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Frequency is a high frequency trading system (HFT) that scalps the market. The system uses a Momentum indicator and trend filter for its trade entries. Frequency is equipped with an instant execution mechanism designed to ride on large market leaps while maintaining a minimal risk. The system should be used on any time frame of GBPUSD.

Note. It is recommended to use the system with a no-dealing-desk (NDD) ECN/STP broker. Use with a fast VPS. This is because the system is volatility based and requires instant execution for profitability. It is also recommended that the broker stop level is zero (0) or (Broker Stop Level + Spread + Commission) should not exceed 30 points (3 pips) this is so that you can exit the position on time.

Features / Requirements

  • Trading: Volatility trading / Scalping.
  • Time Frame: Any time frame.
  • Symbols: GBPUSD.
  • Spread: Low spread required. Recommended: (Spread + Commission + Stop Level) <=3 pips.
  • VPS: Use on low latency virtual private servers.


  • Frequency - this is the Momentum settings for the volatility indicator.
  • Lot Size - normal lot size used if Use Risk is 'false'.
  • Take Profit - normal Take Profit.
  • Stop Loss - normal Stop Loss.
  • Maximum Spread - maximum allowable spread (low spread recommended).
  • Use Risk (true/false) - calculates lot size based on defined capital risk using the stop loss.
  • Risk - defined capital risk.
  • Risk Pips - pips for risk calculation.
  • Trail Distance - distance to trail the stop loss.
  • Magic Number - trade magic number.
  • comment - trade comment.
2018.02.09 12:09 

Nice one

2018.01.30 12:01 

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2018.01.28 16:56 

I have used other EAs before and i must say this is one of the best in the market.

2018.01.28 00:56 

Awesome product. Five star

Aleksej Kravcenko
2017.11.10 18:56 

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