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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 121

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
KT All In One Divergence MT4
The KT All-In-One Divergence is designed to identify regular and hidden divergences between the price and 11 widely recognized oscillators. This powerful tool is indispensable for swiftly and accurately spotting market reversals. Its a must-have tool in any trader's arsenal, providing clear and accurate divergence patterns. Its accuracy and speed in identifying market reversals are remarkable, allowing traders to seize profitable opportunities confidently. Features No Interference:   You can a
KT DMA is a modified and advanced version of the classic Displaced Moving Averages with buy/sell crossover alerts and a Multi-Timeframe scanner that shows DMA's direction across each real-time time frame. A Displaced Moving Average is a simple moving average that moves ahead or backward in a time frame (either short-term or long-term). It also allows you to predict price movement more accurately. Features Depicts the trend direction using the alignment of three moving averages. Buy/Sell signa
Eurusd El Combino
Hussein Ali Taha
Introducing our specialized trading product designed for EURUSD currency pair, tailored for the 30-minute timeframe. It contains 4 Strategy to work on the EURUSD pair, each strategy have its own magic number, SL and TP in the options. Inside this Robot, the Experto Advisor exists ( Experto-Robot ) Optimization is key, and we recommend adjusting the settings based on your broker's specifications and trading institution. By default, the settings are fine-tuned for EURUSD on an ECN broker within th
RSI Divegence Win Pro  The RSI Drivergent is the best indicator for looking for price reversals. RSI Drivergent Win Pro has used the strengths and best points of RSI to create in a format for traders to understand more easily. Suitable for beginners and professional traders. Case Up Trend : Blue line is below Yellow line. Case Down Trend : Blue line is abve Yellow line. Usage is very easy. 1. Import the indicator into the MT4 chart. 2. Defind Overbought positions and defind oversold
For the new traders of this strategy please remember the convention: FORWARD trade =  BUY AUDUSD and SELL NZDUSD at equal lot size REVERSE trade = SELL AUDUSD and BUY NZDUSD at equal lot size Risk is mittigated by the opposing nature of the trades, one tends to offset the other almost 70% of the time,  and for when this is not the case we rely on the indicators accordingly - no stops are used in correlation hedge! This is an enhanced oscillator like analysis of the relationship betw
Eurusd Experto
Hussein Ali Taha
Suitable for EURUSD: Timeframe: 30 min. Optimization should be adjusted according to the properties of the broker you are using and your trading institution. Default settings are optimized for EURUSD in an ECN broker for M30 time frame . (Remember, it is necessary to re-optimize your brokers for the settings.) Backtested and forward tested from 2019 till 2023-July with 100% accuracy + Variated Spread. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid . Optimized with i
Hello, I would like to give an example of this EA. From the picture you can see that the EA can spin around 3,500 lots, when taking into account the rebate, you will get about 35,000$ and a little bit of profit during execution. The EA has actually been run as shown in the picture. **You can optimize to get the best value before actually running it.  Thankyou  Excuseme .I'm sorry that I'm not good at English. Therefore, communication may be somewhat wrong. MT5 version  :   https://www.mql5
KT Triple Top Bottom MT4
1 (1)
KT Triple Top-Bottom identifies the triple top/bottom pattern with a breakout signal in the opposite direction. It is used to identify potential trend reversals. A Triple Top pattern is formed when the price reaches a high point three times, while a Triple Bottom pattern occurs when the price comes to a low point three times. Features The indicator detects the triple top/bottom pattern with high precision and accuracy. The indicator suggests a shift in momentum, with sellers or buyers takin
General Usage: You can use this indicator as a reliable confirmation for reversal systems and also as a powerful standalone trading system. It allows you to analyze the probability of a reversal when the price encounters each pivot or support/resistance level. It plays a role similar to divergence or trend continuation brakes. The risk-to-reward ratio of this tool is at least 1 to 2, and in the best-case scenario, with appropriate trailing, it can reach up to 1 to 10. MT5 version Benefits:
Majik Juice MT4
Ebunoluwa Abimb Owodunni
Introducing Majik Juice, a revolutionary expert advisor developed by a team of seasoned traders with a wealth of experience in diverse markets.  Majik Juice   raises the bar for daily trading endeavors, this software employs advanced strategies, harnessing the precision of market volatility to navigate the dynamic landscape of financial markets. NOTICE! Upon completing your purchase, kindly send a private message to receive the installation manual and comprehensive setup instructions. Key Featu
