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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 121

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Currently set files are available for the following currencies: EURUSD H4 USDJPY H4 NZDUSD H4 AUDUSD H4 AUDCAD H4 CADCHF H4 More sets will come for wheat, gasoline, and other commodities) (All pairs were tested for 7,5 years with 99.9% every tick data, More come soon for minor and exotic pairs) Package Contains: --Full EA with all adjustable settings and parameters to tweak or optimize. --It uses the NomadTrader Money Management system with Dynamic exit strategy based on unique Price Action P
349.75 USD
Gold Rush Pro MT4
Pham Quoc Khanh
5 (3)
Currently EA has been updated to the new version on Group Gold Rush Pro MT4 (GRP-MT4) Join and follow EA GRP-MT4!!! X "NOT ACCEPTANCES A SELLER LIKE THIS!" X Buyer has been complaining loudly for the past months... It's really shocking to hear that :( I don't know what I did wrong... Until Buyer continued: "THIS GOOD PRODUCT, WHY DON'T HAVE ANY MORE?" I don't know whether to laugh or cry =]] Because... I'm faithful! :) Like other Sellers, I can also launch more products, more types and more me
699 USD
This EA is breakout trading expert. It  is trading on key levels and strong trending market. This isn’t hedgin or grid EA. - EA is used on XAUUSD, BTCUSD, ETHUSD pairs.   - Timeframe is used by EA is H1. - Orderplace and Mordifier at 30 minutes St or H1 candle’s close time. - EA should running on 1000 USD or lager. Risk management methods this strategy used by “AverLossPerTrade” setting, and it should be 50USD (or 5% of Account size). - EA should be use with low spread Broker.
350 USD
Thunder Dragon EA
Evgenii Filippov
The Expert Advisor is able to trade in two modes, one transaction is always open, the parameter: Logic = SWING: If a buy order is closed with a minus on Stoploss, a sell order is opened after it. Logic = ONEWAY (By trend): If a buy order is closed with a minus on Stoploss, a buy order is opened after it. The Increase StopLoss parameter allows the next order to open with an increased Stoploss (Stoploss was 100 points on the next order, you can add 50 points to it and Stoploss will be 150
30 USD
Trading Indicator Lab's Volume by Price is a volume-based indicator for MT4 that reveals price levels with the most and least volume for each bar within a given period. How It Works You can think of the indicator as a running volume profile that displays the most voluminous price level and the price level that has the least volume. For each bar, the indicator calculates the volume vertically in the price axis. As this is calculated, the indicator creates 2 signals: (1) a large red dot which repr
149 USD
Trading Indicator Lab’s Candle Volume Heatmap for MT4 merges volume with price by applying gradient-colored dots on the bars. It can also detect bars that have the most volume and the least volume. Gradient Coloring When applied to a chart, the Candle Volume Heatmap indicator applies colored dots to each bar which may vary according to its volume. The chart becomes a heatmap where you can easily spot which parts of the bar history are “hottest” or the bars that had the greatest number of volume
149 USD
Trading Indicator Lab’s Trend Navigator for MT4 is an indicator that can help you reveal the underlying trends in any chart on any timeframe. Determining Trends It only takes a minute or two to analyze the indicator with its simple yet insightful methods of representing bullish, bearish and ranging price action across the chart. It forms a single line that runs in 3 directions: Upward direction – represents a significant bullish price action Horizontal direction – represents ranging price action
197 USD
・ Overview and required environment Generates a duplicate of the limit order reservation for only one order, either a manual order or an order placed from another tool or service. For analysis that makes an order decision, please do your best by yourself, such as collecting materials, guiding rules of thumb, and using other analysis tools and EA together. ・ Installation and operation after installation Easy to deploy. As an "EA that can be bought and sold automatically", just operate it on an
30 USD
