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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 120

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
WH Turning Zone MT4
Wissam Hussein
5 (1)
Introduction: The "Turning Zone" is a sophisticated and innovative MT4 indicator designed to provide traders with a powerful tool for detecting potential trend reversals within financial markets. By utilizing the timeless concept of pitchfork analysis, the Turning Zone indicator identifies key reversal zones where market sentiment is likely to shift, offering traders valuable insights to make informed decisions. MT5 Version :  WH Turning Zone MT5   Related Product :  WH Trend Continuation MT4
Sessions by Lux
Minh Truong Pham
This indicator shows when user set sessions are active and returns various tools + metrics using the closing price within active sessions as an input. Users have the option to change up to 4 session times. The indicator will increasingly lack accuracy when the chart timeframe is higher than 1 hour. Settings Sessions Enable Session: Allows to enable or disable all associated elements with a specific user set session. Session Time: Opening and closing times of the user set session
Простой и удобный индикатор, указывающий зоны стандартных индикаторов в различных таймфреймах, при необходимости можете в настройках изменить параметры RSI- Relative   strength   index.  Стрелка вверх- если сигнальная линия ниже уровня 300, стрелка вниз- если сигнальная линия выше уровня 70 STOCH-  Stochastic. Стрелка вверх- если сигнальная линия ниже уровня 20, стрелка вниз- если сигнальная линия выше уровня 80 ENVELOPE - Envelopes. Стрелка вверх- если свеча открылась ниже красной линии индика
This is  a dashboard indicator that displays the auto-calculated risk lot, with the given risk percentage & risk points (Stop Loss) and others. The main function of this indicator is to help you calculate your exact scalping risk lots and swing risk lots. Also it displays the active trades of each pair you've executed with the following: type of trade, lot size, symbol, & equity(+/-). Also displays the bar counter set in every 5-minute bar timer. (whichever time frame you're active, the bar time
Silver Bullet EA
Wade C Hunt
2.2 (5)
Welcome to the Silver Bullet EA 3.0 update The Silver Bullet EA is based on the ICT Silver Bullet strategy, a popular tried and proven trading model. Using specific trading windows, the expert advisor will enter trades automatically for you based upon ICTs teachings. There has been some big changes with this update, the most notable of all is the ability to select between 3 different entry models. The continuation entry, the reversal entry and the classic entry (do not select all fvg - this trad
Tailored for traders with smaller accounts, this EA offers an opportunity to witness prudent profits while maintaining a cautious and controlled trading strategy. Chart Timeframe: 5-Minute Market: EUR/USD Trading Days: Monday to Friday Key Features: Profitable and Responsible: The "Dollar Trader" EA brings you the best of both worlds – profitability and risk management. Its algorithm strikes a fine balance between seizing opportunities and protecting your investment, ensuring that you can expe
SMA5_SMA10_SMA55三均线系统,均线相互交叉,发送通知到手机 MT4 APP, 同时电脑桌面客户端也会发出警报通知。 注意:这个EA不会帮你下单交易,只会在均线交叉,即关键位置转向的时候给你发出警告,特别是手机通知,方便没时间盯盘的交易员放心出门,同时不会错过关键位置的转向,收到通知,打开手机APP就能处理头寸。是否变动头寸仓位,依然是要由自己判断。 均线的交叉往往意味着趋势的转向和启动,震荡的关键位置,请结合自我经验,以及趋势位置形态,多方位判断操作。 比如: MA5从下往上穿插MA10,则会向手机MT4 APP发出通知,提示多头有启动迹象,若有空单在手提示减仓。 MA5从上往下穿插MA10,则会向手机MT4 APP发出通知,提示空头有启动迹象,若有多单在手提示减仓。 -- MA10从下往上穿插MA55,则会向手机MT4 APP发出通知,提示多头启动,若有空单在手必须清仓,并且开多头。 MA10从上往下穿插MA55,则会向手机MT4 APP发出通知,提示空头启动,若有多单在手必须清仓,并且开空头。 -- MA5穿插MA55同理 -- 预祝:交易之路长虹! SMA5_SMA
AI Sonic R Trader
Dang Khoa Nguyen
AI Sonic R Trader - Intelligent Automated Trading Product for MT4 Dear valued customers, We are incredibly proud to introduce AI Sonic R Trader, an intelligent and efficient Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the MT4 platform, developed by the KPRO team. This product has been created to provide you with top-quality automated trading capabilities in the financial markets. The combination of the Sonic R Trader strategy and the advancements of artificial intelligence lays the foundation for the
MT4 EA Product - AI PowerTrend Intelligence Dear valued customers, We are excited to introduce to you the MT4 Expert Advisor (EA) product "AI PowerTrend Intelligence" - a powerful tool designed for the MT4 trading platform. This EA is developed with the aim to provide intelligent and high-performance trading in the financial markets. Key Features: Intelligent Indicators: The product utilizes various technical indicators such as Exponential Moving Averages (EMA), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bo
Support and resistance level indicator based on the Donchian channel. The most famous example of trading through the Donchian channel is an experiment with a group of turtles, who earned one hundred and twenty-five million dollars in five years. This indicator can be used as a standalone tool, as well as an additional confirmation. There is MTF,  NRP. There are color and thickness settings.
