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Moon Shadow EA

This is a fully automated Expert Advisor that does not require stopping during the news release. Trade is conducted by the trend determined by the indicator Ichimoku. Opening the orders occurs near the support (resistance) levels and in presence of the confirmation signals from other indicators.

The EA does not require ECN accounts.

It works on 4- and 5-digit quotes. The type of quotes is determined automatically.

The timeframe of the chart does not matter.

The default settings are optimized for EURUSD pair.

The recommended leverage is 1:500.

The minimum deposit is 1000 USD on a standard account. With small amounts of deposit, you need to use a cent account.


  • Risk - risk value used to calculate the dynamic size of the order;
  • Fixed lot - fixed lot size. If 0, the EA uses the dynamic lot;
  • Drawdown control - allow the EA to close all trades when the maximum value of drawdown is reached. In one direction;
  • Maximum drawdown - value of maximum drawdown;
  • Pause duration - pause after closing all trades, in hours;
  • Spread control - spread control (enable/disable);
  • Maximum spread - the spread value at which the EA will not open the trades;
  • Maximum orders - maximum number of orders in one direction;
  • Profit for single order - expected profit for a single order, in points;
  • Profit for 2 orders - expected profit with two open orders, in points;
  • Profit for 3 orders - expected profit with three open orders, in points;
  • Profit for 4 orders - expected profit with four open orders, in points;
  • Profit for 5 orders - expected profit with five or more open orders, in points;
  • Lot multiplier for 2 order - multiplier for the second order;
  • Lot multiplier for 3 order - multiplier for the third order;
  • Lot multiplier for 4 order - multiplier for the fourth order;
  • Lot multiplier for 5 order - multiplier for the fifth and subsequent orders;
  • Minimum order's interval - minimum distance between orders, in points;
  • Force order - distance to open a forced order upon drawdown;
  • Price shift - price offset relative to the level of support (resistance)
  • Additional price shift - additional price offset
  • Signal's period - period to search for the signal to entry;
  • Signal's level - threshold, at which it is allowed to open orders;
  • Enable TS for single - allow the EA to use Trailing Stop for a single order;
  • Single Trailing Stop - profit that activates trailing stop, in points;
  • Single Trailing Step - step of trailing stop, in points;
  • Enable TS for all - allow the EA to use Trailing Stop for two and more orders;
  • All Trailing Stop - profit that activates trailing stop, in points;
  • All Trailing Step - step of trailing stop, in points;
  • Order's comment - comment for the Expert Advisor's orders;
  • Slippage - maximum allowed price slippage, in points;
  • Magic number - unique number of the Expert Advisor's orders (any numbers);
  • Text color - the color of the data displayed on the chart;
  • Background color - background color of the displayed data;
  • Ichimoku TimeFrame - timeframe of the Ichimoku indicator.

For any questions, please send me a private message. I will be glad to help you.

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2017.10.11 21:52 

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Version 1.5 - 2017.12.21
Added parameters for spread control.

Spread control - Enable/Disable spread control;
Maximum spread - The spread value at which the Expert Advisor will not open the trades.