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Yogi EA

Yogi EA is scalping Expert Advisor for EURCHF and GBPCHF. The EA performs a complex analysis, which reveals a quiet phase of the market to trade. The Expert Advisor does not use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitrage, etc. Most of the settings are already integrated into the EA code. All you need to do is to select the currency pair, adjust the WET (Western European Time) time zone in the EA parameters and to start trading. Working timeframe - M15.

Real account monitoring is available in comments.‌

Input parameters of the Expert Advisor

  1. Commentary - comment to trades.
  2. MagicNumber - a unique magic number.
  3. Pair - select the currency pair for trading.
  4. Friday_Evening - allow opening orders on Friday evenings.
  5. TimeShift - time zone of the broker server relative to the WET (Western European Time).
  6. Recommended or custom SL - use recommended or custom Stop Loss.
  7. Custom SL - custom Stop Loss value.
  8. Recommended or custom TP - use recommended or custom Take Profit.
  9. Custom TP - custom Take Profit value.
  10. Fix lot - fixed lot trading.
  11. Risk level - risk level as a percentage (if you want to trade a fixed lot, set the value to zero).


  1. Timeframe - M15.
  2. Currency pairs - EURCHF and GBPCHF.
  3. Account type - for best results, use an account with market execution of orders and low spread, but it can also work on standard accounts.
  4. Risk - specified in the "Risk level" parameter. It can be changed by the user. Standard conventions: below 10 - low; 10 - normal risk; 20 - high; 30 or more - aggressive.
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Version 2.15 2017.05.17
- Added the ability to disable trading on Friday evenings.
- Added adjustable Take profit.
Version 2.14 2017.04.04
Fixed minor errors.
Version 2.13 2017.03.31
Fixed errors of operating on old terminal builds.
Version 2.12 2017.03.22
Fixed minor errors.
Version 2.11 2017.03.16
The time zone of the broker's server relative to the Western European Time is now used instead of the Greenwich Mean Time.
Version 2.1 2017.03.13
Added possibility to set Stop Loss value.
Version 2.0 2017.03.01
In the new version, optimized the code of the EA, made certain edits to the entry logic, which allowed to significantly increase the profitability and to reduce the drawdown.