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Trend assist

Easy to use trend indicator. Only one adjustable parameter that does not require optimization, which is responsible for the timeframe of the second line of the indicator. It can take three values: current - the second line is not calculated, one higher - one timeframe higher that the current one, two higher - two timeframes higher than the current one. The system for determining the market direction is based on a proprietary method, which uses the two most effective standard indicators (CCi and ATR). Intuitive trend direction signals indicated by changes in line colors.

Input parameters

  • Timeframe's step - timeframe for the second indicator line (it can be current, one or two timeframes higher than the current one)

P.S. The ATR stoping range MTF indicator can be used an auxiliary option to help determine the possible attenuation of the pulse.

kaceha 2018.10.07 15:00 

Very helpful when defining side of transaction ;)