There are only a limited number of copies left, priced at 390   USD .  After that, the price will be raised to 450 USD. I develop honest Indicators and know what can work in the market in the long term and what cannot. The classic and most powerful price action pattern is called the pin bar. This pattern works well after the release of fundamental news on M15, M30 and H1 timeframes, but can also be used on other timeframes such as M5 or D1. By default, the settings are set for the H1 timeframe,
Hey traders, it's easy for you to find when to buy or sell signals. Can be used for all forex pairs including gold. How to use this indicator on the M30 or H1 timeframe, for a buy signal, wait until an up arrow appears and for a sell signal, wait for a down arrow, place a stop loss 5-10 points below the arrow. Better trading time on the London and New York sessions and avoid trading when there is news. Happy Trading
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
The MOST indicator is a very popular indicator used on other platforms, especially for stocks and indices. The basis is moving averages and high - low levels. It may be appropriate to use the percentage input as 2 for stocks and indices, and 1 - 1.5 for forex instruments. You can make your own adjustment for each instrument. It is an easy to use, simple and plain indicator. It is more common in 1-hour and daily charts. For now, I have only edited for MT4 platform, if there is a request for MT5,
A trader's assistant that closes positions in parts with a simple trail to take the optimal profit size when the price of the symbol moves towards the position (s). Initially, the stop loss is moved to breakeven + (the so-called breakeven greed level) - this is when the price closes the stop-loss position during the reverse movement and as a result some profit will still be received. Further, while maintaining the movement in the direction of the position, it is closed in parts on price rollback
Thushara Dissanayake
Introducing PivotXpert , an advanced Multichart indicator designed to enhance your pivot point strategy. Unlock its potential effortlessly, with an intuitive interface that makes pivot trading a breeze. PivotXpert's Multichart Mode simplifies your trading by drawing pivot lines on all open charts. Calculate remaining pips to each level effortlessly using the CalculatePips feature, fine-tuning your strategy with ease. Customize your approach with Pivot Timeframe, aligning your strategy with
Hello, Are you searching for an optimal solution to generate profits from the financial market on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform? Introducing "Sonic R Non Repaint Smart" – an intelligent trading system that brings accuracy and efficiency to traders. Introduction to "Sonic R Non Repaint Smart": "Sonic R Non Repaint Smart" is a robust trading indicator built upon the highly regarded Sonic R trading strategy. We proudly offer a solution that not only helps you accurately identify market trends but
TPS DynamicFX Pro EA: Revolutionizing Forex Trading with AI Precision Unlock the future of forex trading with the TPS DynamicFX Pro EA, a groundbreaking expert advisor meticulously designed to navigate the complexities of the financial markets with unmatched accuracy and efficiency. Harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence, this EA is the ultimate tool for both novice traders seeking consistent profits and seasoned professionals aiming to enhance their trading strategies. Minimum
Timeframe:  M1 Recommended currency pairs:    EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, USDCAD, AUDCAD, CHFJPY, EURCHF, USDJPY. The latest development from the team of Varko Group Inc. A multi-currency trading Expert Advisor whose strategy is based on low volatility at night. The EA does not use high risk grid, martingale or averaging strategies. Each position is insured by a virtual stop loss. An adaptive transaction tracking algorithm is used. Also a unique development, support of transactions when ex
MoningLowrRisk Angel We trade as gentle as an angel. First entry only from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Please put the difference between server time and Tokyo time in the time difference parameter. (XM,GEMFOREX>7,exness>9, winter time) 15,000 yen 0.01 lot high risk recommended. 30,000 yen 0.01 lot middle risk. 100,000 yen 0.01 lot low risk. You can try from a small amount, and since you can put up a large percentage of your money, the profit is quite large in spite of the low risk.