An idea of testing hedge EA in the strategy tester will be given in this article. As you know, the strategy tester has its own limit unabling to open any order for another symbol. Every user that would like to test his/her own hedge Expert Advisors needs to test it/them live only. But does this limit our capabilities? I am sure that every hedge trader needs to test his own EA before trading live. So, I am giving the idea of generating a virtual strategy testing behavior (tester-like) to you all
200 USD
CFF Pro Trader
Abdullah Mohamed
CFF Pro Trader  CFF Pro Trader is the best trading system you will ever find when you want to follow the right & the real direction of the market, It’s providing marvelous trading signals based on such and amazing algorithm.   *** 2 Copies left for next price $4100 ***   Our MQL5 Channel                                                                                           
313 USD
MACD strategies EA is a EA that can support multiple MACD strategies. Purchasing this EA can save you the time taken to automate your existing MACD strategy through coding a custom EA and it also helps you discover profitable MACD strategies as its fully compatible with the strategy tester and all settings are editable. The EA supports both scalping, short term and long term strategies. The various supported settings are explained below: NOTE:   The default settings in the EA are simply place ho
40 USD
AC Scalper
Pham Duy Dat
AC SCALPER   is the advanced scalping EA. This strategy is pullback trading system.  The system use base indicator (RSI, CCI, ATR...) with multi timeframe to find entry points. If first deal not good, the system will find next entry point to recovery position (use advanced grid system). EA only trade when the probability of earning is high. EA don't open trade everyday. AC SCALPER  was tested and have good results since 2010 to now. Live Signal   >>>  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1469974 Only
499 USD
Joshua Iyanuoluw Adedeji
The Chop Exploder indicator is a custom indicator that has a long run, tight chop, short chop, and band colour. This indicator has MT4 alert notification,mobile notification, and email notification. The default indexing of all arrays and indicator buffers is left to right. The index of the first element is always equal to zero. Thus, the very first element of an array or indicator buffer with index 0 is by default on the extreme left position, while the last element is on the extreme right posit
150 USD
Easily track how the price moves in a separate indicator window with this trend indicator. Great for scalping or long-term trading. Helps you find best entry points for your trades after reaching a certain level, and easily identify where you can exit your trades. This indicator can be used on all time frames and pairs. Features alert function. No need to set up the indicator. How to use: Simply attach to any chart. NB : Look to the extreme zones (oversold/overbought) when looking for new tra
39 USD
RSI MA Alert
Santi Dankamjad
Indicator MT4 : RSI MA is Moving average of strength index Objective : Find entry price for the good trade How to set up indicators RSI MA : 1. RSI period 14. 2. MA you can set calculate price and method price. 3. MA period 9. 4. Arrow setting : 6 types. 5. Alert setting : Next bar or Instant bar. 6. Choose display for 1 or 2 calculation by formula. How to trade for success : Entry point : Buy / Long position 1. When arrow up direction show 2. TP : RSI OVB Entry point : Sell / Short posi
60 USD
Inficator MT4 : HiLo Objective : Find Support and Resistance zone How to set up Indicator   HiLo : 1. Indicators type multi time frame are MN1 W1 D1 H4. 2. Customize for use MN1 only or W1 only or D1 only or H4 only or open all. 3. We use MN1 and W1 for set to Key level. 4. For Close price or Open price to high price set for  Resistance zone. 5. For  Close price or Open price to Low price set for  Support zone. How to trade for success : Entry point : Buy / Long position 1. Price bid hit the
50 USD
Master Point is an indicator set that includes the most powerful and necessary tools for a trader, giving that very edge in the markets to be successful. An indicator that has an elegant and complete system that works very well in all markets (Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices) helps to find the best reversal points. It has tools such as trend reversal detection, pivot points, divergences, currency strength and 'candle strength'. All this makes the indicator a complete tool that does not require a
