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Speedster EA

Speedster EA is a fully automated expert advisor. No required technical or fundamental analysis. The EA opens and closes all of trades. That manages all of processes.

The strategy based of OBOS levels at both of short and medium timeframes in the same time. That uses 2 indicators and moving averages to calculate the price.


  • NO Grid, Martingale, Averager and high risk strategies.
  • The EA always uses Stop Loss and Trailing.
  • Dropdown style Money Management can be set easily. Also, fixed lot size available.
  • No needs settings. Default setting enough.


  • TimeFrame: M15
  • Symbol: GBPCAD
  • Digits: Any.
  • Broker: ECN or any.
  • Server: VPS.
  • Balance: Min $100.


  • Money Management: Money Management is calculated by FREE MARGIN. That will open dynamic lot size automatically.
  • Fixed Lot Size: If Money Management set to Fixed Lot Size, the EA will open fixed lot size order.
  • Show Info Panel: YES/NO. The EA will show some details about EA, trades, server and symbol on the left.
  • Magic Number: Unique magic number for EA's trades.
  • Order Comment: Special comment for orders.

NOTE: The ea sets stop loss automatically. Also, trail profitable trades!

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