Hidden Gap by MMD MT4
Mariusz Maciej Drozdowski
Hidden Gap by MMD Hidden Gap by MMD is a unique indicator that detects hidden gaps between three consecutive candles. This observation isn't my own, but in the MMD methodology, it has its application alongside other original indicators. You can apply this indicator to the chart multiple times and set the interval from which you want to see the hidden gaps. You can show or hide these gaps as needed. For example, you can view the chart at an M5 interval and see hidden gaps from an M15 chart, etc.
Fully Automated EA Running Jakarta At Night Jakarta At Night is the dynamic grid system . Supported currency pairs: All Forex Pair Recommended Timeframe: M15 [Low Risk] or M30 [High Risk] Live Performance Features: One Chart Setup: you only need one chart to trade all symbols Multiple currency pairs support or single pair only Requirements The EA is NOT sensitive to spread and slippage. But I advise using a good ECN broker The EA should run on a VPS continuously , I advise to using a
This is a combination of multiple oscillators into a single divergence system that creates the impression of a more reliable divergence indicator. It is multi-currency based and works best on 15 minutes timeframe and above. Every time a signal is generated, it shows an alert to the user. It is more ideal if combined with other price action indicators or trading systems.
TPS Gold Scalper Pro EA - Your Ultimate Scalping Solution Introducing the TPS Gold Scalper Pro EA, your advanced and powerful tool for successful scalping in the forex market. Designed to capitalize on short-term price fluctuations, TPS Gold Scalper Pro brings precision and efficiency to your trading strategy. Whether you're an experienced trader or just starting out, this expert advisor can help you achieve consistent profits through its innovative features and intelligent algorithms. Minimum
RSI Speed mw
Forex Indicator "RSI SPEED" for MT4 - great predictive tool! The calculation of this indicator is   based on equations from physics . RSI SPEED is the   1st derivative of RSI   itself  RSI SPEED is   good for scalping entries   into the direction of main trend Use it   in combination   with suitable   trend indicator , for example HTF MA (as on pictures) RSI SPEED indicator shows how fast RSI itself changes its direction    - it is very sensitive   It is recommended to use RSI SPEED indicator fo
Dbot FX
Micheal Omage
Dbot FX is a forex robot that is available on Metatrader 4. It trades based on trend direction and takes profit when the market starts to consolidate. Dbot FX can also run on daily trade and swing trade, but it will only work for currency pairs that are paired with USD. Dbot FX is a powerful tool that can help you to automate your forex trading and  make more profits. It is easy to use and does not require any prior knowledge of forex trading. Here are some of the key features of Dbot FX: I
Welcome to the "Keltner Amplified Breakout" Indicator Are you searching for a powerful and effective trading tool on the MT4 platform? Let us introduce you to the "Keltner Amplified Breakout" Indicator. Designed to help you capture potential trading opportunities, this indicator offers the perfect blend of high performance and user-friendliness. Key Advantages: Identify Strong Trends: This indicator utilizes Keltner channels and fractal signals to identify robust upward or downward trends in
**"Support and Resistance Breakout" Indicator for MetaTrader 4 (MT4)** Hello traders and investors on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, We are excited to introduce to you the "Support and Resistance Breakout" indicator - a powerful tool designed for MT4 that helps you capitalize on trading opportunities involving support and resistance breakouts effectively and confidently. **Overview:** The "Support and Resistance Breakout" indicator is a custom tool built on the MetaTrader 4 platform,
EA Black Spark
Suparma Suparma
Introducing Black Spark - Your Path to Informed Investing. Investment decisions can often feel overwhelming for investors. However, with Black Spark, you can seize control and make well-informed choices. Our cutting-edge system is designed to provide you with up-to-the-minute information by analyzing vast amounts of real-time market data. Through advanced algorithms, we identify patterns and trends, delivering personalized recommendations that align with your unique investment preferences. Our a
he expert works on the RSI levels on the previous candle With some digital way to enter the deal On the five minute frame Work on currency pairs only Do not use TakeProfit or Stop Loss How the expert works It is placed on the three currency pairs GBPUSD GBPJPY GBP AUD Same settings without changing anything When he works, he will work on only one currency of them until it closes on a profit Profit is only seven points Please watch the video Explains how the expert works. Max Spread = 0.3 Broker
