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Neural Hunter

The multi-currency advisor Neural Hunter trades according to signals generated by an advanced system of indicators. The advisor also relies on a robust neural network that filters false signals. By default the Neural Hunter advisor has been trained to trade the following symbols: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY - 7 symbols total. The Neural Hunter advisor is ready for the fully automated trading with these symbols.

Attention! It is always one symbol to be tested in the Testing mode (this is specific for MetaTrader 4). The advisor trades all symbols listed under the Symbols property in the Live mode from one chart.

It is a multi-currency advisor, so the result of its work is best seen in the multi-currency mode, that is in the live trading mode.

You can choose any timeframe because all calculations are carried out according to special algorithms. The advisor trades only the symbols listed in the property Symbols, regardless of the symbol in which it is working.

The market is subject to pattern-based fluctuations, which means it is fluctuations that often repeat themselves. A neural network has an undisputable advantage which is to memorize market fluctuations which generated both positive and negative trades. The neural network of this advisor, trained on the history, is capable of filtering most false signals.

Settings for a conservative trading are as follows:

1) Volume 0.0025% (always use a fixed volume, like volume = 0.01, if you use a cent account)

2) Deposit 250 USD (1500 USD for trading XAUUSD)

The Advisor Properties

Color preset - you can choose from 3.

Fontsize - this may help fit the advisor interface text to your screen resolution.

Friday strategy - an hour after which the "Friday strategy" is applicable. Starting from this hour on Friday, the advisor tries to close all trades if any of these 2 conditions is met: 1) a profit over 5% or 2) at least 1 trade out of several trades is longer than a week and the overall profit is positive. Zero to switch off.

Dynamic SL and TP - if active, target levels of Stoploss and Takeprofit are defined by the nearest 4-hour bar extrema.

Stops - you can use either Local or Global stops. Local stops were tested with one symbol and they are used with it. Global stops are used with all symbols.

Stoploss - applicable for Stops = Global.

Symbols - The advisor trades only the symbols listed in this property as a comma-separated list, regardless of the symbol in which it is working. You should indicate the symbol names as they are used in your terminal. Example: EURUSD.m etc. During a test, the advisor uses only one symbol (the Symbols value is ignored).

Takeprofit - applicable for Stops = Global.

Trail - Zero to switch off. Applicable for Stops = Global.

Volume - either a dynamic value calculated as a percentage of the available equity (example: 0.005%), or a fixed value (example: 0.03). Always use a fixed volume, like volume = 0.01, if you use a cent account.

Zero auto - a number of minutes after which the advisor tries to set a stoploss at the open price. Zero to switch off.

Please note the following calculation of target values. 1000 points if EURUSD in your terminal has 5 digits after the dot. 100 points if EURUSD has 4 digits. Please keep in mind this note for the 3 target values: Stoploss, Takeprofit and Trail.

Yusuke.N 2019.10.24 17:13 

silent, but good.

VITALI ZVIAHAU 2019.10.20 10:56 

Это единственный нейронный советник который работает. Да, был неудачный месяц, но это не повод останавливаться. Надеюсь, вы продолжите развитие своего проекта. Спасибо за работу!

Rutabaca 2019.09.09 10:13 

Not closing profitable trades properly and that is resulting in quite heavy losses. I have a USD account so the account currency doesn't matter. The ea has a major flaw.

Wayside48 2019.08.28 12:24 

Well it seems that Evgeniy is claiming that the EA is only designed to work on accounts with a USD base currency - so it won't work on my GBP account (or anyone else who has a non-USD account)!

This is the first EA I've ever encountered that is account currency dependent. I've written a number of EAs myself and, frankly, you've got to go out of your way to write an EA like that!!!

I'm not sure I actually believe it, but that is what he claimed was the reason that one of my trades didn't close whereas the same trade on his signals did close (see 'Comments' #95 and following).

If what he says is true then it is potentially completely unreliable on a non-USD account and could do anything. At the very least he should have a very clear warning to that effect.

I can't give it more than one star for two reasons...

1. You can't back-test it because of the nature of the design.

2. I can't apparently use it on my GBP account, so it's useless to me and has so far cost me 400GBP in about a week (I've turned it off now!).

UPDATE 2019-09-28: Following the code update which is said to fix the problems I reported I have put it back on a live account to see how it goes. If all is well I'll revise my rating in a week or three...

UPDATE 2019-10-06: So far it has opened two positions on EURUSD. One of these aligns to one opened on the "Neural Hunter" signal (2019-10-02 00:00:00). This position closed on the signal at the 'Friday Close' time, but mine did not close. I have a sensible close time of 20:00 set, and the profit was over 5% of the TP which, as far as I can determine, is the condition for it to close. The same happens on a backtest whatever you set the Friday Close time to (and also however large you make the position size - just in case the 5% was 5% of account balance!).

I've tried to get Evgeniy to confirm what is meant by the 5% value, and explain why it might not have closed (Comments #114 to #124) but all I get is rather meaningless one-line responses.

So, still unimpressed. Let's see if the EURUSD positions ever close!

Pakorn Thienthong
Pakorn Thienthong 2019.08.22 02:49 

Good Work!

caspius 2019.08.18 23:23 

Been using it for 2 weeks, seems very good. Will update later !

chen574995388 2019.07.25 16:38 

So far have not started trading. Also don't know effect how

Zhi Feng Guo
Zhi Feng Guo 2019.07.06 11:07 


At present, the effect is very good, the author's service attitude is very good, there are questions must be answered, thank you!

Version 1.57 2019.10.31
1. New weights
2. I removed XAUUSD (GOLD) because it is unstable
Version 1.55 2019.09.03
1. New weights.
2. I corrected a bug with text strings.
3. I changed calculation of volume for XAUUSD (GOLD).
4. I corrected a bug with deposit currencies, now any deposit currency should trigger same close times for trades.
Version 1.54 2019.08.03
1. New weights for the 3 neural networks
2. A new property "Friday strategy". Check the info about it in the advisor description which I updated.
3. I removed the long-term training feature because it is useless for real trading and now historical tests are no longer valid and demonstrative. Neural networks are trained over a period, so the idea is that they should be tested over a period outside the trading period.
Version 1.53 2019.07.09
1. I changed the way the "Symbols" property is used. Now you need to indicate the symbol names as they are used in your terminal. So, for example, if it is EURUSD.m, then you should put this name to the "Symbols" property.
2. I added a new property "Fontsize". Change it to make the advisor output fit your screen resolution.
Version 1.52 2019.07.01
1. New weights for the month of July 2019.
2. Now it is XAUUSD or GOLD.
3. Calculation of volume and stop levels for XAUUSD (or GOLD) is different from the other symbols.