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SDX Chart

The SDX Chart is a free additional indicator which can be used in combination with SDX Dashboard.


  • Ability to review the history of each symbol and time frame.
  • Ability to change symbols and time frames with one click.
  • Works perfectly in combination with SDX Dashboard and helps you to understand the system better.


  • MA Period - number of periods for the calculation of the moving average and the standard deviation.
  • Number of Bars - how far back to draw the indicator.
  • Buttons Size Multiplier - increase or decrease the size of the buttons.
  • Font Size Multiplier - increase or decrease the size of the font.
  • Horizontal Distance - horizontal position of the buttons.
  • Vertical Distance - vertical position of the buttons.
  • Chart Auto Set - enable or disable the automatic chart configuration.
  • Inputs for the 10 symbols and their short names.
  • Select the 5 time frames.

Note! You can test SDX Dashboard by downloading the free limited version from here.

If you have some questions, or if you need help, contact me via PM.

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