150 USD
Ilan Dynamic Deluxe is a intraday trading expert. The well-known Ilan Dynamic served as the basis for creating a trading robot. The logic of entry along the trend and on pullbacks has been changed. Transactions are opened and closed within a day, without transferring positions to the next day. Timeframe: M5 - H1; Currency pairs: any; Model: At opening prices! Works with Market Execution! Main advantages: 1. Works in different phases of the market (Trend, Flat), uses the full power
200 USD
Excellence Code
Nguyen Hang Hai Ha
Excellence Code is a fully automated trading EA for the forex market. In this first release, the EA is specially designed for EURUSD. Other currency pairs will be optimized in the next upgraded versions. EA's unique trading strategy has high accuracy and win rate. The settings have been optimized and simplified for users with small balance. If you have no experience with EA, you just need to set the default. The default setting is the recommended setting. Settings:    Max Spread  = 10 to 30  Fi
30 000 USD
The TickCounter indicator counts up and down ticks on each new bar. The calculation starts from the moment the indicator is placed on the chart. Histogram bars represent: Yellow bars - total number of ticks; Blue bars - ticks UP; Red bars - ticks DOWN. If the blue bar is not visible, then there are more down ticks and the red bar is displayed on top of the blue one (the red layer is above the blue one). MT5 version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/82625 Each reinitialization of th
30 USD
5 (2)
181% Gain on it's 43rd week. You can check Bandwagon Live Account   here *Last 3 slot for $3690. Next price will be $4190 *NOTE: *Telegram Support group is available for all Bandwagon users *Expect a price increase each month *WARNING : SAY NO TO PIRACY. -Be careful of users who are asking to get a copy of bandwagon EA. -Bandwagon can detect piracy and if your account is detected to do such things, I can't promise that the EA will still work the way it should be. Bandwagon Features: Band
4 190 USD
Determine a box according to the trend period (parameter). The larger the period, the larger the box.  If the current price - box bottom > trend spacing (parameter), the current trend is up;  If box top - current price > trend spacing (parameter), the current trend is down. The trend is established, the next step is to determine overbought and oversold.  Uptrend, and oversold, long;  Downtrend, and overbought, short. Overbought and oversold are determined by the oscillation parameters.  Shock pe
200 USD
Hello all The expert works on the intersection of moving averages with a digital method of opening deals With closing deals on a profit of a number of points programmatically With opening deals with the trend and closing some deals together for a profit until all are closed together for a profit The expert works on regular candles. It is possible to experiment on the timing of five minutes, quarter-hour, half-hour or hour parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically c
300 USD
Goblin Gold Scalper
Thi Tra Mi Duong
3.67 (3)
The Goblin Gold Scalper EA is a fully automated trading robot that has been developed over the years. EA's trading strategy has been optimized for Gold with a unique strategy based on Price Action and basic indicators. This is a scalper strategy so it usually trades in a short period of time, trades are closed quickly with Stop Loss and Trailing Stop. EA has optimized settings and now it's simple to use for everyone. You just need to set your Lot Size. Feature:  + Fully automated trading 24/5 w
119 USD
Nasdaq 11
Sami Saydam
New update: 2nd of October 2022 It is very simple automated trader working on NASDAQ100 , USTEC Cash , DJ30 future and US30 Cash on 30 minutes and 1 hour charts on MT4 platforms. It is a combination between Sami Saydam invented indicator   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/87142 which is copyrighted since 2010 under the number 316009 for the owner Sami Saydam and with any MT4 indicator with special setting. The EA is on live trading performance at this link:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals
6 700 USD
