M30 Medium Risk - GBPJPY H1 Multiple strategies traded together will lead to a bigger profits and high risk!!! ## ALL STRATEGIES TESTED WITH HIGH SPREAD ##  This EA with only FEW PARAMETERS.  Every trade has his own logic to open order and take profit. It also allow user input his OWN STOPLOSS amount o
98 USD
Levels Martin MT4
Oleksii Chepurnyi
Описание Советник торгует от уровней поддержки/сопротивления по тренду. Если тренд развернулся будет использоваться мартингейл. Уровни размечаются на графике вручную, стандартной горизонтальной линией. Также возможна работа и с авто уровнями, описание ниже в описании настроек. Стратегия рассчитана на торговлю на часовом графике, но советник будет работать и на других таймфреймах. Каких либо ограничений в выборе инструмента нету, лиши бы были достаточные сильные уровни поддержки/сопротивления.
100 USD
Transition Trend
Tatiana Savkevych
The Transition Trend indicator shows the points of potential market reversal. The indicator's smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and generates entry signals and exit levels. Simple, visual and efficient trend detection. Uses just one parameter for settings. The indicator does not redraw and does not lag. You can set up message alerts as sound or email. Works on all currency pairs and all timeframes. Ready-made trading system.
99 USD
Incognito RSI
Maryna Shulzhenko
The Incognito RSI indicator is an advanced internal strength index. It transforms the signal so that the low-frequency components lag behind much more than the high-frequency components. In general, the data of the last bar has more weight than the previous data, like an exponential moving average. The indicator demonstrates not the relative strength of the compared trading instruments, but the internal strength of a single instrument, therefore it is the “Internal Strength Index”. This is an
59 USD
One of the secrets of short-term trading is knowing when to enter a trade. At the same time, having the potential to earn the maximum number of points, but without excessive incubation in the transaction in the hope of a ghostly profit. And in this we will be helped by a professional Forex indicator for determining goals within the day - Course Market. He will provide you with everything you need to overcome losses due to human emotions. It's time to stop wandering in the dark and gain a clear v
69 USD
We all dream of becoming a foreign exchange trading expert, making a lot of money and having a large number of trading fans who adore us. There seems to be only one thing standing in our way: actually learning how to enter and leave the foreign exchange market. Most trading strategies put their emphasis on finding out when to enter the market. Whether it’s technical or fundamental, everyone is looking for an entry signal. However, this only covers half of the trade. As any trader knows, there a
375 USD
Mohamed Kamel Touati
EA TOUMED ****** Only   10  c opies Availible for  $399 ******* ****** Final price  $1499 ***** EA Toumed   is a professional  scalping expert with low-risk . the expert select the optimal entry points, a price analysis  is used. The expert does not use  grid, martingale, arbitrage. Every position is protected by a visual stop loss. All open transactions are accompanied by a control algorithm, which is based on trailing stop and a trailing step profit taking system. The expert also have
399 USD
'TAVOR' is an amazing trading robot by 'The   Israeli tactics' group , developed by Israeli programmers who specialize in forex trading.  Our bot can analyzes trading by times, so what needs to be done is a back test of which times are best, fill in TP / SL. you can set that after each losing trade then the next trade will be double the amount so the profit will be linear. This expert advisor opens one deal a day at the time you choose, so it is advisable to run several at a time each on a diff
99 USD
简介 本产品是 一款可以辅助识别趋势并顺势加仓的工具软件 。 当行情出现连续单边上涨或下跌时候,选择时间,并输入参数启动该软件,会自动加仓并移动止损,直到最后一单止损全部出场为止 。 交易方向可选择单向也可以双向,每一波趋势结束后都要重新输入参数,并点击启动策略。 在面板中每次手动输入止损金额,选择是否加仓,选择交易方向和时间周期,再选择趋势启动时间,并点击Run 以上设置完成后,余下的工作比如识别趋势,自动的加仓, 自动的止损或者止盈都是自动化的。 如何设置 Interface language,软件界面使用语言,可以选择中文或者英语。 Panel Order Magic,该面板所下订单魔术编号。 Show Comment,是否显示注释信息。 Is Mgmt Other Magic,是否接管其他魔术编号的订单。 关于我们 MT5版本:  https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/65055 欲了解更多我们产品信息,请 点击这里
30 USD
Matas Milevicius
MartBear EA - New Smart Trading Methodology! MartiBear robot is very simple, and very promising money making machine! No complicated setup! No long-term optimization! No special set files! Working on any trading pair (best EURCHF/AUDUSD)! Recommend starting balance 500usd/eur for lot size 0.01. Low Risk with proportional profit! The robot doesn’t require any additional setup, just pick the trading lot and go ahead! Default setting is : Step : 400 Lot : 0.01 Mult : 1.2 TP : 100 MagicBuy : 56
49 USD
CandleShadow free
aleksandr butkov
