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Stochastic Binary Option Indicator

  • This indicator works on the binary options
  • It uses stochastic strategy to indicate the upcoming trend of the market
  • This indicator helps traders to place a trade with the prediction involved on the stochastic strategy.
  • This indicator makes use of the symbols to indicate the prediction regarding the order.


  1. The upward symbol predicts the trend going up, so that traders can place trades accordingly.
  2. The downward symbol predicts the trend going down, so that the trader can place trades accordingly.
  3. The Smiley in green symbol indicates the win situation
  4. The Smiley in red symbol indicates the loss situation


  1. Expiration Minute - expiration minute.
  2. Stoch_PeriodK - Stoch_PeriodK value.
  3. Stoch_PeriodD - Stoch_PeriodD value.
  4. Stoch_Slowing - Stoch_Slowing value.
  5. Stoch_UpperLevel - upper level value.
  6. Stoch_LowerLevel - lower level value.
  7. Price Field - Close/Close or Low/High.
  8. Stoch_Ma_method - Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linear Weighted
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