Middle Men. Please Note: The latest update (V2.00) supports all symbols and multi Timef rame view. How To Use Suppo rt and  Resistance lines will update eve ry week p r oviding  relevant   tradable levels Vertical line change represents weekly change and update of levels This is not a  repainting indicato r the refo re  even if certain levels are not respected, the lines will not move Use along with you r analysis Next level may be used as a take profit target. You may need to be cautious
72 USD
DreamCather MT4
Sergei Pomytkin
4 (5)
DreamCather EA  -  is an advanced scalping strategy at the close of the US session. The Expert Advisor is a trend scalper, the trade is entered when the main trend rolls back. A set of simple algorithms allows you to achieve stable results over a long period of time and in various phases of the market. This system is focused on long-term growth. The EA does not use dangerous money management systems such as grid or martingale. It uses a fixed stop loss for each position. The EA has been tested
399 USD
This indicator uses local highs and lows of the price series. After highlighting the extrema, their values ​​are smoothed. Thanks to this, two channels are built - external and internal. The inner channel shows the limits if the price movement strictly follows a linear trend. The outer channel shows the boundaries for the price movement with a logarithmic trend. After calculating the channels, the indicator analyzes the real price movement and offers recommendations for opening and closing posi
120 USD
Currency Strength Meter 1:Correctly identifying trends in foreign exchange investments is critical. 2:TrendSymbolOneClick quickly detects and displays trends that have just begun and those that have already been in place for an extended period of time. 3:There is also a USD JPY EUR GBP AUD NZD strength function. 4:Volatility allows you to know exactly when there is a major market move. 5:You can save time in your market analysis by using Trend Symbol One Click. 6:Analysis available from 1 minut
168 USD
" Scalping saham " is a unique, turnkey scalping trading system. It shows the trader when and where to open and close trades. Scalping trading is one of the most effective, but at the same time, the most complex trading systems. Therefore, if you don’t have your own strategy yet, you’d better take a ready-made scalping strategy and work with it. The scalping strategy of this indicator is to determine the direction of the trend with high accuracy, then determine the price reversal points and giv
147 USD
Hello, My name is Callan May i am a forex teacher  from learn to trade with cal, over the past year i have made an expert advisor that is affordable and works extremely well,WILL IT MAKE YOU A MILLIONARE Over night... no but itll make consistant profits month in month out year in year out follow the settings.  it works on the usdchf and eurusd pairs only and the 1hour tf only the settings will change every 1000 dollars profit witch you will do manually, only the volume will change by 0.01 ev
30 USD
Pipsurfer Dashboard
Clinton Keenan Obinna Butler
Pipsurfer Dashboard is a multi-currency multi-timeframe dashboard designed to alert you to where the action is happening in the forex markets. The software trades a trend based price action and market structure strategy.  Assets Supported: All Forex Metals  Indices Major Crypto Major Input Settings: Timeframe Filters - Choose which timeframe you want the Pipsurfer Dashboard to signal you on. Pair Selection - Choose To Follow All Major Pairs And Crosses or have a custom list of your choice Aler
160 USD
MA Head and Grid
Tshivhidzo Moss Mbedzi
For more tools  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mbedzimz1/seller#!category=2 Gridingale   is a new complex  Expert Advisor   that combines   grid   and   martingale . It will create an order grid according to the settings but also add a martingale on it. So it will take   profits   on little and big   movements .  A   loss covering system   is integrated to allow the recovery of orders that are too distant from the current price. It is possible to filter the opening of a new cycle with an
50 USD
In a trend trading system, find the right entry and exit points. In forex trading, a trading strategy is a fixed plan designed to make a decent return by going long or short the market. The main reason a properly researched trading strategy is helpful is because it is verifiable, quantifiable, consistent, and objective. For each trading strategy, you need to define the assets to be traded, the entry/exit points, and money management rules.
