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Silver Plus EA

Fully automatic expert adviser developed for the forex market.

- The number of characters in quotes is determined automatically.
- Works with standard accounts and ECN accounts.
- The timeframe of the chart does not matter. This parameter is defined in the settings.
- You can use a dynamic lot or a fixed lot.
- The spread filter does not allow the Expert Advisor to open orders at a large value.
- Expert advisor always set TakeProfit on all of its open orders.
- Drawdown control allows you to specify the maximum value at which all transactions will be forcibly closed.

- For manual intervention in the trade, there are additional buttons for quickly closing all positions.

The default settings are optimized for the EURUSD pair. Settings for other currency pairs you can find in the comments or in the description of the signals. And also the settings can be provided on request.

The recommended leverage is 1:500 (1:400).

Monitoring of real accounts for the EA can be found here. 

The minimum recommended deposit is about 2000 USD on standard accounts.

With smaller amounts of deposit, you need to use cent accounts or micro accounts.


  • Risk - the risk value. Used to calculate the dynamic lot size of the order;
  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed lot size. If set to 0, the EA uses the dynamic lot size;
  • Spread control - enable/disable spread control;
  • Maximum spread - maximum allowable spread;
  • Drawdown control - drawdown control. The EA will close the trades when the specified value of DD is reached;
  • Maximum drawdown - maximum allowable drawdown;
  • TPset1 - expected profit for 1-2 orders, in points;
  • TPset2 - expected profit for 3-6 orders, in points;
  • TPset3 - expected profit for 7-10 orders, in points;
  • Min Candles - minimum time between the orders, in minutes;
  • Min Distance - minimum distance between the orders, in points;
  • Min Range - minimum allowable deviation of the indicator;
  • Up/Down Shift - The difference between price of the breaking BBands indicator and the price for the opening of the order
  • Period - period of the indicator;

  • Trailing Stop - profit to activate trailing stop, in points;
  • Trailing Step - step of trailing stop, in points;
  • Trailing First - apply trailing stop only to the first order;
  • Trailing All - apply trailing stop to all orders except the first order;

  • Work Timeframe - working timeframe;
  • Trend detection timeframe - timeframe to determine the short-term trend;
  • Enable addition trend filter - enable/disable additional short-term trend filter;
  • Enable to set TP by modification - Enable to set TP by modification method. Otherwise TP will be set together with the opening of the order.
  • Slippage - maximum allowed price of slippage, in points;
  • Buttons panel - show the panel with the "Sell Close" and "Buy Close" buttons;
  • Order's Comment - comment of the Expert Advisor's orders;
  • Magic Number - unique number of the Expert Advisor's orders (any number);

For any questions please send me a private message. I will be glad to help you.

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