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The script allows you to quickly and easily open trades (place orders) on the market.


  1. Buy and sell at a market price;
  2. Place pending orders: Buy/Sell Limit and Buy/Sell Stop;
  3. Open a trade with a custom volume;
  4. Calculate and set TakeProfit;
  5. Calculate and set StopLoss;
  6. Auto defining the number of decimal places;
  7. Auto defining a symbol the script has been applied to.

What you get with the script

  1. Ability to calculate each trade instantly;
  2. Ability not to enter all calculated values manually;
  3. This is a robot, therefore the probability of calculation errors is minimal;
  4. Entering trades as quickly as possible without missing a moment.


  • Order - order type. Select an order you want to place using the dropdown list: Buy, Sell, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop or Sell Stop.
  • Price - price a pending order is placed at. The field remains blank for Buy (0) and Sell (1) orders.
  • Lots - trade volume. Like in the terminal, the minimum volume is 0.01.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss. Set in points!
  • Take Profit - take profit. Set in points!

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