50 USD
NEXT PRICE : $799 Monster EA X Gold is a   GOLD   trading expert advisor based on a   strong scalping strategy   in the night when the market volume is low combined with a   strong trade management and execution system. Trading Strategy Monster EA X Gold  trades only on   GOLD   using only   pending orders.   It starts putting pending orders on specific times  with proper Stop Loss   and   Hidden Profit Booking mechanism  when the scalping strategy probability is the highest, it uses combinat
699 USD
George Mankarios
GoldyPLUS had originally been developed to trade only gold (XAUUSD), and nothing else. After seeing that MQL does not accept restrictions, it was re-programmed to be able to trade any currency pair. You can now use it with any pair, but you will find the best results with XAUUSD, since its basic algorithm was designed for gold. If you use it on anything else, we do 'not' expect you will make money (or very little), we say this so that it is clear upfront when you are testing.  Our recommendati
2 000 USD
Hello all The expert works on the intersection of moving averages with a digital method of opening deals With closing deals on a profit of a number of points programmatically With opening deals with the trend and closing some deals together for a profit until all are closed together for a profit The expert works on regular candles. It is possible to experiment on the timing of five minutes, quarter-hour, half-hour or hour parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically c
300 USD
EA theory : 1. Determine the direction of the trend based on the highest and lowest prices of the range 2, In the big trend, according to the small range of the highest and lowest prices, to judge the shock market 3. The end of the big trend correction, that is, the end of the small level range shock, the range of oversold positions to open orders, the range of overbought positions to open orders 4. If the price does not move back to 1/4 of the big trend, you can continue to open positions, with
399 USD
Promining Trend Signal
Rene Taborete Repunte
The Promining Trade Signal indicator will compliment any strategy and can also be used as an independent tool. Benefits  Recommended M30 Timeframe closer view for H1 TF Easy to use; does not overload the graphic with unnecessary information. The ability to use as filter for any strategy. The indicator does not change color after the candle closes.  It work on stock, index, oil,  gold, and on all time frames. It has the function of push-notifications, and sound alerts. Alert - enable/disable al
30 USD
Some Features: - Trend trading, only follow trend. - Day trade EA, never hold the order till next day and weekend. - Would enter the market everyday until the signal.Means maybe 2days a trade. - O nly decide to close order at exact hour such as 1:00,2:00. - The EA stop trading at 18:00 UTC in default setting - The EA is not working if the gold price is under 1650 The strategy was Back-tested Stable from 2020 to 2022 using every tick based on real ticks in MT4 . Live trading is going well on many
399 USD
By TFT Professional - One of our best MT4 products which does not draw or change the positions of the arrows. an arrow appears on the current candle. periods are customizable as well as the color of the arrows. with this indicator you will feel what you need from the market, This is the stability and openness of the market. Multi-timeframe and multi-currency indicator! Test and try it in action! 
620 USD
Rose is Gold
Dmitriy Kashevich
An excellent indicator for those who like fast binary options trading! It works great on m1-m5 timeframes! The periods are customizable, so you can even set up for cryptocurrency, and trade on weekends! You can also customize the color of the arrows! Works on all timeframes! But as stated above, it's better on m1 - m5! Whatever you forget about the signal, it has an alert! Test and try this indicator! If I have questions write, I will gladly listen to suggestions and errors!
250 USD
Sell Signall
Dmitriy Kashevich
This indicator is named so for a reason, because it will show the reverse side of the market. It has several math indicators built in that are tuned to show the best signals for currency pairs! Ideally proved to be in work on the M5-M15 no more and no less! Only at the same time it shows up to 86.5% of correct signals! The settings include the colors of the arrows, the alert, and the same parameters so that you can reconfigure the indicator and trade on cryptocurrency and raw materials!
590 USD
PT Trade
Dmitriy Kashevich
PROFITABLE TRADER is an interesting name for this indicator... And all because it is for a true trader who values ​​his time. It has a built-in Alert and parameters that will make your work easier. Open settings will allow you to set the indicator to any cryptocurrency or just currency. It's better to test and then draw a conclusion .. screenshots will show everything.. good bidding my friend.
250 USD
Hot Option
Dmitriy Kashevich
Great indicator for binary options! Try what he can do! Alert is arranged in it so that you are not late with the signal! You can also customize the periods that suit you! (it is configured for currency pairs) If you want more, you can always reconfigure and use more! arrow indicator that works on several indicators, in the settings you can change the color of the arrows and the period! (repeat) Test it and see it in action!
