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Automatic lot calculation per stop level: calculates the lot considering the risk. It is possible to enter a percentage of the deposit and set the line to the planned stop level. As a result, the lot for entry will be calculated. Also, the TakeProfit level will be calculated taking into account the profit/loss ratio, and their profit/loss in the deposit currency. Thus, the final result of the trade can be seen, which is an integral part of successful trading.


  • The indicator displays the number of position, the total volume and profit of all Buy and Sell orders, informative when trading Locks
  • Displays the total profit on symbol of all positions
  • Displays the spread in real time
  • Displays an icon on the open positions
  • Displays the yield on the symbol for the selected period (date) considering the Magic, it is possible to analyze the robot trading and manual trading separately
  • Time till the bar is completed.
  • Displays the markers from the "Account history" tab on the chart - tooltip on hovering: volume, profit, open/close price
  • Calculates the breakeven point, it is possible to add a virtual position as a specified percentage of the deposit for the approximation of the breakeven point
  • Displays the levels of free margin, forced position closure (StopOut) and the zero equity levels
  • Displays the summarized open positions of the entire account and their profit, "X" button
  • All icons can be dragged to any point on the chart using the mouse


Does not work in the tester!

Main Settings

_______Settings3_______= "= = = = = = Profit/loss settings for the selected period

  • Select date history = '05.01.2016' - calculation start date
  • Magic = -1 - Manual = "0", All = "-1", or specify the required value
  • Font size = 9 - font size
  • color "0" = DimGray - Zero value text color
  • color Profit = MediumSeaGreen - positive value text color
  • color Loss = FireBrick - negative value text color

_______Settings4_______= "= = = = = = Trade display on the chart

  • Show marker Trades = true - display marker on the open position (yes/no)
  • Show marker History = true - display markers of closed positions from the "Account History" tab (yes/no)
  • Magic = -1 - Manual = "0", All = "-1", or specify the required value
  • Marker Buy = Blue - Buy marker color
  • Marker Sell = Red - Sell marker color
  • Marker Close = Goldenrod - closure marker color
  • Profitable lines between the opening / closing = Purple - trend line color of a profitable trade
  • Unprofitable lines between the opening / closing = Gray - trend line color of an unprofitable trade
  • Line TakeProfit = Magenta - "TakeProfit" placement line color
  • Line StopLoss = DarkOliveGreen - "StopLoss" placement line color


it is recommended to use the "EasyTrade" trading panel for comfortable trading

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Version 23.7 2017.07.20
Optimized the code
Added display of the last closing profit
Version 21.7 2016.07.22
Fixed object deletion when switching timeframes
Version 21.6 2016.06.23
Fixed counting profits for a selected period of time