Trend Scalper Arrows    is a unique  trend reversal  100% non-repainting  multi-algo indicator that can be used on all symbols/instruments:   forex,   commodities,   cryptocurrencies,   indices,   stocks .    Trend Scalper Arrows  will determine the current trend at its early stages, gathering information and data from up to 10 standard algos When indicator give a valid buy or sell signal, a corresponding arrow will be printed on the chart, open trade at start of the next candle/bar indicating a
SWING X Black stands as a revolutionary MetaTrader 4 (MT4) indicator, meticulously crafted to cater to both manual and automatic trading in the realms of Binary Options and Forex. Its unparalleled accuracy, coupled with its adaptability to various timeframes, makes it a powerful tool for traders seeking to maximize their profits. SWING X Black is optimized for the 15-minute timeframe, ideal for swift decision-making and ensuring swift trading executions. Additionally, it empowers traders with t
AI Owl
Maksym Shyshatskyi
A Whole New Level of Forex Trading in Metatrader. It is a neural network based trading system that provides transparent explanations for its decisions and behavior. The EA is equipped with the most advanced machine learning algorithms and neural networks that allow us to analyze and interpret huge amounts of data related to financial markets during the night of trading. With these methods, we can identify trends, patterns, and signals that help us make informed trading decisions. use a set of m
EA Birex 0
Yosua Bincar Sidauruk
EA Birex 0 is Expert Advisor make decision from technical indicator combination. This EA check indicator in H4 and D1 timeframe make its strategy to be day trading. This EA use trailing SL for exit the order. Min balance for this EA is $40 - $60 for 1 pair and $250 for 5 pairs (NZDJPY, EURJPY, NZDUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD). If you want to backtest in demo account, message me for the setting. Setting: licensecode - get license code for 1 account lot - setting fix lot balancelot - on/off for fix or bala
Market Sentiment MT4
Flora Rosa Seeholzer
MT5 Version Understanding market sentiment is a critical aspect of successful trading. Market sentiment refers to the overall feeling or attitude of traders and investors towards a particular financial instrument, such as a stock, currency pair, or cryptocurrency. It is a collective perception of market participants' emotions and beliefs about the asset's future price direction. Market sentiment can be bullish (positive), bearish (negative), or neutral (sideways). Knowing the market sentiment
The news scalper Advisor   Excellence Dynamic Scalper   is a complex software product created by highly qualified programmers of our team. To achieve the best results in trading on the news, the Advisor provides several software algorithms that interact with each other and each works with its own task. The trend strength filter is a trend direction and strength filter using the indicators of the standard Bollinger Bands indicator. The indicator uses many different periods to collect statistical
This Expert Advisor is based on Japan Candle Sticks and RSI indicator. Combines with some indicators to get opportunities to entry. * Features - Spreads protection, - Japan  Candle Sticks - DCA until get profit * Setting   - Start Lots Size = 0.01 for 2000$:   - Minimal Lots Size = 0.01 - Maximal spread to entry (PiP) = 2 (in pips) - Stoploss (PiP) = 150 pips - TakeProfit (PiP) = 2 pipss   * Recommendations  - Broker : Tickmill, Darwinex, ... (ECN account with low spreads) - Pairs :  XAU
RSI HEDGE MASTER UPDATE Version 1.1 New Default Setting with Lower drawdown that works good on these symbols: AUDCAD,AUDJPY,AUDNZD,AUDUSD,CADCHF,CADJPY,CHFJPY, EURAUD,EURCAD,EURGBP,EURJPY,EURNZD,GBPAUD,GBPCAD, GBPCHF,GBPNZD,NZDCAD,NZDJPY,NZDUSD,USDCHF,USDCAD,XAUUSD RSI Hedge Master takes trades as it crosses the upper or lower levels of the RSI indicator. Simply choose your direction of the cross.  Buy trades will cross the Lower level and Sell trades will cross the higher level if you c
Pavel Krysanov
The indicator has a new logic, which significantly distinguishes it from many analogues. It gives early entry and exit signals, does not redraw its values - that is, if the indicator gave a signal to enter a trade, then this signal will not disappear and will not move - it will remain where it appeared, and it also gives signals to opening a candle, which gives the trader a significant advantage in trading. The indicator is very easy to use. When a red line appears under the candles, you need
Multicurrency indicator in table format. Signals appear with confirmation, no repaints. Works on the current (open) timeframe. Notifications come for an open instrument. In the indicator settings, you can choose 1 of 4 Moving Average strategies. Strategies (represented in screenshots): Classic fast and slow moving average crossover Reverse signal of classic crossing (used for flat/sideways movement) Classic crossover relative to a slower moving average (Trend MA in settings) Price touching the f
Welcome to the ultimate trading assistant EA! ================ Manage Equity =============== Gain full control over your trading equity with Manage Equity Pro. This powerful EA empowers you to optimize your trading performance and achieve consistent profits. CloseAllOrdersIfProfit: Maximize your gains by automatically closing all open orders when reaching a profit threshold. PositiveEquity: Set the desired positive equity target to trigger the closure of orders and secure your profits.