99 USD
True ATR mt4
Boris Tikhanovich
Всем привет. Представляю Вашему вниманию Индикатор   TRUE ATR для mt4 Так же есть данный индикатор для mt5  https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/82319 Данный индикатор работает на всех рынках. TRUE ATR   высчитывает среднестатистическое движение инструмента за 1 день и показывает сколько в инструменте осталось энергии внутри дня. В отличие от классического индикатора   АТР   которые без разбора учитывает все бары(свечи),   TRUE ATR  при расчете среднестатистического движения инструмента исполь
30 USD
Horizontal tick volumes (HTV) Horizontal tick volumes - an easy and convenient indicator of a horizontal market profile in a user-selected time. Produces a visual image of strong trading levels by maximum peaks past volumes and trading direction by color (sell or buy), and also allows you to detect smaller trading levels by differentiating past volumes. In the "Optimal" mode, when displayed on chart periods up to and including "M30", the data of one-minute bars are used, on H1 and H4 - five-minu
89 USD
Clinton Keenan Obinna Butler
Overview: With so much noise and distraction in the markets I wanted to create clarity for traders to have a simple, efficient, and fun trading experience. This is why I created Pipsurfer. Pipsurfer is an trend following indicator that visually shows you important Institutional Smart Money levels in the market and helps you to trace Market Structure in the markets. Most traders find it difficult to visually see trading elements such as trend, structure and momentum which are key for understandin
350 USD
Gold Crazy EA MT4
Gold Crazy EA   is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for trading Gold H1. It use some indicators to find the good Entry. And you can set SL or you can DCA if you want. It can be an Scalping or an Grid/ Martingale depend yours setting. This EA can Auto lot by Balance, set risk per trade. You also can set TP/ SL for earch trade or for basket of trade. - RSI_PERIOD - if = -1, then the default strategy works, if >0, then the RSI strategy works - MAX_ORDERS - to trade with only 1 order, set the
199 USD
Recurse AI
Denis Iliasov
1 (1)
Recurse AI   is a fully automatic system based on an ensemble of artificial neural networks. The training logic was based on a recursive strategy - the movements on the older time charts depend on the younger charts and vice versa. A distinctive feature of the system       Recurse AI   is to close transactions at the most optimal point without holding them for a long time and safely collect profit from the current market, preventing transactions from going into a long and large drawdown. The Bo
199.99 USD
Dmitriy Kashevich
This indicator has as many dots as a Rollex watch.. Also in the kit we have 3 built-in indicators that are combined and configured in such a way that would give you a profit of 75% and that's not all for your convenience, you can reconfigure it! Initially, it is configured for currency pairs, but if necessary, we can reconfigure it for cryptocurrency and also raw gold, whatever you want! Not just an arrow indicator, but an Alligator in the world of the Market, then you will like how it sh
30 000 USD
Remove comments from MQL4 and MQL5 code with a few mouse clicks using this utility. The utility processes all files in the root directory and in all folders of your project at once. Use the "Remove Comments" to protect your source code before compilation, when you publish the next version of your product in the MQL Market, or when you give an executable file to your customer. You can work with the actual source code of your project in the \MQL4\EXPERTS\ or \MQL4\INDICATORS folders. At the same t
30 USD
Short Seller
Thomas Bradley Butler
OPTIMIZE TO ADJUST RISK This EA was built using EUR/USD .  It sells short and is based on math principles. It can be tried on other assets, just adjust the TP and SL.  Trade according to selling.  Sell the EURO while you are buying the US Dollar.  Use on a demo and VPS, analyze the results according to your risk. The inputs are self explanatory.  This uses percentage of equity.   NOTE:  YOU ACCEPT ALL RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS.  BACKTEST IT,OPTIMIZE IT,STUDY IT, DEMO IT, TRADE SMALL.GO THROGH
30 USD
Gold Plus MT4
Liudmyla Bochkarova
3.22 (9)
Gold Plus is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for XAUUSD trading. It is based on cluster analysis of machine learning and genetic algorithms. The Expert Advisor contains a self-adaptive market algorithm that uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators.  The entry and exit logic works only when a bar closes. It filters market noise, greatly speeds up optimization, avoids stop-loss hunting and ensures correct operation at any broker with a reasonable spread. The Expert Adv