Vitalii Volkov
GameMaker - Automated Trading Robot for EUR/USD on MetaTrader 4. GameMaker is a reliable and user-friendly trading robot designed to help you trade effectively on the EUR/USD market using Bollinger Bands and Moving Average indicators. The robot is tailored for the 15-minute timeframe , providing swift and accurate signals for successful trades. Key Features: Automated Trading : GameMaker employs cutting-edge algorithms to analyze the market and make trading decisions, freeing you from the need
TPS GBP & EUR Scalper Pro EA: Unleash the Power of Precision Scalping Experience the cutting-edge of scalping technology with the TPS GBP & EUR Scalper Pro EA. This expert advisor is meticulously designed to capitalize on micro market movements in the GBP and EUR currency pairs, offering you unparalleled precision and profitability in your trading. Ultra-Fast Execution: The TPS GBP & EUR Scalper Pro EA operates with lightning speed, executing trades in the blink of an eye. Take advantage of
Plug and Play
Bogdan Mihail Moise
BM Plug&Play Easy to use, convenient and efficient!  No input from you required,  no messing with settings or optimization processes ,   just attached on chart and let it do its magic. Recommended Time Frame: Day (This expert advisor works on all timeframes, but it’s build with the daily one in mind); Account balance: it doesn't matter, but I recommend at least 1000 EUR or 1500 USD; Tested and optimized currency pairs: EURUSD; EURCHF; EURJPY; EURAUD;   EURCAD; EURNZD; USDCHF; USDCAD; USDJPY;
Forex Indicator  " Hammer and Shooting Star pattern" for MT4 Indicator  " Hammer and Shooting Star pattern "  is very powerful indicator   for Price Action trading :    No repaint, No delays; Indicator   detects bullish Hammer and bearish Shooting Star patterns  on chart: Bullish   Hammer  - Blue arrow signal on chart (see pictures) Bearish  Shooting Star  - Red arrow signal on chart (see pictures) P C, Mobile & Email alerts   are included Indicator  " Hammer and Shooting Star pattern"  is excel
Ilan Gold H1
Andrey Kozak
Ilan Gold H1 is an enhanced version of the famous Ilan robot designed for the XAUUSD currency pair. This robot is highly optimized for trading gold. The recommended timeframe is H1. The robot actively opens trades throughout the day and closes open orders either using Take Profit or by averaging the overall profit of the grid orders. It uses signals from multiple technical indicators for market entry. Advantages of the robot: Optimized for XAUUSD. Compatible with all brokers offering XAUUSD with
Introduction Forex Martingale Multi Swap, the expert who focus on positive swap rates. This expert only trades in the direction of positive swaps in order to avoid negative charges and this in turn means that if the order were to be exposed to overnight swap interest fees, these will always be positive and you gain extra from this. The expert is of the multi-trade type and handles up to 28 Forex major/minor symbols at once from a single diagram, which makes it very efficient and easy to read. A
Price 177 is set for a limited time then price 315 The uniqueness of this expert is that he uses one common set. for most Expert Advisors, this is not applicable and will not work because most Expert Advisors have either sets that you can download yourself or embedded in the code for each currency pair. This Expert Advisor uses only 1 set for all 20 currency pairs. the adviser can work with a small deposit starting from $50. I differ from many developers in that I continue. improve yo
Gold Island EA
Md Atiqul Islam
Gold Island is an Expert Advisor that make your trading very smooth and safe. Following features has been added to the EA. Feature :  Risk management in percent of total balance  Take profit points Martingale methods Close trade in average profit Low drawdown Parameters: Take profit = Points to take profit & close trades Trade distance=  From how far away the 2nd, 3rd trade to be opened. Starting lots= Trade size to be open at starting. Multiplier value= How frequently trade size should be incre
RSI 2 Period Trading Strategy
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
Este robot de trading de Forex ha sido desarrollado por MRBEAST como una herramienta para facilitar el trading intradía. Tenga en cuenta que el uso de este robot implica ciertos riesgos y no garantiza ganancias consistentes en el mercado de divisas. El robot de trading se basa en algoritmos y estrategias que he diseñado, los cuales se han creado utilizando mi conocimiento y experiencia en el campo del trading. Sin embargo, el rendimiento pasado no garantiza resultados futuros, y el mercado de Fo
Premium AI
Steve Zoeger
