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Trading King Lite

Free version of the adviser Trader King . The strategy is based on assessing the strength of the trend and finding the points of correction / reversal. Martingale, the grid is not used. Applies levels of stop-loss, take-profit and breakeven that are invisible to the broker. The indicator displays the graph. Meets FIFO rules.


  • TIMEFRAME - working timeframe;
  • NUMBER_BARS - the number of bars to determine oversold / overbought;
  • OVERBOUGHT_PCT - overbought percentage for opening a SELL order;
  • OVERSOLD_PCT - oversold percentage for opening a BUY order;
  • START_HOUR - trading start hour, for the first order;
  • END_HOUR - trading end hour;
  • MAGIC_NUMBER - magic number;
  • MAX_SLIPPAGE - maximum slippage;
  • MAX_SPREAD - maximum spread;
  • FIX_START_LOT   - fixed starting lot for each N amount of balance (FROM_BALANCE);
  • FROM_BALANCE   - N amount of balance to calculate the starting lot (FIX_START_LOT);
  • STOPLOSS - stop loss in pips;
  • TAKEPROFIT - take profit in pips;
  • START_BREAKEVEN - the number of orders in one direction to enable the breakeven close function;
Petr Prohorow
Petr Prohorow 2019.01.15 13:56 

Прекрасный советник.Ставлю на реальный счёт.

Johanes Hermanto
Johanes Hermanto 2019.01.12 17:40 

Hi Vladimir, BT looks good! Thank you for providing this EA for free.

I notice that this EA does hedging. Unfortunately, US brokers are not allowed hedging. Can you make an option to disable hedging, please?

Meanwhile, the FIFO works great! Thanks.

PS. As Giordan says, it would be good if we can set a max number of orders.

zero9898 2019.01.07 14:29 

I just try on demo accounts for few different symbols, all with profits! Interesting!

But the trades opened in different brokers' MT4, are very different, need times to figure out!

Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora 2018.12.14 18:03 

A little bit dangerous but with a good MM you can be in profit

Francisco Guerra
Francisco Guerra 2018.12.13 18:39 

Super Profitable.

Giordan Costa
Giordan Costa 2018.12.09 14:43 

Profitable and dangerous ea at same time.Recommendations 0.01 lot for 1000 balance for safer trading.

For now 4 stars for the good results in the BTest and Free EA 5 stars if add option to select a max number of order.

Thanks Vladimir