The free distribution of the advisor is over! This version of the EA with limited functionality. Full version and description here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/64451 Monitoring the advisor: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/975873 We recommend using the EA in any market with a low spread and good liquidity. The following currency pairs have been tested: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY Fully automatic trading with the calculation of entries based on the analysis of the pattern shadow a
70 USD
Breakout Storm MT4
Gianluca Bonfanti
1 (1)
Breakout Storm MT4 -  logic: is a breakout/momentum EA fully automated, that works on 10 pairs which are prone to big moves, it has been developed for 2 years with phyton code and special tools bypassing the limit of Metatrader platform, than coded into MT4 and 5 to be available for professional traders. The internal algo also is really pretty complex, 7 indicators are used ( from ATR to heikin ashi to MA,+ 4 property leading indicators were coded ). All breakout system have a long period of st
400 USD
Huracan Hedger EA
You can   get a Bonus: Get my Bolide EA for free, after rating the Huracan Hedger Huracan Hedger EA  is a fully automated Expert Advisor for smart Hedging/Grid   Trading. This System is designed very simple and it´s very easy to understand the EA, even for beginners . The EA is  focused on the AUDNZD Market- But can be Optimized for every Currency Pair, Index, Stock etc. It is a system designed to restore unprofitable positions, with the integrated Martingale function , if the trade does n
49 USD
简介 该软件为快捷操盘交易面板,使用之前请打开自动交易,然后加载到界面前请仔细阅读软件简介。 软件使用会对仓位进行真实的平仓操作,建议先使用模拟盘练习,感受一下软件的功能。 等熟悉软件功能之后再到实盘上使用,且为mt4/5提供各自不同的版本,而功能却完全一样。 如何设置 Interface language,软件界面使用语言,可以选择中文或者英语。 Panel Order Magic,该面板所下订单魔术编号。 Sound Alert,使用声音报警。 New bar Alert,新的K线出现时报警。 优点 手工交易者操盘利器,一键实现快速成交,平仓。 一键成交,订单自动携带止损和止盈 。 市场订单多单,空单,挂单各自都是自己的参数不统一设置,便于管理。 软件界面采用黑色主题,保护眼睛,运行体验感佳。 按下界面按钮对应的字母可以实现键盘快捷成交, 媲美专业操盘键盘  。
30 USD
DIP Indicator Oshime This indicator is based on Oshimegai(buying on the dips). This is based on Moving Average line so this indicator indicates the lines based on long term trend and short term trend. So this indicator is helpful when you trade with a short time flames. Therefore, you can find easily in M5 or M15 and M30 flame when you should get the positions of sell or buy. HOW TO USE Blue   UP   Arrow--Price will go up(You should get the position of BUY.) *What is Oshimegai(buying on dips)?-
100 USD
RSI Dashboard  uses the value of Relative Strength Index indicator. The parameters can be adjusted via the Edit boxes of this dashboard. The monitoring pairs will be selected by adding to the Market Watch (no need to set  prefixes or suffixes) , you can monitor many pairs as you like. This dashboard will check almost popular time frame (M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4 and D1). The colors can be customized. We can have a look at many pairs and many time frames without opening the chart. In addition, we can
50 USD
WPR Dashboard  uses the value of William's Percent Range indicator. The parameters can be adjusted via the Edit boxes of this dashboard. The monitoring pairs will be selected by adding to the Market Watch (no need to set  prefixes or suffixes) , you can monitor many pairs as you like. This dashboard will check almost popular time frame (M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4 and D1). The colors can be customized. We can have a look at many pairs and many time frames without opening the chart. In addition, we can
50 USD
The indicator tracks sharp volatility (moments when the market has shown increased activity and movement may occur), on the selected instruments and time periods. The information is displayed as colored rectangles. Thus, it is possible to assess at a glance which tool should be given priority attention. The indicator will be useful for scalpers when they need a quick reaction or for traders working with a large number of instruments. The indicator does not redraw. The indicator displays 8 degr
77 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
The Expert Advisor works on the principle of a reverse breakdown of price levels. The unique formula for determining the direction of microtrends allows the expert to enter the market with a high degree of accuracy. Filter of patterns of higher timeframes allows you to skip trades towards the ending trend. Every trade is protected by a stop loss. Support: https://www.mql5.com/en/channels/TrendHunter No dangerous trading methods. Trading instruments (TF 5M): EURUSD, GBPUSD. Recommended
2 330 USD
https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1217700?source=Site+Signals+Page https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1244502?source=Site +Signals+Page https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1258448?source=Site +Signals+My  (Daily target 2,5%) Deactivated EA when : 1. During holidays 2. 2 days before FOMC and a day after FOMC (4 days) use filter trading date   The EA is a trend catcher using William Percentage Range - Filter holiday date to stop the EA from trade. Holiday input must be manually based on forexfactory.co
