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Combined SCCC

Combined SCCC is an all in one Expert Advisor. The EA combined 4 expert advisors.

Our EA has been created to work confidentially. So, it can close orders with actual account currency value at profit or loss. Also works with stop loss. The EA's strategies have been improved to make reasonable and low-medium risk profit. But, you can also increase your risk, although we do not recommend doing that.

Combined SCCC Combined these EAs;


  • Digits: Any
  • Broker: ECN or any
  • Server: VPS with low ping to your broker server
  • Balance&Lot: $1000 for 0.01 lot. If Risk (1%) is 0.01, that will open 0.01 at server min lot 0.01 with $1000 balance. If Server Min Lot is 0.10, the balance must be 10k. Try at the strategy tester first!


What is important difference between traditional averager system and our EAs' system? Traditional Averager Systems open orders according to pips distance or equity value. But, our EA's advantage is that our ea opens orders, if a trade opportunity occurs and reaches pips distance. This provides more success and less DD% on trades.


General settings

  • EA Selection: Choose one of 4 EAs. Secret Scalper EA / Cybernetics EA / Cougar Scalper / Challenger EA.
  • Take Profit (Pips): Take Profit for the first order. If that opens the second trade, the system will modify the take profit to 0.
  • Stop Loss (Pips): Stop Loss for the first order. If you did not set Max Orders to 1, the EA will disable stop loss and the system will open new trades in the same direction to average losses.
  • Fixed Lot Size: If Risk 0, the EA will open fixed lot size.
  • Risk 0.1x1000$€ = 0.1 lot (if 0 then OFF): Risk calculated by FREE MARGIN. 0.01 means 1%. 0.1 means 10% of your free margin.
  • Max Spread (If 0 then OFF): Maximum allowed spread.
  • Show Info Panel: YES/NO. The EA will show some details about EA, trades, server and symbol on the left.
  • Magic Number: Unique magic number for EA's trades. You must set same magic number for same EA Selection at each symbol. For example, if you choose Secret Scalper EA at EA Selection, magic number must be same for all Secret Scalper EA symbols. If you use the set files at comment area, you do not need to set magic numbers manually.
  • Order Comment: Special comment for orders.

Multiple order settings

  • Max Orders: Maximum number of opened orders at the symbol. 0 - Unlimited. 1 - No Multiple Orders. 0-2-3-4-5... - Multiple orders.
  • Min Distance in Orders (Pips): Will not open any trade until reaching that value, even if the EA finds a good trade opportunity. If 0, OFF.
  • Lot Martingale Type: No Martingale / Lot Multiplier / Lot Addition.
  • Lot Multiplier: Multiplies lot size by previous order. HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED FOR LOT STEP 0.1 BROKERS.
  • Lot Addition: Adds lot size by previous order.
  • Max Lot (If 0 then OFF): Max Lot protects your balance. The EA will never open a greater order lot than Max Lot. The EA will stop at Max Lot while calculating Lot Size. This is not valid for Fixed Lot Size.

Close Settings

  • Profit To Close (If 0 then OFF): When the current profit reaches that value, the EA closes all symbol orders.
  • Loss To Close (If 0 then OFF): When the current loss reaches that value, the EA closes all symbol orders.
Stephani Bowser
Stephani Bowser 2017.08.19 22:54 

I was looking for this trading system for 2 years. I trade on forex and binary options for 4 years. My forex trading strategy is highest and lowest obos levels with max 5 orders to same direction. I divide my trading lot 5 minor lots. I only make an average when I catch same trade. Briefly, my strategy is same with this ea. I am grateful on you:)

Debra Mackie
Debra Mackie 2017.08.19 20:40 

These are best for me. Because, I am learning forex trading for a while and decided that, stop loss trading systems need very high level success. This is impossible. Most successful systems cannot be better than 55-60%. This is not enough. I m interested in averager systems. Moreoever, this is better. Because, I tested that, these open orders after some rules checked as new trade opportunity, distance with last order. Max Order is a good border at risk as well. We only need to be more careful about Lot Multiply feature. I don't prefer Martingale. Martingale can blow accounts faster. Best way not to use that. I really like these EA as result.

Ramon Hansley
Ramon Hansley 2017.08.15 13:59 

4 high quality EAs are all in one. I'm still testing all them and will start to use at demo and real accounts asap. Going to update my review soon. Really thanks a lot!

Version 2.10 2017.08.29
Removed the forced closure before reaching the broker's Stop Out level.
Version 2.0 2017.08.21
Magic number controls improved.