Welcome to the Premium AI EA =============================================================================================== This Robot is based on minimum 12 Indicators and will generate long term profit.  You can also join the Telegram group TRY IT ON 4H https://t.me/joinchat/UATYdB2oNJg29xfKqg81gg =============================================================================================== This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. The Robot works also on cen
"TPS Manual & Auto Trading EA: Your Ultimate Trading Partner This is Plug on Play to enjoy Manual Trading Management , Mobile Trading :- install on vps after  Use this ea work with mobile . Take your trading experience to the next level with the TPS Manual & Auto Trading EA – the perfect blend of human expertise and automated precision. Seamless Transition: Seamlessly switch between manual and automated trading modes to match your preferred trading style and market conditions. Retain co
CJ optionsss
Sayan Vandenhout
EA Can MT4
Yat Wa Hung
EA CAN This EA is used to trade Forex and Gold with Martingale Strategy. Please send message to me after you purchase this EA. I will send the presets to you, including: CAD, AUD, NZD, EUR, XAU etc. Points to note during the setting: Use M15 Chart Min. USD3000 per each currency If you want to lower the risk and trade automatically, please use reserve USD10,000 per each currency.  Signal for your reference: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1756938
Introducing TPS Bengal Tiger EA: Unleash the Fierce Power of the Market Roar into the world of forex trading with the TPS Bengal Tiger EA, your ultimate companion for conquering the financial markets. Just like the majestic Bengal Tiger, this expert advisor is designed to prowl the trading landscape with precision and strength. Ferocious Performance: TPS Bengal Tiger EA combines cutting-edge algorithms with a predator's instinct, swiftly navigating the volatile forex terrain to seize profit
TPS Zero Scalper EA is a high-performance automated trading solution meticulously engineered to excel in rapid-paced market conditions. Built by the experts at Trading Public School, this EA is specifically designed for scalpers seeking precision and speed in their trading strategies. With TPS Zero Scalper EA, you gain access to a powerful algorithm that swiftly identifies micro-market trends and price differentials. The EA's lightning-fast execution and advanced risk management tools allow y
"TPS Smart Trade Pro EA is a sophisticated and versatile trading tool meticulously crafted to elevate your trading experience. This expert advisor offers a wide array of advanced features, including intelligent trade entry and exit strategies, dynamic lot sizing, adjustable stop loss and take profit levels, and the option to employ a trailing stop for optimal risk management. Designed by trading experts at Trading Public School, TPS Smart Trade Pro EA seamlessly integrates with your trading p
Introducing the POWER TRADE indicator created by a small group of traders with a few years trading trading the financial market profitably . This is a plug and play indicator that provides you with  POWERFUL Entry signals with Profit Taking and rebound zones. The indicator Works with all MT4 trading instruments. The indicator uses previous  chart data as receipt to speculate on future market moves. The Power signals occurs on all timeframes. Though the signals occur more often on smaller tim
GJ Options
Sayan Vandenhout
Candlestick pattern indicator - display found candlestick patterns on the chart. MT5-version:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/103134 Bearish patterns: Bearish Pattern Designations Pattern name SS Shooting     Star STR(S) Evening     Star DJ(E)     Evening     Doji Star DC Dark Cloud     Veil BEP Bearish Engulfing Bullish patterns: Designation of bullish patterns Pattern name HMR Hammer pattern STR(M) Morning     Star DJ(M) Morning     Doji     Star PRL Piercing     Line BEP Bulli
Hello Dear Trader, Today Im Telling You About The "Golden Scalp System V1 " Metatrader4 Golden Scalp System Scalper with EMA   This is a  Scalper strategy   based on ( Exponential moving average) EMA . Time frame: H1 Pair: EUR/USD, GBP/USD,AUD/USD XAU/USD Platform Mt4   Indicators for Scalper with Ema: 300  EMA (Exponential Moving Average) ; 500 EMA (Expontial Moving Average); Stochastic   (5,3,3)   Long Entry 1) 300  EMA   > 500  EMA . 2) Find significant levels of support. 3) Wait for
EP48 SMA Double
Miss Nathita Kaenmun
This EA Optimize for EURUSD with Time frame 1 Hrs. Indicator and System trend 1. Used 2 EMA for confirm Trend 2. Used Price action cross above for entry  3.Open another when same Item1,2  4.Have closed all 5.Used fix lot and second order can adjust  Average open  1-3 Order /Month DD independent for Lot start and Lot X I will training and review How to work EA 1 hrs. for your understanding. This EA make for manual trade if you understand staggery you Can trade by you manual trade.