199 USD
Bank Heist Bella Ciao
Edouard Jean Phil Kombo
The mission of our family goes beyond money. Led by "the professor" on Telegram, we plan all scenarios of our Bank heist to beat brokers at their own game.   Introductory offer:   SOLD OUT !     Only  1  of 10 copies  of this EA will be sold at the current price.   Next price: $59.99 Customer Telegram Group   Once you own the product, contact me to join our dedicated group of forex heisters . Bella Ciao   This is not an indicator, but a heist plan that goes back to the basics
39.99 USD
Best Currency Flow Indicator This indicator breaks down all 28 forex currency pairs   and calculates the strength of   individual currencies ,  therefore it visual the money flow in/out of a currency. This indicator is very powerful because it   reveals the true movements of the market, true supply and demand zone.  It is highly recommended to  analyze charts knowing the performance of individual currencies or the countries economies . The indicator will reveal the country's economic performance
50 USD
With our own tried and tested built in algorithms, The Prophet Profit is made to generate long-term profit even during volatile markets. One of the best features that stands out from other EA's is it's unique money management system. For example: Even if the EA's accuracy were to fall below 50% for the month due to the markets, you would still end the month profitable as the risk to reward is like no other. Over 6 years of trial and error mixed with high end trading education has allowed this EA
299 USD
The Flat Horizontal Channel Range Price indicator automatically draws a horizontal channel (range) of prices on a higher or current timeframe. This indicator was developed to simplify the determination of sideways movements of the market, as well as to search for entry signals for a pullback from the boundaries of a channel (range) or for its breakdown. Input parameters: BarsCount - 1000 - Number of bars to search for a horizontal channel AutoPeriodDraw - true - Enabled automatic drawing of
35 USD
简介 本产品是一个导出的系统函数库 包含交易,订单查询,数学计算,软件界面以及一些策略算法库等。 软件意义 节省开发者的开发周期,可以快速通过该程序实现自己想要的功能。  为初学者快速掌握mt4的系统库函数提供便利。 功能简介 交易函数,包含各种交易函数的重载。 订单函数,根据输入参数查询各种满足自己要求的订单,并返回价格,止损,编号等等信息 界面函数,通用界面,可以快为EA建立一般的操作节目。 信号函数库:包含各种交易指标的信号库,比如K线与均线的金叉和死叉,快慢线的金叉和死叉等。 字符串函数:包含各种字符串的处理等 绘图函数库:通用的mt4和mt5,绘制各种图形的函数库。 数学函数库:通用的数学计算函数。 策略函数库:已经封装的策略库,可以直接被调用、
39 USD
Mohamad Alkadre
do not download this indicator from here unless you want to donate me , because if you did you will get a demo version  .. this indicator will help you analyse the market based on waves strategy.. to understand it more get the tutorials from my channel on telegram and wait for more new strategies .. its working on nasdaq dow and dax , but thos one just for nasdaq .. to get the demo version or buy the real one / join  my telegram channel t.me/forexEaTrade don not use this indicato
40 USD
Max Min Trend
Mariia Logvinenko
The MaxMinTrend indicator displays the highs and lows of the price on the chart. This indicator was created to simplify the determination of trend directions, as well as to support open positions, by transferring Stoploss to the current highs and lows of the price, thereby making a large profit. This indicator is not redrawn. Input parameters: BarsCount - 1000 - Number of bars to draw the indicator maxmin - true - Enabled display of Highs and Lows line - true - Enabled display of the co
35 USD
Maksim Slovakov
Acceleration of the deposit. The EA has 7 settings: 1.Comment (Comment on orders) 2. Lot (The lot is changed only manually in the settings) 3. Target in currency (The target in the deposit currency, having reached which the adviser closes the position and does not trade) 4. Magik (Order Number) 5. RSi (The RSi period to determine the potential entry point) 6. RSi output (The RSi period to determine the exit point) 7. addition to the entry price (Indent in points from the level of
200 USD
Maxwell Matey
the Robot has passed all stress-testes in tough conditions . in order to test properly 1 : test only on EUR/USD 2 : use only a m15 time frame 3: GMT Data Time = 2 i advice to test with Tick Data Suite this robot open grid based MACD signal Requirements Timeframe  :m15. Minimum account balance: $5000. currency :   EURUSD  VPS  Features: The EA is very easy to setup and use , just put your desired risk and let the system work  EA Parameter: Lots  ->  intial lot size. Step  ->  step
3 333 USD
