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  • Set hidden TakeProfit, StopLoss and pending orders at lines placed on the chart.
  • Virtual breakeven.
  • Virtual trailing stop.
  • Close all positions.
  • Close only Buy positions.
  • Close only Sell positions.
  • Work in the back testing mode (working in the tester is limited).
  • Place up to 20 virtual orders.
  • News trading and operation by time.
  • Alert - play a sound alert when the price reaches a level.
  • Automatically close positions by total profit in the deposit currency on the entire account or by symbol.


It is compact and occupies very little space on the chart. You can drag it to anywhere on the chart or minimize it to free space.

It is convenient for pipsing and scalping. For comfortable trading, apply it with the "VisualInfoMoves" indicator.

Great functionality, hidden StopLoss, TakeProfit and pending orders remove the restriction on the minimum distance, thus allowing you to place orders within the spread.

It is possible to open a position and place orders by time. It is convenient you are not near the computer at the time, or you need to place a couple of orders at the last moment before the news - done with a single click.

It is possible to delete an order or remove position by time.

It is possible to place a grid of orders in different directions and with different lot sizes at the selected step: up to 20.

The TrailingStop, Breakeven values are changed on the chart - there is no need to open the EA settings window.

Closing positions by total positive profit on the account or symbol, the value must be greater than "0".

Saves all screenshots of trade operations in the "Files" folder.

The panel has been developed for real trading conditions with all error handling.

Features are presented in the video.


Enter values for 4 digits.

- - - - TakeProfit

  • Default TakeProfit - default TakeProfit in points.
  • Press default button TakeProfit (Tp) - press the TakeProfit (Tp) button when sending the order.

- - - - StopLoss

  • Default StopLoss - default StopLoss in points.
  • Press default button StopLoss (Sl) - press the StopLoss (Sl) button when sending the order.

- - - - Breakeven

  • Default Breakeven - the level to activate breakeven.
  • Default Breakeven Step - breakeven offset.
  • Press default button Breakeven (Br) - press the Breakeven (Br) button when sending the order.

- - - - TralingStop

  • Default Traling Stop - the level to activate TrailingStop.
  • Default Traling Step - TrailingStop step.
  • Press default button TralingStop (Tr) - press the TrailingStop (Tr) button when sending the order.

- - - - Stop/Limit_Order

  • Default distance StopOrder - distance from the current price for the stop orders.
  • Default distance LimitOrder - distance from the current price for the limit orders.

- - - - Alert

  • Distance Alert lines - distance from the current price to place the lines.

- - - - Indications calculations lines TakeProfit, StopLoss, TralingStop.

  • Font Size - font size of the profit/loss values on the lines.

- - - - Basic Settings

  • Magic: Hand ("0"), All ("-1") or (other) - pick up orders: "0" - manually opened, "-1" all, or enter the required one.
  • Comments - comments to orders and positions.
  • Slippage ("0" - Not used) - slippage (deviation from the current price). If "0" - open in any case.
  • Sound - enable/disable audio signals.


Before using the program on a live account, study its capabilities on a demo account.

On 4K monitors small buttons, you need to change the system font size.

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