Easy RSD
Shipra Bhatia Tewani
Using Standard Deviation but not sure if the Standard Deviation is high or low?  eRSD or Easy Relative Standard Deviation comes to your help. Using this you can get a ratio of Standard Deviation to Moving Average and make a good judgement about whether the Standard Deviation is useful or not. Just add it to the chart and use it away - it supports all periods and moving average calculation methods through the input parameters.
**Introducing the Binary Smart System: Your Ultimate Trading Companion** The Binary Smart System is not just an indicator; it's a sophisticated trading tool meticulously designed to empower traders with pinpoint accuracy and timely signals across various markets. Built on a foundation of cutting-edge algorithms and an exhaustive collection of technical indicators, this system is your key to unlocking trading success. **Indicator Components:** 1. **Moving Average Percentage (MAP):** This c
Marco Fornero Monia
PowerXXX measures the power of the current candlestick and displays it in numerical format and colors. The indicator can cover multiple timeframes and can be placed on the main chart or on the charts of the underlying indicators. The number of timeframes is selectable, as well as the color levels according to the power expressed. In the latest version, the power can be expressed as a function of the opening of the candle itself or as a function of the opening of the total candles before. There
The Visual Result Calculator Indicator is a powerful tool designed to enhance your trading experience on the MetaTrader platform. This intuitive and user-friendly indicator allows you to visualize potential profits or losses on a trading chart, helping you make better-informed decisions and manage your trades with precision.  The Indicator displays a dynamic line on the trading chart, representing the potential profit or loss of a trade based on the start and end of the line.  Simply click and d
This indicator is very advanced. I dare say that there is no second indicator in the world that describes false breakthroughs so accurately. When the market hits a certain level three times in a row, the market will first break through this level and then return to the inside of the horizontal line. At this time, our indicator will send a signal to alarm that this is a standard fake breakthrough, the index has not been redrawn, the signal has not been delayed, and everything is true and reliable
This is an advanced index algorithm, it provides a very accurate top-bottom signal, it will not frequently appear the wrong signal during the trend, this index does not have any redrawing, drift, or lag behavior. When this signal appears on the chart, it means that the market is about to reverse, or that a period of trend market is over, and then the market will be transformed into a consolidation market, and this indicator does not need to adjust the parameters.   It applies to any currency pai
Designed with advanced algorithms and utilizing deep learning technology, our Haiau Capital MT4 (EA) is crafted to assist you in the intricate world of forex trading. The system analyzes market behaviors and conducts transactions based on specific criteria, empowering you to engage with market trends more effectively. With the backing of nearly a decade of data, the EA employs deep learning to examine past market conditions, aiming to provide enhanced decision-making. Recommendations: Cur
Hi, let me explain about this EA. This EA is used to trade news with very high news strength. I have attached a brief video of how the EA works. This EA will start opening orders by Enter the time for the EA to start and can choose the first order for the EA to open the order, then the EA will calculate the lot and open the order, this EA is used to calculate the total distance from the ATR indicator. such as Stoploss, Trailingstop, etc. * This EA is compared to playing the lottery in principl
Introducing the "Ultimate Non Repaint Smart" Indicator - An intelligent non-repaint trading system. Product Overview: The "Ultimate Non Repaint Smart" Indicator is a powerful tool designed for traders on the MT4 platform, assisting in optimizing market analysis and trade decision-making. With the combination of various indicators and smart systems, this indicator not only helps identify potential buy and sell points but also provides reliable trading signals. Key Features: Non-Repaint S
This EA will set your TPs and SLs for you fully automatic. With this EA you will have the option to choose to use a TP/SL in Pips, Points or in Money . If you choose a TP that is below the current open price, the EA will close your order because it's already past the TP you set. Same goes for SL in reverse order. This is very simple and straightforward to use and you can also choose to apply TP/SL to only the pair where the EA is attached to or a specific magic number . Suggestions and requests
Easy Scalp EA
Mikhail Kornilov
Easy Scalp is a classical indicator-based scalping EA, which can be easily optimized for every currency pair. The EA always places fixed stop loss and take profit and doesn’t use averaging. 2 copies are left for $69. The next price is $89. Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2026299 Advantages Doesn’t use dangerous strategies Can work with small deposit Doesn’t sensitive to spread Fast optimization Fixed stop loss Requirements Minimal deposit : 10$ Account type: any, ECN is preferred Cur