450 USD
PLEASE NOTE:   The "AUTO" function of the EA has NOT yet been activated . It's still ongoing testing. Once it becomes available, clients will get a free upgrade to EA 2.0                        Also .... PLEASE follow the instructions below in order for the functions to work properly. Introduction: The Phoenix Project (EA) Our Expert Advisor is both refined and practical. It is geared towards helping the traders be constantly aware of their risk PER trade while it helps them manage that risk
750 USD
Success Forex
Mr Teerawoot Aonlamool
Way  to success  EA EA used to trade gold, try to get up to 10000 points of chart drag Trade according to trends, use up to 5 indicators to set values. It is a Martingale system. Fixed when the first lot lost by multiplying not over There is a trailing system. Stop comes when there is a profit. Max drawdown only 24.18% Testing Through the Crisis of War Within 6 months the profit reaches 128.74%
330 USD
The market structure reversal alarm indicator detects when a trend or price move is reaching the end of its life cycle and is about to reverse. It warns you when the market structure is changing, which usually happens when a reversal or big downturn is likely to place. When a new high or low is made around a possible exhaustion point, the indicator detects breakouts and price momentum. The indicator draws a histogram when a new high probability trade setup depending on the current trend. Pric
30 USD
Erick Gabriel Palma Montufar
The price is 450$ for next 10 buyers (Remaining copy :10) Next price: 600$ KAPITAL SECURE EA    : I s a fully automated "arbitrage" trading system, which is especially effective in trading popular currency pairs, it uses 11 pairs at the same time: EURCHF, GBPNZD, AUDNZD, NZDUSD, NZDJPY, GBPAUD, EURCAD, EURUSD, EURJPY. In order to pass the MQL4 tests, we have modified the settings, you just need to download our profitable settings that we use on LIVE accounts. LIVE Signals: Capital #1  50K € C
450 USD
Alexsey Krestianchik
5 (1)
Special offer!!! Minimum price for the Expert Advisor (Hot Summer). Limited time! Features of this Expert Advisor - trading strategies builder: 1. It's an opportunity to build a multi-currency strategy and fully automate it. 2. Ability to trade in manual mode or switch to automatic mode when needed with one click. 3. It is possible to set working hours and day of the week for each currency pair separately.  4. Possibility to leave the drawdown by setting everything in one window. 5. Absence
30 USD
Daffa Ramadhani Sukma
IMPUNITY EA Impunity EA runs on RVI, Stoch,MACD, PBSAR, and Moving Average. The EA will do the   MARTINGALE  strategy.  Also this EA can be use to manual trade by clicking the open buy or open sell button and adjust the lot size by your own. Introduction : Checkout my robot performance  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/daffasukma22/seller and read my guide   here After Purchace PM me to get bonus Recommendation : Recommend timeframe M15 and Higher timeframe Minimum Balance for EURUSD/GBPUSD/AUDUS
30 USD
Versatile tool MT4
Kambiz Shahriarynasab
MT5 Version A versatile tool You do not need any other tools with this tool. You can enable or disable all indicators. Their values ​​are adjustable. In the first line you will see a summary of your account status. p: The amount of your profit or loss BP: The amount of your daily profit based on the balance EP: Equity daily earnings WP: Your weekly profit MP: Your monthly profit The next line shows each of the time frames you selected. Chikou: The Chikou process KT: The trend of t
30 USD
Auto channel pro
Somaia Elsayed Ibrahim Elkady
If we take this trend line theory one step further and draw a parallel line at the same angle of the uptrend or downtrend, we will have created a “ channel” . No, we’re not talking about ESPN, National Geographic Channel, or Cartoon Network. These channels aren’t television channels, they’re   trend channels,   sometimes also called   price channels . Still, this doesn’t mean that you should walk away like it’s a commercial break. Channels can be just as exciting to watch as Tiger King or Keepin
50 USD
Candle stick patterns
Somaia Elsayed Ibrahim Elkady