Title: Best Trend Sniper Indicator - A Custom MQL4 Indicator for Spotting Potential Trends Description: Indicator Name: Best Trend Sniper Indicator Introduction: The "Best Trend Sniper Indicator" is a custom Meta Quotes Language 4 (MQL4) indicator designed to identify potential trends in financial markets. This indicator is intended to be used on Meta Trader 4 (MT4) trading platforms. Key Features: Non Repaint: The Best Trend Sniper Indicator is a non-repaint indicator, which means it does not
The FollowLine indicator is a trend following indicator. The blue/red lines are activated when the price closes above the upper Bollinger band or below the lower one. Once the trigger of the trend direction is made, the FollowLine will be placed at High or Low (depending of the trend). An ATR filter can be selected to place the line at a more distance level than the normal mode settled at candles Highs/Lows. Some features: + Trend detech + Reversal signal + Alert teminar / mobile app
North Star EA is a trend EA, not  a Martin  EA,  non optimized EA.  just use fix lot size, auto get fix stop loss and take profit value, Max 3 open positions.EA has passed multiple platform tests.  Small capital withdrawal and no risk of exposure !        North Star EA is a complex algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence in combination with traditional technical analysis to predict market movements. This Expert Advisor makes use of Combination of Vector calculus and trend indicators an
ATR MA Channels
Muhammed Emin Ugur
ATR Channels Indicator Introducing the ATR Channels Indicator, a powerful tool designed to enhance your trading experience and provide valuable insights into market volatility. ATR, short for Average True Range, is a technical indicator that helps traders understand the overall price volatility of an asset or market. The ATR Channels Indicator takes the ATR calculations to the next level by plotting them as dynamic channels on your price chart. These channels represent the range within which pri
Coral History
D Armond Lee Speers
Coral History displays information about your trading account and a summary of your history for the day, week, month and all time in a convenient, lightweight window. NEW : You can now set daily / weekly / monthly goals.   Coral History can notify you when reaching a goal.  If set the goal will be displayed in the History section row header; and if you've reached the goal the row will be highlighted in green. Account Information Balance Equity Free Margin (amount, percent or drawdown) Marin Leve
Coral Notify Dash
D Armond Lee Speers
Coral Notify Dash allows you to manage all of your chart price-based notifications from a single consolidated dashboard.  It fills a gap left by MT4, which does not support popup alerts.  If you're like me and you often don't hear the alert sound for the built-in alerts, this is an indispensable tool. I use Coral Notify Dash as part of my daily chart analysis workflow.  I use a tool like Coral Dash (available for free,  here ) or one of the other dashboards to set my trading bias.  As I review t
Arbitrage RSI
Muhammed Emin Ugur
The " Arbitrage RSI " is a cutting-edge technical indicator designed to assist traders in making informed decisions in the financial markets. This powerful tool leverages the concept of Relative Strength Index (RSI) divergence to identify potential trading opportunities. To View Our Other Products Go to the link:   Other Products  Features: RSI Divergence Detection: The Arbitrage RSI excels at identifying divergence patterns in the RSI indicator. By comparing the price action with the RSI mov
Arbitrage Macd
Muhammed Emin Ugur
Arbitrage MACD: Your Key to Analyzing Market Trends The Arbitrage MACD is a cutting-edge indicator designed to assist traders and investors in analyzing market trends with greater precision and confidence. MACD, which stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence, is a well-known and widely used tool in the financial world, and the "Arbitrage MACD" takes its functionality to the next level. This innovative indicator offers a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between two moving a
Speciarised MT4 EA for USDJPY. This expert advisor's strategy follows trends and effective in trending market. Setting is just simple and easy because the parameters are already adjusted only one market. Only one manual setting parameter is trading lot. This EA's loss cut range is 1 yen. I recommend loss in one time shoud be under five percents of balance on your account. How to Setup  Press "File" tab and "Open data folder". Drop "USDJPY Dragon.ex4" to MQL4 -> Exparts folder. Attach EA to
