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Signal EA

The main usage of this Expert Advisor (EA) is to trade based on signals from my most popular scanner indicators. Even though it is fully operational, this EA is mainly provided as a template (base) to be used for further custom development (usage of additional confirmation indicators etc.) from the side of the buyer, or by the buyer hired developer. For this reason the EA will not be updated by me, except for bug fixes.

Each buyer can acquire the source code (the uncompiled .mq4 file) from me for free upon showing proof of the rental transaction. Please note though that I will not provide with any further programming support. 

Supported scanners (which you need a license for):

Double divergence scanner

Moving average crossover scanner

Candle patterns scanner

Multi oscillator divergence scanner

Since this EA is reading text files generated from the scanners it is not supported in the strategy tester.


  • Contains the most common trend filters (RSI, Stochastics and Bollinger Bands).
  • Possibility to close half position selecting from different strategies.
  • 2 moving averages with different periods can be enabled as a trend filter. For instance MA 200 and MA 21.
  • Spread and time filters.

Input parameters

Please find the description and explanation of the input parameters here.

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Version 1.3 2019.11.14
- various code improvements
Version 1.2 2019.11.11
- minor bug fixes
Version 1.1 2019.11.09
- added an option to write basic informatoin about the process of each signal to a text file