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The PiggyBack Expert Advisor is a fully automated trading system with an information and trading panel. It uses four selectable trading algorithms. It features a news filter and the EA operation time settings.

Operation Modes

  • Manual_Mode - mode of manual operation using two trade panels. It allows manually managing the order groups opened by the EA or performing full-fledged manual trading. The open orders are managed by the recovery grids of the PiggyBack_SmartGrids mode.
  • Grids_Mode - indicator-less grid system. Trading begins with the opening of two orders in different directions, each of which is managed by a separate group of grids. When both groups are closed, two orders are opened again.
  • PiggyBack_Standard - indicator-less grid system. Trading begins with the opening of two orders in different directions. When closed, two orders in different directions are opened again, with one of them increased by the Multiplier coefficient.
  • PiggyBack_SmartGrids - Trading begins with the opening of two orders in different directions. When the Buy order is closed, an algorithm is launched, which is guaranteed to open a Buy order, and a Sell order will only be opened when the group of indicators generates an according signal. Sell orders are opened similarly.

Input parameters

  • TypeOfWork - select the EA operation mode.
  • Lots - volume of the first trade in the group of orders, in lots.
  • Magic - magic number.
  • Slippage - allowable slippage in points.
  • MaximumLotsValue - the maximum allowed volume of one order in lots.
  • MaximumSpread - maximum spread for opening orders.
  • MaximumOrdersInWork - the maximum allowed number of orders opened by the Expert Advisor.
  • Order_Comment - comments to orders.
  • DealButtons - show the panel for opening new orders.
  • SendMessage - allow sending messages to notify of order closure.
  • Multiplier_Type - multiplier type for order grids.
  • Step - step for the order grid in points.
  • Add_Lots - lot increase in the Add_to_lots mode.
  • Multiplier - lot multiplier in the Multiplier_lots mode.
  • TakeProfit_Type - type of take profit or trailing.
  • TakeProfit_money - take profit value in money.
  • TrailingStep_money - step of the trailing in the deposit currency.
  • TrailingStart_money - start of the trailing in the deposit currency.
  • StopLoss_Type - type of stop loss.
  • StopLoss_money - stop loss value in money.
  • StopOutValue - stop out value in money.
  • UseTimeOuts - prohibit opening deals at certain hours.
  • Start1 - the beginning of the first time interval for opening new deals.
  • Stop1 - the end of the first time interval for opening new deals.
  • Start2 - the beginning of the second time interval for opening new deals.
  • Stop2 - the end of the second time interval for opening new deals.
  • UseNewsFilter - enable the news filter.
  • SourceNews - select the news source.
  • LowNews - use pauses during low-impact news.
  • LowIndentBefore - pause before the news release in minutes.
  • LowIndentAfter - pause after the news release in minutes.
  • MidleNews - use pauses during medium-impact news.
  • MidleIndentBefore - pause before the news release in minutes.
  • MidleIndentAfter - pause after the news release in minutes.
  • HighNews - use pauses during high-impact news.
  • HighIndentBefore - pause before the news release in minutes.
  • HighIndentAfter - pause after the news release in minutes.
  • NFPNews - enable the Non-farm Payrolls release.
  • NFPIndentBefore - pause before the Non-farm Payrolls release in minutes.
  • NFPIndentAfter - pause after the Non-farm Payrolls release in minutes.
  • Your Time Zone, GMT (for news) - time zone(GMT).

Attention! For working with the news filter, it is necessary to add following links to be added to trusted URLs: http://www.dailyfx.com/ and http://ec.forexprostools.com/

2018.02.25 15:07 

I bought this EA and running almost 6 weeks. It is amazing to get profit and Alexander is very helpful.

2018.02.21 20:40 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Eduardo Zuloaga
2018.02.19 10:01 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2018.01.24 16:24 

Per ora soldi buttati alla fine accumula troppe perdite, non ho ancora trovato l'impostazione giusta, secondo me è da modificare .

Keisuke Tsutsui
2018.01.24 01:03 

a lot of loss and small profits..

2018.01.17 15:10 

За 1 месяц слил 500$

Jekabs Klidzejs
2017.12.21 11:16 

Software is Great! Support - fast!

2017.11.11 01:57 

Если я пишу это сообщение, значит я вместе с вами!!!! И это все благодаря Piggy. Дело в том, что я совсем новичок, очень заинтересовался Форексом. В начале пытался сам угадывать, и получалось, и очень было печально. Но печальных моментов было гораздо больше ввиду моей самоуверенности на фоне безграмотности. Мне казалось, что брокер меня постоянно обманывает. Но как только я познакомился с Piggy и его автором, мое мнение кардинально изменилось. Во-первых, огромное спасибо Александру за молниеносную действенную реакцию на мои страхи. Подстроил под меня всю работу советника. Это не реклама, но вдумайтесь сами: 25.09 открыл центовый счёт потратив 10$, а сегодня уже имею 3 счета по 40$. Piggy - реальная действующая машина по производству денег без дыма, самое главное полное спокойствие и уверенность в результате. Однозначно советую всем и только его, так как перепробовал многие работы других авторов. Но только с Piggy уверен в прогрессивном преумножение своих $. Пробуйте, испытывайте, СРОЧНО!!!! Не пожалеете.

2017.11.09 14:40 

this is very good

2017.11.03 17:59 

This EA is so good I’ve bought it one day ago and it’s starting to make money immediately!! Plus the news function and especially Alexander Nechaev is very helpful answering and gave me many good advice

Hongjun Yu
2017.11.01 03:50 

good ea, Alexander ,i want buy your ea,please contact me 14186728@qq.com,thanks

ANGEL seco fernandez
2017.10.02 11:38 

GOOD. Do tests in the tester, the one that best suits you demo account, you will see that it does the same as in the tester. and in real account as well. very profitable. I use real account with $ 10,000

Gary Johnson
2017.09.25 21:45 

One of the best scalpers i've ever seen in the market but you will need some sort of safety mechanism as this will blow an account if over leveraged. This EA collects money fast but also depletes margin so if you have a small account you might want to reduce the multiplier.

Evgeny Proskurnya
2017.09.20 11:56 

Нереально удобный инструмент для любителей скальпинга/разгона/заработка. Для ручной доливки используйте продукт этого же автора под названием Le Grid. Рекомендую опробовать этот скрипт для начала на центовом счете от 100 000 единиц. Поэкспериментируйте с настройками, валютными парами и ММ.

2017.09.15 16:51 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 2.0 - 2018.02.14
- Added the limit on the maximum spread for opening orders.
- Added selection of the comment for the EA orders.
- Added three types of order multiplication (multiplication by coefficient, increase by a fixed value, fixed lot size).
- Added take profit in money.
- Added stop loss in money.
Version 1.20 - 2017.10.31
Added news filter
Added two new operation modes (PiggyBack_SmartGrids and Manual_Mode)
Version 1.15 - 2017.10.02
1)Added a menu of indicators, which contains the matrix of signals of different indicators.
2)Added an information menu that displays the following data:
- TickValue
- Margin required to buy one lot
- Amount of open positions in lots
- Daily High and Low in points
- Drawdown as percentage and in deposit currency
- Free margin
- Balance in deposit currency
- Equity in deposit currency
- Short and long swaps
3)The menu of input parameters allows changing some variables.
4)DealButtons - shows additional buttons for manual opening of additional orders
5)The UseTimeOuts function allows setting time limits for opening new orders
6)The UseStopOut function allows enable automatic order closing in case of reaching a certain loss amount in the deposit currency.
Version 1.1 - 2017.09.14
Adjusted default input parameters.