Exact Arrow Entry
Muhammed Emin Ugur
4 (3)
The Exact Arrow Entry Signal Indicator is a powerful tool designed to assist traders in making informed decisions in the financial markets. This advanced indicator leverages cutting-edge algorithms and technical analysis to identify potential entry points with high accuracy.  Features: 1. Precision Entry Points: The indicator generates precise arrow signals on the chart, highlighting potential entry points for various trading strategies. 2. Trend Identification: By analyzing price movements
ADVANCED RANGE BREAKOUT SYSTEM The advanced range breakout system is a popular approach used in forex trading to capitalize on price movements that occur when a currency pair breaks out of a defined range. The strategy involves identifying key levels of support and resistance that confine the price within a range and then initiating trades when the price breaks above or below those levels. This EA can be used:  With all brokers  On all timeframes  With currency pairs  Indices  Cryptocurrencies I
The Smart Strategy Indicator is a trading system that allows you to analyze the market in terms of several aspects of technical analysis. The first of them is a price channel, which is built automatically and allows the trader to see the main direction of price movement. It also makes it possible to analyze the market using a channel strategy (breakout and rebound from channel lines). Block 2 is the SAR system, which gives general information about the micro-movements in the market and this i
RioBot Oracle
Rajeshkumar Durgaprasad Bisoyi
KINDLY READ THE DESCRIPTION WORD BY WORD BEFORE MAKING A PURCHASE. Introducing RioBot Oracle, a cutting-edge trading expert advisor designed for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Key Features: Advanced analysis: Combines market trend and price action analysis for optimal trading opportunities. Risk management: Incorporates stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing stop-loss orders. Instant execution: Places pending orders promptly when all trading conditions are met. User-friendly interface: Customizable to suit
Real Cross System
Muhammed Emin Ugur
Introducing   Real Cross System , the cutting-edge trading signal indicator designed to revolutionize your trading experience. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the financial markets, this powerful tool is engineered to provide accurate and timely signals, empowering you to make informed trading decisions with confidence. Features: Real-Time Signal Generation:   Real Cross System utilizes advanced algorithms to generate real-time trading signals based on precise market analysis.
Project Price Action   is an indicator–free trading system, working on which the adviser does not use technical indicators, but works with price readings, looking for pattern models that suggest the behavior of the financial market. Price action is based on the principles of technical analysis, and this fact allows the use of specialized indicators. EA Features: Allow the risk to increase interest or fix lots by the user. Uses an economic news filter. Spreads protection using pending orders (sto
MODIFIER V.11 the default setting for this EA is for XAU/USD, TF M1. this ea uses the candle pattern indicator, accompanied by a news reactor button. if you have questions please click the link provided on the parameter page technically this ea works full time, if installed on a vps. You can add orders via gadgets, Android or PC at home. this ea is very flexible. if you install ea on vps, you can add order whenever you get trading signal with high probability. and then your manual order will
MrBeast 20 SMA
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
Mr Beast 20 SMA Asesor experto diseñado para trabajar especializado en medias móviles Este robot de trading de Forex ha sido desarrollado por MRBEAST como una herramienta para facilitar. el trading intradía. Tenga en cuenta que el uso de este robot implica ciertos riesgos y no garantiza ganancias consistentes en el mercado de divisas. El robot de trading se basa en algoritmos y estrategias que he diseñado, los cuales se han creado utilizando mi conocimiento y experiencia en el campo del trading.
