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Trades Viewer

Trades Viewer is a trading helper app for a serious trader. It offers several important data like day range, 22 days average range and predefined PL. It draws trades history and current open positions on a chart. It has a detail panel for viewing a particular trade with just a click on that trade. All these make it very convenient and straightforward to view your entry/exit positions and thus improve your trading system.


  1. Profit/loss of the current symbol, counting all trades of the symbols and their swaps.
  2. Overall profit/loss across symbols.
  3. The current spreads.
  4. Day range, day percentage and 22 days average range.
  5. Top profit (the profit if all trades of the current pair hit T/P).
  6. Top loss (the loss if all trades of the current pair hit S/L).
  7. Top profit/loss ratio.
  8. Total lots of the current symbol. If you have a 0.2 lot long and 0.5 lot short, then your total lot is -0.3.
  9. Display ask price in a price label.
  10. Display breakeven price for the current symbol in a price label.
  11. Calculate profit/loss for the current symbol with a draggable price estimation line. Press X key to toggle the estimation line.
  12. Putting the current open trades on the respective charts.
  13. Putting trading history on the respective charts.


  • To use, just attach this indicator to any chart.
  • Trading history comes from Account history tab in Terminal. So typically you would choose All History.
  • Click on a trade line (whether open or closed trade) to select that trade, letting you see its detail like type, size, swap, profit/loss and SL/TP in points. Press Esc to unselect.
  • When no trade is selected, the trade detail bar displays information about the total trades of the current symbol.

Color Representation

  • Red arrow of a trading line: a losing trade
  • Green arrow of a trading line: a winning trade
  • Red trading line: a short trade
  • Green trading line: a long trade
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Version 2.4 - 2016.05.05
The new version updates the estimation line. When you press X, an estimation line pops out and you can drag it up and down. It displays two values: profit/loss and drawdown at that price level.
Version 2.3 - 2016.03.03
- Did some code cleaning
- Added timeframe key shortcut as follows:
1: 5M
2: 1H
3: 4H
4: 1D
5: 1M
Version 2.2 - 2015.11.27
Minor bug fix.
Added percentage change to estimation line(key X to show test line).
Version 2.1 - 2015.01.19
- Added day change in points.
- Minor code improvement.
Version 2.0 - 2014.10.30
1. Added profit/loss estimation by pressing key "X".
2. Changed symbol PL layout. Now top right corner locates total account current PL. Current Symbol PL is moved to bottom-right corner
3. Added total lots for a symbol.
Version 1.6 - 2014.10.02
- Fixed bugs.
- Added breakeven price indication.
- Added color settings.
Version 1.5 - 2014.08.27
- Added trade details bar.
- Updated color representation.
- Minor improvement.
Version 1.4 - 2014.08.08
- Added percentage of TopProfit and TopLoss.
- Added ratio of TopProfit/TopLoss.
- Profit calculation now takes commission into consideration.
- Better support for CFD.