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Yogi EA

Yogi EA is scalping Expert Advisor for EURCHF and GBPCHF. The EA performs a complex analysis, which reveals the quiet phase of the market to trade. Most settings are already included in the EA code, you just need to choose a currency pair, adjust the time offset relative to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) in the settings and start trading. Timeframe - M15. 

The EA settings:

  1. Pair - the choice of currency pair, which will be traded.
  2. GmtShift - shift the server time of the broker with respect to GMT (Greenwich mean time).
  3. Commentary - a comment to the EA's trades.
  4. MagicNuber - magic number.
  5. Fix lot - trade with fixed lot.
  6. Risk level - risk level (if you want to trade with a fixed lot the value must be zero). 


  1. Timeframe: M15.
  2. Сurrency pairs: EURCHF and GBPCHF.
  3. Account type: for best results, choose an account with market execution and low spread, but the EA can also run on regular account.
  4. Risk level: set the parameter "Risk level". Can be changed at the discretion of the user. Standard it is considered that: below 10 - low risk; 10 - normal risk; 20 - increased risk; 30 and above - aggressive.
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