Multipound Scalper MT4, is a multicurrency or single currency (your choice) Expert Advisor that uses Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages to determine the entry and exit signals. It has a customizable time filter which is used to determine the optimal times to buy or sell currency. ONLY 6  out of 10 copies left going at 62$ .  NEXT PRICE : 98$ . SETUP The settings are intuitive for ease of use and the following is a brief description: EA Comment - The name of the comment to associate positions wi
Folow The Trend
Hassan Ez Zahid
In the world of forex, I have always looked for ways that give us the possibility of profit despite the difficult conditions that the market is going through. Therefore, a new method had to be devised to profit in spite of the fact that the market was in a small amount. Therefore, I devoted all my time to creating a method based on quantitative analysis of forex, so that you trade away from the range. Which is considered the only obstacle that limits the possibility of knowing the right directi
Dvv mt4
Andriy Sydoruk
The   DVV   indicator is a multifaceted informative indicator for the   Forex market or the Cryptocurrency market . The indicator gives   clear and reliable signals without redrawin g. The indicator can be used in bots by taking readings from its zero buffer. Please note that for different currency pairs, the settings must be selected separately, this is not difficult. Changing the input parameters greatly affects the display. I will show four options for using the indicator. The indicator
Unlock the power of market trends with the 3-HMA Multi-Timeframe Trend Indicator. This reliable tool is your trusted partner in the intricate world of forex trading. It was created with adaptability and accuracy at its core, making it ideal for traders who appreciate the importance of trend following and wish to utilize the unparalleled reactivity of the Hull Moving Average (HMA). The Hull Moving Average is distinguished from standard moving averages by its exceptional ability to minimize marke
Prop Firm Killer
Abderrahmane Baki
Use this EA on your Prop Firm challenge to pass with a copy trader or on swap free live account  Introducing Prop Firm Killer . This powerful EA is designed to help traders conquer the challenges of prop firms and achieve substantial growth in their trading accounts. It utilizes a Pending Position strategy combined with an advanced and secretive trading algorithm, making it a force to be reckoned with in the market. The strategy employed by Prop Firm Kille r incorporates a unique custom indicato
Forex Bulls EURUSD
Hossein Davarynejad
///// Forex Bulls EURUSD  ////// An expert based on     =  EURUSD   ,GBPUSD , AUDCAD, NZDCAD, AUDNZD  Time frame    =  M 15         Live Signal  =    signal it is a fully automated “pullback” trading system,                                                                                                                         which is especially effective in trading on popular “pullback” currency pair :      EURUSD   , GBPUSD                                                         
Candle Data and Swing Data calculations  You have to use Rectangle Tool to select 1H Candle of last 2 days or 2 weeks   This Indicator will show:  1. Summation of some Selective Candles Upper Shadow pips of Bull candle 2. Summation of some Selective Candles lower Shadow pips of Bull candle 3. Summation of some Selective Candles upper Shadow pips of Bear candle 4. Summation of some Selective Candles Lower Shadow pips of Bear candle 5. Summation of some Selective Candles Body pips o
Model: The Hama & Hull Trend Following EA is a powerful & sophisticated model that allows the trader to use both HAMA & Hull indicators to trigger long & short positions. The EA includes options for both colour change & price cross.  Auto execution  Excellent EA & fully configurable for all users across all instruments. Read disclaimer below Additional filters are provided by using Delta Indicator & MACD, all with configurable options to fully tailor the EA to your specifications and risk appeti
Gioteen Volatility Index (GVI)   - your ultimate solution to overcoming market unpredictability and maximizing trading opportunities. This revolutionary indicator helps you in lowering your losing trades due to choppy market movements. The GVI is designed to measure market volatility, providing you with valuable insights to identify the most favorable trading prospects. Its intuitive interface consists of a dynamic red line representing the volatility index, accompanied by blue line that indicat
Stop Order placement tool (single click buttons) for faster trading. It places Stop Entry Order on the last bar possible break and places stop loss on the opposite side of that bar. Who knows Al Brooks or other price action  traders, they enter on last bars high/low break, so when watching low timeframe and multiple pairs this tool speeds up stop order placement and helps to avoid mistakes. You get your setup candle and press buy or sell button and EA places stop order on setup candle with some
1 of 10 for 69$ . Next Price is 89$ SMC Unmitigated Finding is a indicator for find unmitigated supply and demand in previous legs of price Settings Zigzag Settings ZZDepth - by Default is 12. ZZDeviation - by Default is 5. ZZBackStep - by Default is 3. Rectangle Settings SupportColor-  color for Support line.  ResistanceColor  -  color for Resistance line. Settings Num of Show -  Number of Support & Resistance Show.
