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SKYGrid is a grid trading system, it could be operated automatically or manually. When operating it manually trader should try to choose the time period where market is expected to move, there are variety of settings available trader can choose according to their wish and requirement. Choose settings back test them in similar environment and trading condition adjust EA parameters and when ever thing is ok you can go live with EA. When operating it in automatic mode use 200 MA to guide EA for direction and use 0.01 as startup lot for every 1000$, you can try other settings also, initial lot could be increased from 0.01 to 0.04 it depends on trader how he is trading and how much he wants to risk in the market.

  • GridDistance - Choose how much distance you want to create for grid (we have optimized it to 30pip).
  • LotSize - Setup the initial lot size you want to use (0.01).
  • LotMultiplier - It must be 2 you can reduce it but dont try to increase it.
  • UseFixedLot - As equity grows over time ea chages lot to match growth,we set it to true.
  • EnterOnPrice - This setting is for manual trading using ea set it to true when you want to use it manually.
  • E_Price - This is the price when you want to enter in the market.
  • E_Direction - This is the direction in which you want to take first trade it could be buy or sell only.
  • Use200MA - This setting us used to guide EA when trading automatically it helps determine trend.
  • Direction - This is direction for automatic setting it could be buy or sell or any, only.
  • ExitAfterWin - Set it to true when you just want to trade single setup/trade cycle.
  • OneDayOneTrade - Set it to true if you just want to take one trade in one day.
  • TradingStartHour - Set the starting hour for EA, it will not trade before this time.
  • TradingEndHour - Set the ending hour for EA it will not trade after this hour.
  • ShowDebugDetails - Set this to view debug details and enable target editing at run time (advance setting recommended only for experts).

How to use SKYGrid to trade automatically

  • EnterOnPrice must be set to false.
  • You can change all other settings to desired/optimized values.

How to use SKYGrid to trade manually

  • EnterOnPrice must be set to true.
  • Specify the price and direction.
  • All done

How to change targets and advance logs.

  • ShowDebugDetails must be set to true.
  • You will now see advance log in the panel.
  • You will see line on charts defining targets you can also change them.

This EA is a must have trading tool for grid traders and for even random investors also, if used properly it can help achieve great goals.

Check the video for practical details of trading using this EA Enjoy! All

All bug reports suggestion and feature requests are welcomed, EA is supposed to keep evolving with time.

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