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Price level Alert

Price level alert is a software that gives you an overview of your all drawn levels (supports and resistances) for more than 10 markets in only one elegant table which you can see right in your chart.

Price alert is not only this, it also sends you notification (alert) when a market has reached one of your predefined levels.

Therefore, this is a must-have tool for all traders who want to cut the time sitting in front of a computer significantly and not to miss any trade.

Settings (inputs)

  • Symbol: Type a name of the market you want to get notifications from (e.g. EURUSD)
  • BUY/SELL PRICE: Type an exact price level (1.4578 for example) that you want to set an alert for. (buy and sell price levels are separated on a chart by a different color)
  • BUYline color: A color for the BUY levels
  • SELLline color: A color for the SELL levels
  • Alert distance pips: Distance, from which you will get a notification -> a column with the reached level will change color
  • Alert color: The color you will see on a table as an alert when the price has reached the alert distance
  • Alert window: You can also allow a pop-up window that will shop as an alert too
  • Alert timer: Amount of time (in minutes) during which you will see the pop- up window
  • Table color: Color for the background of the table
  • Caption color: Color for the caption
  • Text color: Color for text on the table
  • Table Xpos: By changing this value, you can move the table on X axis
  • Table Ypos: By changing this value, you can move the table on Y axis
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Version 1.10 2016.11.02
We added description warnings about the risks into the tool.