Binary Hedger V1 Or Demo Version Introduction: We have all heard and read about correlated currency pairs, where some pairs are inversely correlated like EURUSD and USDCHF, while others are directly correlated like EURJPY and CHFJPY. There may be some expert advisors out there designed for this purpose, but it's hard to know if they really work or not. That's why I'm excited to introduce to you the Correlation Trader expert advisor, which is specifically designed to work with inversely correla
Principle of strategy 1. according to the small box to determine overbought and oversold, and then open positions. It's as simple as that, the big box is not used in the early trading strategy. 2. The size of the small box is controlled by SmallBoxBars. The larger the SmallBoxBars value, the larger the box, and the more difficult it is to open the warehouse 3.OpenLevel to control overbought and oversold. The smaller the value, the higher the overbought and oversold requirements, and the harder
Rain Master
M Isthee Khan
A semi automatic scalping EA designed to take trade based on trends  design is based on my working scalping technique made semi-automatic to increase profit semi automatic means entering only TP values once in two days win rate of 36%  risk can be adjusted based on our account size those who joined will be added to private Telegram group and TP values are updated by me Screenshot attached is based on testing EA on strategy tester for 1 year automatically without interruptions  - with semi automa
Mr Beast Cobertura
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
Mr Beast Super Hedge Asesor experto diseñado para trabajar encerrando el precio entre 2 valores hasta que rompa en una dirección tanto de compra como de venta. Este robot de trading de Forex ha sido desarrollado por MRBEAST como una herramienta para facilitar el trading intradía. Tenga en cuenta que el uso de este robot implica ciertos riesgos y no garantiza ganancias consistentes en el mercado de divisas. El robot de trading se basa en algoritmos y estrategias que he diseñado, los cuales se han
Introducing the Great Oscillator Trend Indicator – a powerful tool designed to enhance your trading strategies and improve your decision-making process.  The Great Oscillator Trend Indicator is a versatile technical analysis tool that helps you identify trends and potential reversals in the financial markets. It utilizes a combination of oscillators and moving averages to generate accurate and reliable signals.  With this indicator, you can easily spot overbought and oversold conditions, as
Holiday Space Eurozone  is a fully automatic trading system. The Expert Advisor trades according to a classic strategy based on the level of fair prices. This system has proven itself positively, having passed the crises of 2008 and 2018, the COVID-19 pandemic, and is now showing successful results. Before purchasing a Trading Advisor, check out the trading history of this strategy at real account and subscribe to the trading signal! Monitoring of trading on this trading system on a real acc
Zigzag Value
Muhammed Emin Ugur
The Zigzag Value Indicator is a powerful technical analysis tool designed to assist traders and investors in identifying significant price movements and trends in financial markets. With its advanced algorithm, this indicator helps users determine key turning points and potential reversals, providing valuable insights for making informed trading decisions. To View Our Other Products Go to the link:   Other Products Features: 1. Zigzag Pattern Detection: The Zigzag Value Indicator detects an
Highlight special areas based on time you can highlight London and New York OR other Times and analysis the chart faster it's so useful for backtesting it's really hard to highlight several days in a special time but this indicator will help you quickly to Highlight them I'm a trader so I know what you need if you need more info comment or message me if you wanna see the video you should send me message i will answer faster in Telegram: https://t.me/forex_ex4 Telegram ID: @forex_ex4 st
Gold PL MTF - this is a fine stock technical indicator. The indicator algorithm analyzes the movement of the asset price and automatically reflects the important Pivot Levels of the specified timeframe (TF) using the Fibonacci method (golden section). The indicator perfectly describes the price trajectory of the selected timeframe (day, week, month, year), determines the beginning of a trend and the beginning of a correction, which may develop into an opposite trend. The indicator also shows t
Light Protector is a cutting-edge Expert Advisor designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. This powerful yet lightweight application is specifically developed to safeguard trading accounts from excessive losses by implementing multiple protective mechanisms. One of the key advantages of Light Protector is its lightweight nature. The Expert Advisor is designed to have minimal impact on system resources, ensuring optimal performance and swift execution of trades. It operates seamles