What is a candlestick? A candlestick is a way of displaying information about an asset’s price movement. Candlestick charts are one of the most popular components of technical analysis, enabling traders to interpret price information quickly and from just a few price bars. This article focuses on a daily chart, wherein each candlestick details a single day’s trading. It has three basic features: The body,   which represents the open-to-close range The wick , or shadow, that indicates the intra-d
50 USD
CoPilot Pro EA is an add-on EA to allow Telegram Remote, toggle Auto Trading base on various conditions, and additional Order & Risk Management for other EAs.  Do you have favorite EAs that trade well, and you want additional control over it? Do you run multiple EAs on same account and you need a way to manage Risks and Orders from account level? Do you want to control your EAs and get notifications from Telegram? CoPilot Pro is the best companion for you! IMPORTANT NOTE: CoPilot uses Advance Ch
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Regression channel 1
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Linear Regression Channel The   Linear Regression Channel   is a three-line technical indicator used to analyze the upper and lower limits of an existing trend. Linear regression is a statistical tool used to predict the future from past data. It is used to determine when prices may be overextended. A Linear Regression Channel gives potential buy and sell signals based on price volatility. It consists of three parts: Linear Regression Line Upper Channel Line Lower Channel Line Linear Regression
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Timing indicator
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Timing is a mt4 (MetaTrader 4) indicator and it can be used with any forex trading systems / strategies for additional confirmation of trading entries or exits. The MBFX Timing indicator is a part of the well-known forex “MOSTAFA BELKHAYATE” system. In fact, MBFX Timing indicator could be compared to a classic stochastic oscillator. It works on a similar principle. How to trade with the MBFX Timing Indicator? Look for BUY opportunities when: MBFX Timing indicator reaches the oversold zone (low
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Market Profile auto
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What is a Market Profile? A   market profile   is a set of attributes relating to a target population, and in business, a target group of buyers. These characteristics typically include demographic factors such as income, geographic factors such as region, and psychographic factors such as values. Creating a Market Profile Let's assume a company based in Ohio, Grandma's Pies, is developing their marketing plan for the next year. The marketing plan calls for Grandma's Pies' market profile. Grandm
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Moving averages cross
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Moving average Crossover The moving average crossover strategy is geared toward finding the middle of a trend.  A trend defines price action in which prices move in a specific direction over a period of time.  Generally trends are either upward or downward, as sideways movements are considered consolidation and not trends.  Most of the time, approximately 70%, capital markets trade in tight consolidative patterns and only trend 30% of the time.  With this in mind, it is import to be able to def
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MelBar RealScalper FinTech RoboTrader Version  8.8. MT4 Real-Time Open Candle AutoTrading FinTech RoboTrader with inbuilt Buy/Sell Signal Alerts. Verified by MyFxBook. ONLY ONE (1) TRADER ACCOUNT USER LICENSE PER RENTAL. Try it on your demo account first & settings optimization.  Works on multiple charts. Niche FinTech Democratization Tool & Human Right to Accumulation of Wealth software.  A People's Right to Wealth software. Specifically designed FinTech RoboTrader Expert Advisor
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Demark 1
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The   demark forex trading strategy   is a price action trading system that has really good risk:reward ratio if a trade works out as anticipated. The creator of this trading system is  a guy called   Tom Demark . The demark trading system is actually a   trendline breakout trading strategy   but with a slight variation: the most recent highs (peaks) and lows (troughs) are used to draw the trendlines.   Timeframes: any can be used but I suggest you use 15 minute timeframe and above. Currency Pai
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