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HP Spread based Pair Trading Panel

Spread Based pair trading tool

  • It is a very useful tool for commodities traders. Specially those traders who trade crude oil and brent oil.
  • This is also a good strategy for any two pairs which have very high correlation.

This panel consists of

  1. Two drop downs to select two symbols. One should chose two mutually correlated symbols.
  2. Fields to enter a spread value and trade lot size.

How a trade in this panel is placed?

  • When you click on the place order button, it starts tracking the market and start checking the two symbols.
  • It keeps a track of he spread between two symbols and when the spread between two symbols meets the reference level selected by user on the panel , then the trade is placed.
  • Panel shows clear status messages, so that user can understand the status of progress of the tracking of order.
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