Free use for 3 months without any restrictions July 7, 2021 will be restore the original price of 199$ This is a fully automatic Quantitative Trading Advisor (QTA ) What you need to do is to optimize the parameters, then select the appropriate parameters and let it run. No one strategy is a one-size-fits-all solution. Now we have given you the best and most advanced tools , but you need to learn how to use them. This QTA can help you find out the characteristics of the parameters that get
199 USD
This Indicator is using 3MA's with different periods.  A Buy Signal occurs when Green on the top, yellow in the middle, red at the bottom. A Sell Signal occurs when Red on the top, yellow in the middle, green at the bottom. When there is buy signal the indicator draws a blue line below price.   When there is sell signal the indicator draws a red line above price.   In the comments section you may find a template file with the 3 MAs.    You can use this strategy alone or compined with
30 USD
The indicator displays a stock chart of a non-standard type, in which the price and time have the same value. The usual chart of Japanese candlesticks does not take into account all the information that the time analysis can give. Renko charts do not use all the information that price can give in relation to time. The "Chart Price and Time" indicator takes into account price and time equally and shows the predominance of price or time. Taking into account price and time equally gives an i
95 USD
Trend Wizard MTF - trend indicator Input signals without repainting. Nice play on different characters. Easy to set up, simple tool.  trend indicator based on the principle of joint analysis (3 indicators). The indicator forms arrows (red and white). If a signal appears and is confirmed at the close of the signal candle. Error-free opening of transactions The indicator finds the ideal signals to enter a trade (buy or sell), which increases the likelihood of success. SALE. 1) Red line colo
119 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
The price fluctuates. Just like planets oscillating in a star system. The wavelength of the oscillations depends on gravity in the center and other factors in the system. You can benefit from these oscillations with this expert advisor in the market. It is an expert advisor suitable for beginners with simple usage inputs. Stoploss Calculation Level: Stoploss Begins after breakeven in points Stoploss Movement Step: Step points after stoploss works. Minimum Start Level in Points: Minimum strat
50 USD
PeakMaster PRO EA is an intelligent fully automated robot, uses the Moment change, and a mathematical algorithm that compares the MA level and places buy or sell orders accordingly. Each order has a Stop Loss and a Profit. PeakMaster PRO is designed so that with a spread greater than the set maximum - does not place orders to buy or sell. This makes it safer in the presence of too high volatility. To test PeakMaster PRO, be sure to use the MT4 Demo account data (every tick) 1min. A smaller sprea
260 USD
Cm limit
Vladimir Khlystov
Strategy: A grid of limit orders is placed at a specified distance (Step) from each other. Above the price, SellLimit orders are placed, below BuyLimit. The lot of the first order from the price can be specified by the parameter (Lots) or set as a percentage (RiskPercent) of the available funds. The orders that we place next have the lot size multiplied by the coefficient (K_Lot). The maximum lot size is limited by the parameter (Max_Lot). The essence of the strategy is that the price cannot
500 USD
Phoenix Gold EA MT4
Nuttapol Chantrasmi
"Phoenix Gold is a great choice for hands-off investors who plan to do a long-term investment in gold" #Non-Martingale #Always SL #Robust #Adaptive #Fully Automated #AI #XAUUSD Phoenix Gold is a non-martingale expert adviser generated from our AI-driven pipeline which learns diversified trading strategies from 10-years historical data of the gold market. Phoenix Gold  project aims to provide a robust adaptive trading system that can harmonize with the dynamic of the market. We value risk man
599 USD
Bitcoin Smart Buyer expert is a 100 % automated system that only opens buy positions in Bitcoin, it is the result of more than 7 years of experience in the financial markets.  This expert is designed for people with or without trading experience. With its higher profit ratio, this expert is the best solution for losing money and start making real money in financial markets. - Why choosing this expert ? Bitcoin Smart Buyer : * Trade only on Up trend and open only buy positions. * Choose the b
799 USD
----< High Accuracy Ichimoku Cloud Entry Signals >---- CloudEntry could tell you the trend direction, resistance and support, when to open orders and where to set stoploss & takeprofit. this is a multifunctional indicator, can work well on all symbols and timeframes. Features: real-time analysis of trend direction filter out all the minor waves show resistance and support along as price goes give highly accurate entry signals frequently send alert in popup, email, notification way at eve
35 USD

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