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Marcus = market customization is 3 in 1 indicator. Universal business tool from professional traders that helps visualizing interesting market situations. Preview markets using price action and sentiment in the market. Three tools necessary to understand the market situation and the anticipation of further movement. Finally, you will see what parquet traders see.

With these tools, you will see the important supports and resistances. It shows you the entry of big players on the market.

The indicator works on all timeframes. You are not limited to the use of different timeframes, the indicator is able to adapt. On the screenshots, you can see different views of Marcus and entrances to the market. Marcus contains basic settings. Please keep in mind that the use of more bars for calculation may lead to the program slowdown.


  • 123Gap=true – you will see this indicator
  • MaxBarsGab=500 – indicator shows 123Gap 500 bars back
  • HighColor – color high 123Gap
  • LowColor – color low 123Gap
  • MinGap=20 – you will see only 123Gap with size more than 20 points (2 pips)
  • PivotHighLow=true – you will see this indicator
  • MaxBarsPivot=500 – indicator shows PivotHigh/Low 500 bars back
  • HighColor – color high Pivot
  • LowColor – color low Pivot
  • LineWidth=2 – line 2 width
  • Initial Balance=true – you will see this indicator
  • Daily IB=true – you will see daily IB
  • Daily IB color – daily IB color
  • Daily IB width=1 – daily IB 1 width
  • Weekly IB=true – you will see weekly IB
  • Weekly IB color – weekly IB color
  • Weekly IB width=1 – weekly IB 1 width
  • Monthly IB=true – you will see monthly IB
  • Monthly IB color – monthly IB color
  • Monthly IB width=2 – monthly IB 2 width
  • Fibo Info – do not change
  • Fibo 1 - 9 – strong level of S/R
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Version 1.2 2016.11.02
We added description warnings about the risks into the tool.
Version 1.1 2015.06.08
Now, you can choose date and hour for the initial balance.