This is a real trading program utilizing a mechanical strategy. It's a fully automatic Expert Advisor designed for scalp trading. Unlike Martingale, this program doesn't rely on it. However, it does offer the option to use the Grid function exclusively for managing drawdown trades. As the user, you have the flexibility to choose whether to utilize this feature. This trading robot is suitable for trading multiple assets in line with the prevailing trend. I personally use this bot on a live funded
Hossein Davarynejad
/// Inamoto ///  Inatomot  it is a fully automated “pullback” trading system, which is especially effective in trading on popular “pullback” currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading – the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction.  This Expert use RSI , ATR , Candle patterns to find best level for inter Trade on Pull Back    This is  Expert  Working on  ( AUDCAD, NZDCAD, AUDNZD )                 
Lizard MT
Fatme Othman Goehringer
5 copies left at $70                                                                                     Next price - - > $100                                                              **Leave a 5-star review and get a second EA for free**                                               Introduction: Are you tired of losing you money with curve fitted experts or so called holy grails which promise thousand
ICT Zone Alert MT4
Prafull Manohar Nikam
This indicator uses candlesticks with large real bodies to predict possible market structure shift. Displacement is a very powerful move in price action resulting in strong selling or buying pressure. Generally speaking, displacement will appear as a single or a group of candles that are all positioned in the same direction. These candles typically have large real bodies and very short wicks, suggesting very little disagreement between buyers and sellers. Often, a displacement will occur just af
Scalping Sniper M5 - its performance was tested for 247 days on the GBPUSD currency pair, on the M5 timeframe with the FXopen broker. The initial balance during testing was $640. The maximum drawdown during testing did not exceed 12% throughout the period. The robot has the ability to limit trading based on time and spread size. To reduce risk and drawdown, you can specify the robot's trading hours with the minimum spread, so the robot won't trade when the spread is high. You can also disable th
Candle Confirmer
Luis Efren Macias Lopez
Candle confirmer is the indicator you need when you're waiting for the last candle to confirm to make an excellent order, this indicator will alert you if the current candle has had a higher or lower price compared to the previous candle.  Stop trying to guess and start focusing on what really matters.  You can activate or deactivate the alerts, chose the time-frame and even change the size, color and position of the indicator.  Don't forget to leave your review and comments, it helps us improve
Holiday Space Atlantic  is a fully automatic trading system. The Expert Advisor trades according to a classic strategy based on the level of fair prices. This system has proven itself positively, having passed the crises of 2008 and 2018, the COVID-19 pandemic, and is now showing successful results. Before purchasing a Trading Advisor, check out the trading history of this strategy at real account and subscribe to the trading signal! Monitoring of trading on this trading system on a real acc
Breakout Scalp Indicator
Mohit Dhariwal
4.43 (7)
October OFFER: Free Ea with it This is valid till 30th of October. After purchase of indicator connect me on telegram @anabullbear or inbox in mql5 to get free Ea  It's a Breakout Scalper On support and resistance and order blocks. Benefits of the indicator: does not redraw arrows. works on all currency pairs. high signal accuracy good for scalping Accuracy level is more than 95 percent. Best TF m15 for gold and major FX pairs Indicator settings: Default for M15,M30, H1  Best Pair -Gold and majo
Holiday Space Gold Dollar  is a fully automatic trading system. The Expert Advisor trades according to a classic strategy based on the level of fair prices. This system has proven itself positively, having passed the crises of 2008 and 2018, the COVID-19 pandemic, and is now showing successful results. Before purchasing a Trading Advisor, check out the trading history of this strategy at real account and subscribe to the trading signal! Monitoring of trading on this trading system on a real
Профессиональный эксперт форекс   Associate Manager   (для пар EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF) ализирующий рынок при помощи индекса волн эллиота. Волновая теория Эллиотта — интерпретация процессов на финансовых рынках через систему визуальных моделей (волн) на ценовых графиках.  Автор теории Ральф Эллиотт выделил восемь вариантов чередующихся волн (из них пять по тренду и три против тренда). Движение цен на рынках принимает форму пяти волн. Три из них (1, 3, 5) вызывают направленное д
It is no secret that the movements of currency pairs for a certain part of the time occur in a certain price corridor, which is called a channel. The lower limit is considered the level of support, the upper one - resistance. Do not confuse with horizontal support and resistance levels! The distance between the support and resistance levels of a channel is called the range or channel width. The key difference between the Channel Mirosh indicator and other channel indicators (for example, from th

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