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Silver Line EA

SilverLine is a fully automatic Expert Advisor developed for Forex trading.

  • Expert Advisor is suitable for all types of accounts and with any type of spread.
  • The number of decimal places in quotes is determined automatically.
  • The EA does not require stopping during the news releases.
  • The chart timeframe does not matter. This parameter is defined in the settings.
  • The EA always uses Take Profit and thus it is less sensitive to the speed of the broker.

The default settings are optimized for the EURUSD pair. You can find the settings for other pairs in the comments.

The recommended leverage is 1:500.

Real account monitoring can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/falcon_aiki

The minimum deposit is 1000 USD on a standard account. With small amounts of deposit, you need to use a cent account.


  • Risk - the value of the risk. Used to calculate the dynamic size of the order;
  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed lot size. If set to 0, the EA uses the dynamic lot size;
  • TP for Single order - expected profit for a single order, in points;
  • TP for 2 orders - expected profit with two open orders, in points;
  • TP for 3 orders - expected profit with three open orders, in points;
  • TP for 4 orders - expected profit with four open orders, in points;
  • TP for 5 orders - expected profit with five or more open orders, in points;
  • Min Candles - minimum time between orders, in minutes;
  • Min Distance - minimum distance between orders, in points;
  • Min Range - minimum allowable deviation of the indicator;
  • Period - period of the indicator;
  • Work Timeframe - working timeframe;
  • Lot multiplier - multiplier for subsequent orders;
  • Maximum Orders - maximum number of simultaneously open orders in the same direction;
  • Force for Grid - open a forced order after a specified number of points from the previous order (in the grid mode);
  • Slippage - maximum allowed price slippage in points;
  • Text Color - color of displayed data;
  • Background Color - color of the background for displayed data;
  • Order's Comment - comment of the Expert Advisor's orders;
  • Magic Number - unique number of the Expert Advisor's orders (any number);

For any questions please send me a private message. I will be glad to help you.

2018.02.16 18:00 

Profitable EA and Sergey gives perfect support. Recommended!

Giulio Franceschini
2018.02.07 10:54 

Thanks Sergey

This EA has enormous potential, even the risk is not less, but if you are not greedy and you settle, you can bring everything to your advantage with an acceptable risk proportional to winnings.

Any UPDATE will be very welcome..

2018.02.03 08:03 

I have used EA for a few months. It earns money.

You need to use one currency pair for one account. Risk of being kept low.

Matthew Todorovski
2018.02.03 02:24 

Martingale recovery technique: USE MINIMUM RISK!!!

2018.01.26 23:08 

Silverline EA is good when used for EURGBP with the recommended setting. It tends to lose much money with USDJPY and GBPUSD on M5. I have used it for a month on real account for EURGBP and it made steady profits that is good enough to more than pay the purchase price of the EA. I also am running the EA on Demo for EURUSD with the recommended setting and so far, the results have been very good , but you are advised not to have more than a pair in one account for the EA.

Kudos to the developer.

2018.01.26 12:29 

I use silverline since the 16/01/18 only with EURGBP and a cent account with 1:500 leverage on wich i made a 500usd deposit. I regularly transfert a portion of my gains out of the trading account and i made 1800% in 10 days. Nonetheless, yesterday i changed the leverage to 1:200 and i did well because it was a hard day for EURGBP and if i had stay in 1:500 it would have blow my account away. As described,it is honestly a high risk high reward expert, and one must adapt his own portfolio management in order to not lose everything but save a part of the gains. For me, this is the first time an EA is really producing money...

2018.01.26 04:16 

EA has a great potential if manage carefully!

2018.01.26 02:43 

It's great, but not for beginners. the martingale must be managed. It is not suitable for beginners.

great job Sergey, keep it up!

2018.01.25 03:12 

Used to be good during OCT - DEC 2017. I'm giving 1 star is because the performance is getting worst, hope the ea will have some upgrade to survive market strong movement.

2018.01.24 23:47 

Eventually the purpose of an ea is automated (handsfree trading) not everyone will be around all the time to monitor ea. This ea will eventually bring your account to zero. As it did mine. Save your money.

Maksim Uzakov
2018.01.22 20:28 


Bilgehan Bozkurt
2018.01.17 16:03 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Marcello Lo Sauro
2018.01.15 17:43 

It's true that Silver Line is dangerous EA, but if you put inside 1000 usd for one or max two pairs and withdraw the gain often, it is a good EA. I have opened two real accounts with 1000$ for each one. I am very satisfied. Good job.

I make an update, today after 3 weeks I lost one account eurusd with 1.000$. I have another two accounts with eurgbp and gbpusd. I hope well!

2018.01.15 11:28 

Very bad EA, use for three days, in the losses of overweight, don't know why does not stop at breakthrough pressure of overweight and not vice versa, losses of 50% for three days, is really rare!

Dejan Kadunc
2018.01.15 06:10 

So far with mixed result. It is quite a dangerous ea because it is not using any stoploss.

At the moment i have few opened positions on eur usd with big loss.

Alsaedi Hjaj M
2017.12.21 00:06 

What are the best settings ??

Chris Mechen
2017.12.07 06:21 

I have had running for a week now and have seen consistent profits from this EA. It is early days yet but I have no reason at all not to give this EA 5 stars. It is easy to set up, very fairly priced and support from Sergey is usually quite quick and very helpful. I have running as of this morning on all pairs (EURUSD/EURGBP/GBPUSD) and am very pleased with progress! I will update after Festive Holidays!

I feel I must update my review now, EA has doubled my money and still going.Sergey continues to be very friendly extremely helpful. If you like this style of EA, this is an absolute must for your collection, used correctly, is like having an ATM in your front room!

Thankyou Sergey I look forward to trying more of your work and further releases!

5 stars for each , EA and Author!

Paul Thatcher
2017.12.02 17:30 

I have only been using Silver Line for a few weeks but it has made some very healthy profits in that time. I have been running it on my signal account Asea icmarkets which has made over 250% in November. Silver Line is a martingale type EA so it is high risk but high profits too. You need to make sure there is no big news around when trading particular pairs. The backtests for 2017 are impressive and real trading matches the backtests.

Fallet Willy
2017.11.14 09:37 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.1 - 2017.12.01
Changed work of the EA with USDJPY.
Fixed bug when working with a fixed lot.

Added a new parameter:
Force for Grid - when the Expert Advisor works in the grid construction mode, it opens a forced trade after a specified number of points from the previous trade.
If 0, a forced trade is not opened.