CCI Robot
Suriya Thammalungka
CCI Robot is a trading robot that mainly uses the CCI indicator to trade signals, including Money   management and placing orders with Oversold, Overbought, Level Trading, and Grid distance. And can trade with Money Management with Martingale recovery loss to profitable or Fix each lot size depending on each trading style. for flexibility in Money   management. The Trading algorithms. 1. Trade according to CCI signal. 2. Open order two ways that trading both BUY and SELL. 3. Open orders with
TrendPadPRO MT4
Andrei Vasilescu
I. TrendPadPRO - Unveiling   the Context of Informed Trend Trading   The Context of Trend Trading is far more relevant and important than indicators, timeframes, personal perspectives or beliefs.   TrendPadPRO 's unique features, including trend inertia (age) analysis, trend direction identification, and precise S/R levels, bring the knowledge of the  Context of Trend Trading  needed to make decisions in real time. II. Usability of TrendPadPRO    TrendPadPRO is a trading tool designed to cate
Cable Champ
Perpetual Chinemerem Vincent
Introducing "Cable Champ" - Your GBPUSD Swing Trading Expert Advisor for MT4! BACKGROUND: Step into the rich historical significance of the GBPUSD currency pair, affectionately known as "Cable." Dating back to the early 20th century, the name originated from exchange rates transmitted via a transatlantic cable between London and New York. Today, GBPUSD remains a global powerhouse, linking the British Pound (GBP) and the US Dollar (USD) as one of the most actively traded pairs in the forex m
Golden Asset Edges
Godwin Onungwe Oluka
Golden Asset Edges  NOTE: The given price is for the first 10 downloads only and after which, the price will increase. Golden Asset Edges trades based on the combination of all know breakout strategies to produce consistent profit even with a small account size. It doesn't use any dangerous trading methods and each trade is protected by stoploss and takepofit. Golden Asset Edges is a multi timeframe, trend and level trading robot, which trade
EA specially made for currency pair XAUUSD. It uses artificial intelligence and complex mathematical operations, all with the goal of as little risk as possible and constant profit. I am an electrical engineer and a professor of informatics, so everything with me is calculated to the maximum and there must be no mistakes. The EA will provide mathematically processed information with the aim of as little risk as possible, , and if you wish, you can increase the Lot in order to achieve the desired
Currency Strength MA
Vitor Palmeira Abbehusen
Strength of 8 popular currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, CHF, JPY) is calculated from 28 pairs of Forex market following a Moving Average with custom period and method. You can use it by adding 2 indicators to the chart of Forex pair based on the pair currencies and use it as a confirmation on your strategies. Currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, CHF, JPY Inputs: Currency: 1 of the 8 currencies MA Period: Period of Moving Average MA Method: Method of Moving Average (SMA, EMA, S
The ten moving average expert advisor is an idea worth trying. Instead of trading in one unified contract, I tried to divide it into ten parts, each part linked to a moving average, starting from moving average 10 to 100. You can change the settings of the movers according to your desire Be sure that in the sideways direction, not all of your deals will be losing. Rather, a number of deals will be profitable and others will be losers, and perhaps a tie, and this is good. The big surprise is tha
Market killer
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Market Killer EA is very smart , EA enters the market after Fundamentals and technical analysis., it’s 100% automatic The indicators used in this expert have nothing to do with the standard indicators in the market and are completely derived from strategy , Day trading Style and All types of brokers also work and are accepted. Live signal performance    :   Click Here -fandamental : news filter -technical analysis : many indicators patterns  deposit minimum :   3000 Time Frame : M15 Currenc
Holiday Space Pacific Ocean  is a fully automatic trading system. The Expert Advisor trades according to a classic strategy based on the level of fair prices. This system has proven itself positively, having passed the crises of 2008 and 2018, the COVID-19 pandemic, and is now showing successful results. Before purchasing a Trading Advisor, check out the trading history of this strategy at real account and subscribe to the trading signal! Monitoring of trading on this trading system on a rea

MetaTrader Market - trading robots and technical indicators for traders are available right in your trading terminal.

The MQL5.community payment system is available to all registered users of the MQL5.com site for transactions on MetaTrader Services. You can deposit and withdraw money using WebMoney, PayPal or a bank card.