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Trend Control

Trend Control is a trend-following Expert Advisor that determines the trend direction and closes positions only at trend reversals.

The EA is equipped with a minimum of the most necessary functions to simplify working with it.

The EA is most suitable for working on the EURUSD currency pair and the M5 timeframe.

The EA is suitable for both five-digit quotes and four-digit quotes.

The EA is equipped with a Stop Loss.

The EA does not use any risky systems which increase the volume or increasing the number of open orders.

The EA is based on a mathematical identification of the trend movement and following along it.

Before purchasing, please test the EA in the strategy tester.

Features of the EA

  • Sl - order stop loss
  • lot - order lot size
  • MoneyManagement - money management function.
  • MMMode - risk parameter of the money management function
  • the parameter takes values from 1 to 3, where:

    1. - low risk level
    2. - medium risk level
    3. - increased risk level
  • magic - magic number of orders
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