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Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Dashboard

The Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Dashboard (DFG-360) is a multi functional trading app designed for work in the Forex market as well as other markets like CFDs. The app combines several modules and tools into one complete trading system. The unique interface of the app is optimized for active day trading, scalping, news trading, short term trend following as well as counter trend and grid trading.

This system contains all necessary tools for successful trading and therefore can be used as standalone platform. You can also use is as complementary tool in combination with other systems and methodologies.

The main features include:

Advanced Multi Time Frame and Multi Market analysis

The Dynamic Fibonacci Grid shows the price action in unique way and gives you the ability to analyze multiple symbols and multiple time frames simultaneously on one screen! With this system it takes only a few seconds to determine the direction of the trend, the strength and the volatility for each symbol. You can also see the correlation between the symbols in real time. All of this, without the need for charts or complicated indicators.

Quick and efficient position management

With the separate trade panels for each symbol you have full control over your positions. You can monitor the size of each position and the open P/L on net basis. The quick buttons allows you to perform all trading operations with one click. (Market orders, Lot adjustments, full and partial closing, trailing stops).

Semi automated trading

In addition to the modules for manual trading, you have separate modules for semi automated trading. This feature allows you to execute on autopilot complicated and demanding strategies like grid and pyramiding. You can accumulate trend and counter trend positions depending on the situation, and you can control the parameters of the algorithms separately for each symbol.

Automatic risk controls and presets

The standard SL/TP orders are attached automatically to each market order. Also you can set cash based SL/TP for each position. And there are 3 types of trailing stops available.

Additional tools

The compact MTF RSI dashboard shows the current RSI values for all time frames on the grid. The basic account information shows the closed P/L for the day, the balance, the equity, the used margin and the open P/L. There is also a button to close all open positions when needed.

Manual backtesting

You can run the system in "Test mode". This feature gives you the ability to trade manually in the tester where you can experiment with different strategies using historical prices.

This is only short overview of the main features. For more details you can check the manual and the demo. But keep in mind that the demo version is only for demonstration of the interface and it's not fully functional due to technical limitations in MT4.

Note! On the demo you can only test the trading interface with one symbol! To do this, you have to open Expert Properties and set Test_Mode to true.

If you have some specific questions - contact me!

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