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Zig Zag Alert

Standard ZigZag with added alert, push notifications and email messages on breakout of the last formed HIGH - LOW! It does not consider the current extremum of the ZigZag, that is being redrawn!

Indicator Settings

  • Depth - determines the size of the interval or the number of candles after the previous extremum of the indicator, on which it will not look for a new extremum
  • Deviation - the number of points between the extremums (Lows or Highs) of two adjacent candlesticks to form a local bottom of peak
  • Backstep - the minimum amount of candles between local extremums (Highs or Lows).
  • Send Push-notification - send Push notifications
  • Send e-mail - send email messages

There are numerous variations of using this modification, but the main purpose is of course to free give the trader a free hand, it allows to analyze much more instruments, so the trader will not have to sit in front of the monitor for hours!

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 07:02 

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Version 2.0 2016.09.02
Added the symbol value to the alert.
Added the ability to send Push notifications (to the mobile terminal)
Added the ability to send email messages