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 TheFirst is a trading adviser that analyzes 8 currency pairs to find overbought or oversold, then it logs on to modified stochastics. Since the adviser uses data obtained in real time from 8 trading pairs for analysis and trading, it is impossible to test it in the strategy tester. To test trading functions, the test mode is added, in it transactions are made randomly, only for verification. When installing the adviser on a trading account, select the work_mode - for_real mode.

Reccomend pair EURUSD H1 default settings 

Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller


Inputs Value

  • Work_Mode. Test - Test - if you need to test functions in the tester. For_real - for trading on a live account.
  • Initial Lot — initial lot;
  • Autolot - enable/disable auto lot calculation;
  • Autolot size - amount of the deposit, on which Lot is to be used when Auto lot is enabled;
  • Lot multiplier — lot multiplier for subsequent orders;
  • Max. Lot — the maximal volume that can be opened by the Expert Advisor;
  • Distance - distance between orders;
  • Take Profit — take profit;
  • Stop Loss  — stop loss in pips;
  • Option Take Profit - select the take profit operation based on the bar Open / the current price.
  • Option Stop Loss - select the stop loss operation based on the bar Open / the current price.
  • Trail Start — profit in points to activate trailing stop;
  • Trail Distance — trailing stop distance;
  • Magic Number — the number for the EA to recognize its own positions;
  • New Cycle — when enabled, the EA works non-stop, otherwise, the EA does not open new orders after a series of trades (enable/disable)
  • Star Hour - the EA operation start hour.
  • End Hour - the EA operation end hour.
  • End Time Friday - time to stop trading on Friday;
  • Up level - the upper level of the indicator, above which the EA will open Sell;
  • Down level - the lower level of the first indicator, below which the EA will open Buy;

1612206488 2019.12.08 16:18 

TheFirst is very good, I have enough to buy it. I hope it will make profits for me

robotrader2019 2019.12.04 19:53 

Today: 12/04/2019

I bought this EA "TheFirst" and hooked it to a real account 0.01 lot per $100. It has been 3 days since I had this EA and so far it has 2.99% gain. I am hoping to have the similar gain in future too.

I will check back here with in couple of months and provide an updated review about the performance.

Thank you Ramil.

Xymeca 2019.12.03 01:16 

Excelente EA , otra joya de Ramil .

29mt4 2019.12.01 00:20 

Dear Ramil,

I want to thank you for your generosity:

You are spoiling us with your genial invention!

It facilitates all our enterprises:)

Anton Garbar
Anton Garbar 2019.11.29 08:47 

Автор один из немногих, кто делает сигналы по своим советникам, и продаются они по скромным ценам.

The author is one of the few who makes signals according to his advisers, and they are sold at modest prices.

Version 2.0 2019.12.01
Fixed error in indicator calculation